National Renovation Party

National Renovation Party

National Renovation Party (Partido Renovación Nacional), PRN. Center-left Party of Guatemala.

The PRN was founded by a group of the young revolutionaries on the day that Ubico fell, July 1, 1944. Its founders and leaders were Carlos Leonidas Acevedo, Juan José Orozco Posadas, Oscar Benitez, and Mario Efrain Najera Farfan. PRN called a “teachers' party”, unlike the "students' party” FPL. The PRN soon developed into a personalist party composed of friends of Juan José Arévalo Bermejo. In November of 1945 it merged with the FPL to form the Revolutionary Action Party; but in less than a year the PRN was reconstituted, although with a considerable loss in membership. After some hesitation the PRN joined the Party of the Guatemalan Revolution in June 1952, but withdrew a month later. PRN was the lowest force government coalition of President Arévalo (1945-1951) and President Arbenz (1951-1954). After 1951 in the party dominated by the procommunist faction, it has caused numerous scandals and conflicts. It disbanded after the coup d'état of 1954.


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