National Venturing President

National Venturing President
National Venturing president
National Venturing president
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Created August 8, 1998
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The National Venturing president is the leading youth member of Venturing, BSA and is a voting member of the Executive Board of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

2010-2011 Jennifer Lowe
2009–2010 Matthew McGroaty
2008–2009 Amanda Vogt
2007–2008 David George
2006–2007 Marguerite Belli
2005–2006 Amara Cramer DiFrancesco
2004–2005 Christpher A. Kerzich
2003–2004 Thomas Franklin
2002–2003 Sam Stocker
2001–2002 Marissa Morgan
2000–2001 Katherine Knuth
1998–2000 Jon Fulkerson


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