National Tax Association

National Tax Association

The The National Tax Association (NTA) is a non-profit organization committed to the education of tax issues to all people. NTA was first founded in 1907, and has since then strived to understand and address issues in the taxation system. Since its first founding, the NTA has become the leading association in research and understanding of public financing. The organization educates government officials, tax professionals, and the general public.[1]


Organization Members

The NTA is a very open organization that brings in various groups in its pursuit to advance the understanding of Taxation. Members range from government, corporate, independent tax professionals, tax lawyers, accountants, taxpayer representatives, and anyone in the general public interested in the understanding of taxation and fiscal policy.[2]

Works and Contributions

The NTA has made sound contributions to the understanding and practice of taxation since its founding. Members of the NTA on various occasions have been analysts and advisors for high ranking governmental officials. The NTA have also created publications, such as the National tax journal, which has made it possible for all people to keep up on recent taxation research. The journal also gives insight on the implications of present and future fiscal and taxation policies.[3]


The top priority of the NTA is to educate and research on the issues of taxation and government expenditures. The NTA believe that through education people can become more knowledgeable of taxation issues, which in turn will help create a strong and reliable public financial system.[4]


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