National Register of Historic Places listings in Montgomery County, Maryland

National Register of Historic Places listings in Montgomery County, Maryland
Location of Montgomery County in Maryland

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Montgomery County, Maryland.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a Google map.[1]

There are 74 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 3 National Historic Landmarks.

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This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 10, 2011.[2]

Current listings

[3] Landmark name [4] Image Date listed Location City or town Summary
1 Annington 01978-12-11December 11, 1978 24001 White's Ferry Road
39°10′06″N 77°30′08″W / 39.168333°N 77.502222°W / 39.168333; -77.502222 (Annington)
Poolesville 1813 Gregorian dwelling constructed of brick, Flemish bond, consisting of three two-story sections: a main block three bays wide, a wing to the west two bays wide, and a wing to the east three bays wide.
2 Edward Beale House 01996-08-16August 16, 1996 11011 Glen Rd.
39°02′59″N 77°13′31″W / 39.049722°N 77.225278°W / 39.049722; -77.225278 (Edward Beale House)
Potomac Colonial Revival residence built in 1938, and designed to look like a Pennsylvania farmhouse.
3 Beall-Dawson House
Beall-Dawson House
01973-03-30March 30, 1973 103 W. Montgomery Ave.
39°05′03″N 77°09′19″W / 39.084167°N 77.155278°W / 39.084167; -77.155278 (Beall-Dawson House)
Rockville 1815 Federal-style house built by Upton Beale, an early clerk of the Montgomery County Court
4 J. A. Belt Building 01984-08-09August 9, 1984 227 E. Diamond Ave.
39°08′32″N 77°11′39″W / 39.142222°N 77.194167°W / 39.142222; -77.194167 (J. A. Belt Building)
Gaithersburg 1903 two-story rectangular brick building that was built on the foundations of a late-19th-century commercial structure of similar design.
5 Bethesda Meetinghouse
Bethesda Meetinghouse
01977-04-18April 18, 1977 9400 Wisconsin Ave.
39°00′35″N 77°05′54″W / 39.009722°N 77.098333°W / 39.009722; -77.098333 (Bethesda Meetinghouse)
Bethesda 1850 Greek Revival church that gave the surrounding area its name
6 Bethesda Naval Hospital Tower
Bethesda Naval Hospital Tower
01977-03-08March 8, 1977 8901 Wisconsin Ave.
39°00′06″N 77°05′41″W / 39.001667°N 77.094722°W / 39.001667; -77.094722 (Bethesda Naval Hospital Tower)
7 Bethesda Theatre
Bethesda Theatre
01999-02-05February 5, 1999 7719 Wisconsin Ave.
38°59′14″N 77°05′41″W / 38.987222°N 77.094722°W / 38.987222; -77.094722 (Bethesda Theatre)
Bethesda 1938 John Eberson movie theater in near-original condition, still in use
8 Bingham-Brewer House 01980-11-24November 24, 1980 307 Great Falls Rd.
39°04′53″N 77°09′39″W / 39.081389°N 77.160833°W / 39.081389; -77.160833 (Bingham-Brewer House)
Rockville Two-story brick house, with a Flemish Bond front facade, dating to 1821. Also on the property is a late-19th-century smokehouse, privy, and a late-19th- or early-20th-century chicken house.
9 Brookeville Historic District 01979-10-11October 11, 1979 Maryland Route 97
39°10′52″N 77°03′35″W / 39.181111°N 77.059722°W / 39.181111; -77.059722 (Brookeville Historic District)
Brookeville The majority of the structures were built before 1900, and range in style from the Federal-style Jordan House to the simple, vernacular cabin known as the Blue House. The houses are built of stone, brick, and frame, and cover a period from 1779 to the 1950s.
10 Brookeville Woolen Mill and House 01978-09-06September 6, 1978 1901 Brighton Dam Rd.
39°11′51″N 77°02′53″W / 39.1975°N 77.048056°W / 39.1975; -77.048056 (Brookeville Woolen Mill and House)
Brookeville Complex consists of two buildings constructed of rubble masonry. The woolen mill is a small one-story structure. South of the mill are two stone worker's houses, one of which is a three-bay by two-bay, 1 12-story stone house. The house was most likely constructed prior to 1783.
11 Cabin John Aqueduct
Cabin John Aqueduct
01973-02-28February 28, 1973 MacArthur Boulevard over Cabin John Creek and Cabin John Parkway
38°58′21″N 77°08′56″W / 38.9725°N 77.148889°W / 38.9725; -77.148889 (Cabin John Aqueduct)
Glen Echo Also called Union Arch Bridge. Masonry bridge completed in 1864 as part of the Washington Aqueduct.
12 Carderock Springs Historic District 02008-11-21November 21, 2008 Roughly bounded by Interstate 495, Cabin John Regional Park, Seven Locks Rd., Fenway Rd., and Persimmon Tree Ln.
38°59′20″N 77°10′03″W / 38.988889°N 77.1675°W / 38.988889; -77.1675 (Carderock Springs Historic District)
Bethesda 275 modernist style suburban homes built from 1962–1966
13 Carousel at Glen Echo Park
Carousel at Glen Echo Park
01980-07-04July 4, 1980 MacArthur Boulevard
38°57′57″N 77°08′19″W / 38.965833°N 77.138611°W / 38.965833; -77.138611 (Carousel at Glen Echo Park)
Glen Echo 1921 Dentzel carousel
14 Rachel Carson House
Rachel Carson House
01991-12-04December 4, 1991 11701 Berwick Rd.
39°02′48″N 77°00′02″W / 39.046667°N 77.000556°W / 39.046667; -77.000556 (Rachel Carson House)
Silver Spring Ranch-style house where Rachel Carson wrote her famous book Silent Spring in 1958
15 Chautauqua Tower
Chautauqua Tower
01980-07-04July 4, 1980 Glen Echo Park
MacArthur Boulevard
38°57′58″N 77°08′18″W / 38.966111°N 77.138333°W / 38.966111; -77.138333 (Chautauqua Tower)
Glen Echo 1891 stone tower in Richardsonian Romanesque style
16 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park C&O Canal - Paw Paw Tunnel.jpg 01966-10-15 October 15, 1966 Bordering the Potomac River from Georgetown, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland Poolesville, Potomac, Seneca Canal constructed from 1828–1850. Follows the Potomac River from Georgetown, Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland
17 Chiswell's Inheritance 01974-09-10September 10, 1974 18200 Beallsville Road Maryland Route 109
39°09′11″N 77°25′24″W / 39.153056°N 77.423333°W / 39.153056; -77.423333 (Chiswell's Inheritance)
Poolesville Late-18th-century plantation house
18 Clara Barton National Historic Site CBarton-NHS.jpeg 01966-10-15 October 15, 1966 5801 Oxford Rd.
38°58′1″N 77°8′27″W / 38.96694°N 77.14083°W / 38.96694; -77.14083 (Clara Barton National Historic Site)
Glen Echo Home of Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross
19 Clarksburg School 01975-02-20February 20, 1975 South of the junction of Maryland Routes 121 and 355
39°14′14″N 77°16′52″W / 39.237222°N 77.281111°W / 39.237222; -77.281111 (Clarksburg School)
Clarksburg Frame structure built in 1909, served as the local public school from 1909–1972
20 Clifton
01974-06-25June 25, 1974 17107 New Hampshire Ave.
39°08′17″N 76°59′39″W / 39.138056°N 76.994167°W / 39.138056; -76.994167 (Clifton)
Ednor Mid-18th-century brick home closely affiliated with the early Quaker community of Sandy Spring
21 Clover Hill 01982-07-20July 20, 1982 21310 Zion Rd.
39°12′26″N 77°05′41″W / 39.207222°N 77.094722°W / 39.207222; -77.094722 (Clover Hill)
Brookeville Primary Italianate home built around 1857, though has surrounding buildings which date to the mid 1st century
22 Darnall Place 01979-08-13August 13, 1979 East of Poolesville at 17615 White's Ferry Rd.
39°07′33″N 77°22′04″W / 39.125833°N 77.367778°W / 39.125833; -77.367778 (Darnall Place)
Poolesville Farm complex consists of four small 18th-century stone buildings, a 19th-century frame wagon shed/corn crib, a 20th-century concrete block barn, and three late-19th- or early-20th-century frame sheds
23 Davis-Warner House
Davis-Warner House
02001-12-07December 7, 2001 8114 Carroll Ave.
38°59′26″N 76°59′38″W / 38.990556°N 76.993889°W / 38.990556; -76.993889 (Davis-Warner House)
Takoma Park Large, 3-story frame Stick Style residence constructed around 1875
24 Dawson Farm 01985-01-11January 11, 1985 1070 and 1080 Copperstone Ct.
39°04′28″N 77°08′33″W / 39.074444°N 77.1425°W / 39.074444; -77.1425 (Dawson Farm)
Rockville Contains a 1874 2 12-story frame dwelling and a large 2 12-story hip-roofed frame house dating to 1912
25 Dowden's Luck 01988-11-10November 10, 1988 18511 Beallsvile Rd.
39°09′35″N 77°24′58″W / 39.159722°N 77.416111°W / 39.159722; -77.416111 (Dowden's Luck)
Poolesville The main house is a 2 12-story, late Federal-style frame house with additions made in 1855 and 1910. Also on the property are a one-story gable-roofed stone slave quarters, a one-story gable-roofed brick smokehouse, a stone spring house, and the foundations of two barns, all built during the 1824–1850 plantation period.
26 Drury-Austin House 01986-03-13March 13, 1986 16112 Barnesville Rd.
39°12′03″N 77°20′21″W / 39.200833°N 77.339167°W / 39.200833; -77.339167 (Drury-Austin House)
Boyds A late-18th-century one-room plan log house with an early-19th-century timber frame addition
27 East Oaks
East Oaks
01996-10-18October 18, 1996 Address Restricted
Poolesville Consists of a 2 12-story, ca. 1829 Federal-period brick residence brick smokehouse, sandstone slave quarter, stone bank barn, stone dairy, and log and frame tenant house.
28 Friends Advice 01992-10-28October 28, 1992 19001 Bucklodge Rd.
39°09′58″N 77°21′31″W / 39.166111°N 77.358611°W / 39.166111; -77.358611 (Friends Advice)
Boyds The earliest portion, the ca. 1806 Federal style block, sits on a stone foundation with a gable roof and gabled dormers. Later additions include a Federal style block of the first quarter of the 19th century, a frame block constructed in 1882 on the foundation of an 18th-century log structure, and a Colonial Revival-style block constructed in 1939–1940.
29 Gaithersburg B & O Railroad Station and Freight Shed
Gaithersburg B & O Railroad Station and Freight Shed
01978-10-05October 5, 1978 Summit and E. Diamond Aves.
39°08′28″N 77°11′57″W / 39.141111°N 77.199167°W / 39.141111; -77.199167 (Gaithersburg B & O Railroad Station and Freight Shed)
Gaithersburg 1881 train station with a loading dock and freight shed
30 Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory
Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory
01985-07-12July 12, 1985 100 DeSellum Ave
39°08′12″N 77°11′57″W / 39.136667°N 77.199167°W / 39.136667; -77.199167 (Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory)
Gaithersburg Small 1899 frame observatory which was one of 5 other observatories across the world that took part in the International Polar Motion Service of 1899.
31 Garrett Park Historic District 01975-01-31January 31, 1975 Roughly bounded by B&O railroad tracks, Rock Creek Park, and Flanders Ave.
39°02′09″N 77°05′41″W / 39.035833°N 77.094722°W / 39.035833; -77.094722 (Garrett Park Historic District)
Garrett Park Victorian railroad suburb, contains houses dating from the 1880s to the 1920s. Architectural styles include those of the Late Victorian period.
32 George Washington Memorial Parkway
George Washington Memorial Parkway
01995-06-02June 2, 1995 Roughly from American Legion to the Memorial Bridge on the southern side of the Potomac River, and from Brickyard Rd. to the Chain Bridge on the northern side
38°56′19″N 77°08′07″W / 38.938611°N 77.135278°W / 38.938611; -77.135278 (George Washington Memorial Parkway)
Cabin John Portion of parkway on the northern side is referred to as the Clara Barton Parkway
33 Glen Echo Park Historic District
Glen Echo Park Historic District
01984-06-08June 8, 1984 MacArthur Boulevard
38°57′57″N 77°08′37″W / 38.965833°N 77.143611°W / 38.965833; -77.143611 (Glen Echo Park Historic District)
Glen Echo Former Chautauqua Assembly site (1891) and amusement park
34 Glenview Farm
Glenview Farm
02007-10-10October 10, 2007 603 Edmonston Dr.
39°05′11″N 77°07′45″W / 39.086389°N 77.129167°W / 39.086389; -77.129167 (Glenview Farm)
Rockville Current Neo-Classical Revival mansion built in 1926 around the remnants of a smaller house dating to 1838.
35 Hammond Wood Historic District
Hammond Wood Historic District
02004-12-15December 15, 2004 Veirs Mill Rd., Highview Ave., Pendleton Dr., College View Dr., Woodridge Ave.
39°02′51″N 77°04′08″W / 39.0475°N 77.068889°W / 39.0475; -77.068889 (Hammond Wood Historic District)
Silver Spring 58 Contemporary suburban houses built from 1949–1951.
36 Hanover Farm House 01980-08-06August 6, 1980 19501 Darnestown Rd.
39°10′40″N 77°24′09″W / 39.177778°N 77.4025°W / 39.177778; -77.4025 (Hanover Farm House)
Beallsville Brick house consists of a Federal main block and kitchen wing dating to 1801–1804, and a 1 12-story modern kitchen wing added in 1954
37 Johnson-Wolfe Farm 02003-11-08November 8, 2003 23900 Old Hundred Rd.
39°14′50″N 77°21′01″W / 39.247222°N 77.350278°W / 39.247222; -77.350278 (Johnson-Wolfe Farm)
Comus Complex includes a 1862 vernacular dwelling known as the Comus Inn, smokehouse, barn, and a poultry house built in 1936
38 Kensington Historic District
Kensington Historic District
01980-09-04September 4, 1980 Roughly bounded by railroad tracks, the Kensington Parkway, Summit Ave., and Washington and Warner Sts.
39°01′29″N 77°04′33″W / 39.024722°N 77.075833°W / 39.024722; -77.075833 (Kensington Historic District)
Kensington Late Victorian suburban railroad community that is relatively untouched by 20th-century suburban development
39 Seymour Krieger House 02008-10-29October 29, 2008 6739 Brigadoon Dr.
38°58′38″N 77°08′10″W / 38.97727°N 77.13624°W / 38.97727; -77.13624 (Seymour Krieger House)
Bethesda International 1-story house built by architect Marcel Breuer in 1958
40 Layton House 01975-09-25September 25, 1975 Southwestern corner of Maryland Routes 108 and 420
39°12′42″N 77°08′35″W / 39.211667°N 77.143056°W / 39.211667; -77.143056 (Layton House)
Laytonsville 1835 2-story brick Federal-style house with a three-bay Flemish bond main (north) facade and a gable roof.
41 Milimar 01973-04-13April 13, 1973 410 Randolph Rd.
39°04′03″N 77°01′07″W / 39.0675°N 77.018611°W / 39.0675; -77.018611 (Milimar)
Silver Spring Georgian 2 12-story brick house built in 1790
42 Milton 01975-09-25September 25, 1975 5312 Allandale Rd.
38°57′35″N 77°06′11″W / 38.959722°N 77.103056°W / 38.959722; -77.103056 (Milton)
Bethesda Older section constructed prior to 1820 is one and one-half stories and a two-story three-bay structure was subsequently built in 1847. Outbuildings on the property include a square, stone smokehouse with a square, hipped roof, and a 19th-century stone ice house.
43 Montgomery County Courthouse Historic District
Montgomery County Courthouse Historic District
01986-09-02September 2, 1986 Courthouse Sq. and S. Washington St.
39°04′59″N 77°09′09″W / 39.083056°N 77.1525°W / 39.083056; -77.1525 (Montgomery County Courthouse Historic District)
Rockville Contains 1891 Romanesque Revival courthouse, 1931 Neoclassical courthouse, 1931 Art Deco bank, and 1938 post office
44 Montrose Schoolhouse
Montrose Schoolhouse
01983-01-24January 24, 1983 Randolph Rd.
39°03′12″N 77°06′54″W / 39.053333°N 77.115°W / 39.053333; -77.115 (Montrose Schoolhouse)
Rockville 1909 schoolhouse is the last surviving building of the 19th-century Montrose Crossroads community
45 Moreland 02005-08-11August 11, 2005 7810 Moorland Ln.
38°59′16″N 77°06′39″W / 38.987778°N 77.110833°W / 38.987778; -77.110833 (Moreland)
Bethesda 2 12-story early Colonial Revival frame dwelling that was constructed around 1894.
46 Mt. Nebo 01985-03-28March 28, 1985 14510 Mt. Nebo Rd.
39°05′35″N 77°26′55″W / 39.093056°N 77.448611°W / 39.093056; -77.448611 (Mt. Nebo)
Poolesville Large 2 12-story gable-roofed frame dwelling constructed in three periods: the main block, dating to the second quarter of the 19th century; a 1 12-story wing extends from the rear of the main block, which appears to have been an earlier dwelling from the late 18th century; and a two-story addition was made to the east gable end of the main block around the turn of the 20th century. Also on the property is a mid-19th-century log smokehouse and the remains of an early terraced "waterfall" garden
47 National Park Seminary Historic District
National Park Seminary Historic District
01972-09-14September 14, 1972 Linden Lane near Interstate 495
39°00′43″N 77°03′21″W / 39.011944°N 77.055833°W / 39.011944; -77.055833 (National Park Seminary Historic District)
Forest Glen Victorian girls finishing school which was previously a resort for DC residents
48 Oaks II 01982-11-30November 30, 1982 5815 Riggs Rd.
39°11′50″N 77°07′24″W / 39.197222°N 77.123333°W / 39.197222; -77.123333 (Oaks II)
Laytonsville Built between 1797 and 1814, it is a 1 12-story gambrel-roofed log house with an adjoining one-story gable-roofed log addition.
49 Old Chiswell Place 01975-09-09September 9, 1975 East of Poolesville on Cattail Rd.
39°09′01″N 77°23′18″W / 39.150278°N 77.388333°W / 39.150278; -77.388333 (Old Chiswell Place)
Poolesville 1790 home is a frame, log, and brick structure built in three stages. In addition to the residence, there is a meathouse of log with an attached springhouse. There is a small log house probably used for storage with sandstone chips used between the logs. There is also an early corncrib made of frame and logs.
50 Polychrome Historic District
Polychrome Historic District
01996-08-29August 29, 1996 9900 and 9904 Colesville Rd., 9919, 9923, and 9925 Sutherland Rd.
39°01′05″N 77°00′57″W / 39.018056°N 77.015833°W / 39.018056; -77.015833 (Polychrome Historic District)
Silver Spring Group of five affordable small houses built by John Joseph Early in 1934 and 1935 with polychrome and art deco styling
51 Nathan Dickerson Poole House 01983-01-24January 24, 1983 15600 Edwards Ferry Rd.
39°06′43″N 77°27′56″W / 39.111944°N 77.465556°W / 39.111944; -77.465556 (Nathan Dickerson Poole House)
Poolesville 2 12-story frame dwelling constructed in 1871. Its design combines elements of the Victorian Gothic and Italianate styles. Also on the property are a frame barn and corn shed dating to the early 20th century.
52 Poolesville Historic District 01975-05-29May 29, 1975 Area around the junctions of Maryland Route 107, Maryland Route 109, and Willard Rd.
39°08′50″N 77°24′53″W / 39.147222°N 77.414722°W / 39.147222; -77.414722 (Poolesville Historic District)
Poolesville Contains 33 buildings that date from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. Most of the buildings consist of farmhouses and outbuildings.
53 The Ridge 01988-04-05April 5, 1988 19000 Muncaster Rd.
39°10′03″N 77°07′08″W / 39.1675°N 77.118889°W / 39.1675; -77.118889 (The Ridge)
Derwood One-and-one-half-story mid-18th-century Flemish bond brick house on a fieldstone foundation. The decorative detailing in the main house reflects Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival influences. Also on the property is an 18th-century two-story log building.
54 Rock Creek Woods Historic District
Rock Creek Woods Historic District
02004-12-15December 15, 2004 11504 and 11506 Connecticut Ave., 3600-3702 Spruell Dr., 3908-4020 Rickover Rd., and 4004-4019 Ingersol Dr.
39°02′45″N 77°04′43″W / 39.045833°N 77.078611°W / 39.045833; -77.078611 (Rock Creek Woods Historic District)
Silver Spring Suburban development consisting of 74 Contemporary houses
55 Rockville Railroad Station
Rockville Railroad Station
01974-07-18July 18, 1974 98 Church St.
39°04′58″N 77°08′42″W / 39.082778°N 77.145°W / 39.082778; -77.145 (Rockville Railroad Station)
Rockville 1873 Queen Anne style railroad station built for the B&O Railroad's Metropolitan Branch
56 Salmon-Stohlman House 02002-04-11April 11, 2002 4728 Dorset Ave.
38°58′04″N 77°05′46″W / 38.967778°N 77.096111°W / 38.967778; -77.096111 (Salmon-Stohlman House)
Chevy Chase 2 12-story frame structure built around 1893. Designed in a transitional manner with late Victorian detailing. It was one of the first houses built in the present day Town of Somerset.
57 Sandy Spring Friends Meetinghouse
Sandy Spring Friends Meetinghouse
01972-09-22September 22, 1972 Meetinghouse Lane and Maryland Route 108
39°08′50″N 77°01′31″W / 39.147222°N 77.025278°W / 39.147222; -77.025278 (Sandy Spring Friends Meetinghouse)
Sandy Spring Large, Flemish bond brick, Federal-style Quaker Meeting House built in 1817.
58 Seneca Historic District 01978-11-15November 15, 1978 Southeast of Poolesville
39°05′28″N 77°20′48″W / 39.091111°N 77.346667°W / 39.091111; -77.346667 (Seneca Historic District)
Poolesville Comprises 3,850 acres (15.6 km2) of federal, state, and county parkland and farmland in which 15 historic houses are situated. The C&O Canal, including Riley's Lock House (Lock House #24), and the Seneca Sandstone Quarry and its associated buildings also stand within the district. The 15 historic houses are surrounded by dependencies of various periods, in most cases dating from the period of the dwelling. There are slave quarters, smokehouses, springhouses, corn cribs, and tobacco barns.
59 Seneca Quarry 01973-04-24April 24, 1973 Tschiffeley Mill Rd.
39°04′08″N 77°20′45″W / 39.068889°N 77.345833°W / 39.068889; -77.345833 (Seneca Quarry)
Seneca Quarry used from 1780 to 1900. The property includes ruins of cutting and duplex buildings.
60 Silver Spring Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station
Silver Spring Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station
02000-08-31August 31, 2000 8100 Georgia Ave.
38°59′24″N 77°01′37″W / 38.99°N 77.026944°W / 38.99; -77.026944 (Silver Spring Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station)
Silver Spring The current Colonial Revival structure replaced an earlier 1878 Victorian style station in 1940.
61 Susanna Farm 01983-01-27January 27, 1983 17700 White Grounds Rd.
39°08′23″N 77°20′42″W / 39.139722°N 77.345°W / 39.139722; -77.345 (Susanna Farm)
Dawsonville An L-shaped, 2 12-story 19th-century frame farmhouse. Last renovated in an Italianate style in 1877-78. Five outbuildings stand on the property, including a stone kitchen/slave quarters and meat house which are believed to be contemporary with the house, an 1870s frame bank barn, and 20th-century farm buildings
62 Takoma Avenue Historic District
Takoma Avenue Historic District
02004-12-15December 15, 2004 7906, 7908, 7910, 7912, 7914 Takoma Ave.
38°59′18″N 77°01′05″W / 38.988333°N 77.018056°W / 38.988333; -77.018056 (Takoma Avenue Historic District)
Takoma Park 5 houses designed by Charles M. Goodman in 1951.
63 Takoma Park Historic District
Takoma Park Historic District
01976-07-16July 16, 1976 Roughly bounded by D.C., Silver Spring, and east to the junction of Woodland and Elm Aves.
38°58′41″N 77°00′46″W / 38.978056°N 77.012778°W / 38.978056; -77.012778 (Takoma Park Historic District)
Silver Spring and Takoma Park Originally platted in 1883 by developer Benjamin Franklin Gilbert. Originally an early railroad suburb, the opening of streetcar lines led to the expansion of the district in the early 20th century. Takoma Park houses built between 1883 and 1900 are fanciful, turreted, multi-gabled affairs of Queen Anne architecture with Stick Style and Shingle Style influence. Buildings developed after the turn of the 20th century tend to be 1- to 2-story brick structures with simple ornamentation, although a few display characteristics of such styles as Art Deco and Tudor Revival
64 David W. Taylor Model Basin
David W. Taylor Model Basin
01985-10-17October 17, 1985 Bounded by MacArthur Boulevard and George Washington Memorial Parkway
38°58′27″N 77°11′22″W / 38.974167°N 77.189444°W / 38.974167; -77.189444 (David W. Taylor Model Basin)
Bethesda One of the largest ship building basins in the world, constructed in 1938
65 Third Addition to Rockville and Old St. Mary's Church and Cemetery
Third Addition to Rockville and Old St. Mary's Church and Cemetery
01978-11-20November 20, 1978 Veirs Mill and Old Baltimore Rds.
39°04′56″N 77°08′44″W / 39.082222°N 77.145556°W / 39.082222; -77.145556 (Third Addition to Rockville and Old St. Mary's Church and Cemetery)
Rockville Contains St. Mary's Church and its adjacent cemetery, both built and founded in 1817 and the Wire Hardware Store, built in 1895. St. Mary's is Montgomery County's oldest brick Catholic church and the hardware store is Rockville's last cast iron frame commercial structure.
66 Thomas and Company Cannery 01990-07-05July 5, 1990 Junction of W. Diamond and N. Frederick Aves.
39°08′35″N 77°12′03″W / 39.143056°N 77.200833°W / 39.143056; -77.200833 (Thomas and Company Cannery)
Gaithersburg One to two-story tall, free-standing, load-bearing brick rectangular structure composed of four discrete, structurally independent but contiguous elements, built between 1917 and 1918. An addition was constructed in 1956.
67 Valhalla 01982-03-15March 15, 1982 19010 White's Ferry Rd.
39°07′51″N 77°23′51″W / 39.130833°N 77.3975°W / 39.130833; -77.3975 (Valhalla)
Poolesville Two-story house constructed of local Seneca sandstone, to which are attached a ca. 1835 1 12-story log structure, and two small 20th-century one-story frame wings.
68 Walker Prehistoric Village Archeological Site
Walker Prehistoric Village Archeological Site
01975-05-12May 12, 1975 Address Restricted
Poolesville Prehistoric Late Woodland period Native American settlement.
69 Washington Aqueduct
Washington Aqueduct
01973-09-08September 8, 1973 5900 MacArthur Boulevard, NW.
38°38′49″N 77°11′50″W / 38.646944°N 77.197222°W / 38.646944; -77.197222 (Washington Aqueduct)
Great Falls Built between 1853–1864, its Union Arch Bridge (see above) is listed as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
70 Washington Grove Historic District 01980-04-09April 9, 1980 Maryland Route 124
39°08′24″N 77°10′28″W / 39.14°N 77.174444°W / 39.14; -77.174444 (Washington Grove Historic District)
Washington Grove Community derived from Victorian cottages of a Methodist meeting camp
71 West Montgomery Avenue Historic District
West Montgomery Avenue Historic District
01975-05-29May 29, 1975 Residential area centered around W. Montgomery Ave.
39°05′02″N 77°09′41″W / 39.083889°N 77.161389°W / 39.083889; -77.161389 (West Montgomery Avenue Historic District)
Rockville Within the vicinity of the district are houses dating from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. Architectural styles include those of the early 19th century and Late Victorian period.
72 Wiley-Ringland House
Wiley-Ringland House
02000-11-22November 22, 2000 4722 Dorset Ave.
38°57′31″N 77°05′43″W / 38.958611°N 77.095278°W / 38.958611; -77.095278 (Wiley-Ringland House)
Chevy Chase 2 12-story Queen Anne-style frame building built around 1893.
73 Woodend
01980-03-20March 20, 1980 8940 Jones Mill Rd.
39°00′09″N 77°04′01″W / 39.0025°N 77.066944°W / 39.0025; -77.066944 (Woodend)
Chevy Chase 2 12-story house with Flemish bond brick walls and brick quoins. Constructed in 1929.
74 Robert Llewellyn Wright House 01986-08-12August 12, 1986 7927 Deepwell Dr.
39°00′27″N 77°10′02″W / 39.0075°N 77.167222°W / 39.0075; -77.167222 (Robert Llewellyn Wright House)
Bethesda Two-story concrete-block structure designed by noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1953, and constructed in 1957 for his sixth child. The Usonian house was designed using intersecting and concentric segments of a circle, or "hemicycles".

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by Google maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
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