Born Natalia Grytsuk
Occupation Fashion blogger and stylist

Glamourina (born Natalia Grytsuk) is a notable Polish fashion blogger who creates fashion outfits. Her blog describes fashion creations she wears herself instead of using a hired model. Some of her outfits are cretad on assignments or for sponsored events.


Involvment in fashion

Glamourina started blogging in early 2011.[citation needed] Her blog soon became popular[1] and attracted the attention of sponsors. She initially worked mainly with Polish online clothing stores which wanted to publicize their brands to her readers. After a few months she started to be invited at many events by Polish and international brands.

Participation in sponsored events

In July 2011, the Australian jewelry company Diva invited a few Polish bloggers to a professional street fashion photo session, where Glamourina and the other fashion bloggers had to create a look using Diva jewelry.[2][3]

In September 2011, Gatta invited some fashion bloggers to an event where they had to create a look with clothes wearing the Gatta label collection Joannahorodyńskagatta designed by Joanna Horodyńska.[4]

In October 2011, Glamourina took part in the Warsaw Fashion Weekend, an event sponsored by BlackBerry[5] and Play and presented by the renowned stylist Jola Czaja.[6] This time, instead of having the bloggers wear the clothes themselves, they were presented by models in a catwalk.

Aside from taking part in such events, Glamourina works with other brands, creating looks with their clothes or accessories and showing them in her blog.[7][5]

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