National symbols of Trinidad and Tobago

National symbols of Trinidad and Tobago

National symbols of Trinidad and Tobago are the symbols that are used in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad to represent the country and its people. Prominently, the use of the Coat of arms as a Trinbagonian symbol, and is depicted on its current and the penny.

List of symbols

Symbol image Started on
National Instruments Aasteeldrum.jpg
National flag Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago.png
National Anthem Forged from the Love of Liberty
Motto Together we aspire, together we achieve
National colours




National dish BengaliPulao.JPG
Floral emblem Chaconia UWI 2005b.jpg
Warszewiczia coccinea
National Animal for Trinidad Eudocimus ruber (portrait).jpg
Scarlet Ibis
National Animal for Tobago Rvchachalaca102.JPG
National Dress for men Guayaberas.jpg
National Dress for women Nigerian women.jpg
National Watchwords Discipline, Production, Tolerance

Former List of symbols

Symbol image Started-Ended
Royal Anthem Gstk.png
God Save the Queen
31 August 1962-August 1st, 1976 (song dates to 1744)
Royal Cypher Royal-Cypher-Eliz-2-Gold.svg 31 August 1962-August 1st, 1976 (dates to 1952)
Royal Standard Royal Standard of Trinidad and Tobago.png 1966-August 1st, 1976

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