Natalia Cruz

Natalia Cruz
Natalia Cruz.

Natalia Cruz on Univision
Born Natalia Andrea Rodriguez Carrillo
August 18, 1976 (1976-08-18) (age 35)
Barranquilla, Colombia
Residence Miami, Florida
Other names Natalia Rodriguez
Ethnicity Hispanic
Education Universidad del Norte
Occupation Television journalist
Years active 1993 - Present
Employer Univision
Known for Primer Impacto
Spouse Jairo Cruz
Children Daniel A. Cruz
Alexandro X. Cruz
Christiana I. Cruz
Awards 3 Emmy Award
ACE Award
NY Latin Award

Natalia Cruz (born August 18, 1976 in Barranquilla, Colombia) is a Colombian journalist and news anchor in the United States, three time Emmy Award winner, affiliated to Univision Network, and the show Primer Impacto.



Born to journalist parents, Cruz always had a passion for written works. In her youth she competed in writing contests. She won speech and poetry competitions as well as literature prizes.[1]

Cruz attended Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia where she majored in social communications and journalism. While studying, she worked in news radio on "Emisora Atlantico", Cruz began her broadcasting career at 17 as news anchor for the newscast "CV Noticias" on the regional television station Telecaribe.

Manuel Teodoro gave Cruz her first exposure on national Colombian TV, as news anchor and reporter on the TV Magazine "Extra" on Caracol Television.[2]

In early 2000, Cruz moved to New York and worked for Spanish language Public TV on HITN (Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network), where she also produced the shows "Corriente Cultural" and "NotiCultura".[3]

Later that year, she started as the New York reporter for the daily morning show "Despierta America", on Univision,[4] and did live shots for the longest-running variety TV show in the world, "Sabado Gigante".

In 2001, Cruz was hired by the New York Telemundo affiliate WNJU as a reporter for "Noticiero 47".[5][6] With only one month on the job, she covered the WTC terrorist attacks, being one of the first reporters on the scene at Ground Zero.[7] [8] [9] Her work was noted in the book, "Running Toward Danger: Stories Behind the Breaking News of September 11".[10]; and she was featured on the 9/11 Tenth year exhibit on the Newseum on Washington D.C.

After just 18 months working as a morning reporter, Cruz became news anchor on WNJU, now part of NBC, and received the 2004 Emmy Award as Best News Anchor for Tri-State area (NY, NJ, and CT).[11][12][13]

She was nominated the following year for five awards, winning another Emmy Award, this time for Best Newscast in 2005.[14] Additionally, Cruz won the ACE Award as Best News Anchor in 2005.[15] 2006 saw Cruz win her third Emmy Award for Best Series of Social Interest.[16]

Cruz then started as New York correspondent for "En Vivo y Directo", on TeleFutura.[17] Only two months later, she was brought to "Primer Impacto" on Univision Network.[18] She won the NY Latin Award for Best National Correspondent in 2008.[19] [20]

Cruz transferred to Miami in 2010 and has continued as a correspondent.[21] Cruz often sits in as news anchor for shows at Univision, such as "Primer Impacto", "Despierta América", "Al Punto" and "Desayuno Alegre". She also briefs on "Noticiero Univision". and "Noticias Al Minuto" on TeleFutura.[22]

In July 2011 Natalia Cruz is promoted to Anchor for "Primer Impacto Extra"[23], broadcasted on the weekends at 5pm / 4pm center[24][25]; replacing Weekend Anchor Satcha Pretto who left the program to become the new News Anchor for Despierta America instead of veteran Neida Sandoval.


Year Program Station City Title
2011–Present Primer Impacto Extra Univision Miami, FL (USA) News Anchor - Weekends
2010–2011 Primer Impacto Univision Miami, FL (USA) Staff Correspondent
2006–2010 Primer Impacto Univision New York, NY (USA) New York Correspondent
2006 En Vivo y Directo Telefutura New York, NY (USA) New York Correspondent
2002–2005 Noticiero 47 Telemundo Fort Lee, NJ (USA) News Anchor - 6pm and 11pm
2001–2002 Noticiero 47 Telemundo Teterboro, NJ (USA) News Reporter - 5am to 7am
2000–2001 Despierta América Univision New York, NY (USA) New York Reporter
2000–2001 Sabado Gigante Univision New York, NY (USA) New York Reporter
2000 Corriente Cultural HITN-TV New York, NY (USA) Host and Producer
1999–2000 Extra Caracol Bogotá (Col) News Anchor and News Reporter
1997–1999 En Línea Telecaribe Barranquilla (Col) Co-Host
1994–1996 CV Noticias Telecaribe Barranquilla (Col) News Anchor - 8:30pm
Year Program Dial Sation City Title
1994–1999 Jazz Vespertino 103.1 FM Uninorte FM Stereo Barranquilla (Col) Host
1997–1998 La Vallenata 90.1 FM Caracol Radio Barranquilla (Col) News Reader
1997–1998 Corazón Stereo 97.6 FM Caracol Radio Barranquilla (Col) Programming Director
1993–1994 Atlántico en Noticias 1070 AM Emisora Atlántico Barranquilla (Col) News Reader


  • Featured on the 9/11 Tenth year exhibit on the Newseum on Washington D.C. 2011
  • New York Latin Award 2008 as best national TV reporter.
  • Emmy Award winner for Best Newscast in 2005.
  • 5 Nominations to Emmy Award 2005 including one as second consecutive year as best News Anchor/Host, Best Political Segment, Best Special Coverage, and two for best Newscast.
  • Emmy Award nominee for Best Newscast in 2004.
  • "Nemqueteba" Prize 2004 by Colombians Breaking Barriers, on the Symposium “Promoting the development of the Latin Community” in recognition for her work on favor of the improvement of the Hispanic community in United States of America.
  • Honor of Merit 2004 by Colombian Civic Center, in recognition for her dedication and support to the Hispanic community.
  • Several times Godmother of Latin festivals, including: NY Colombian Independence Festival, NY Colombian Parade, Hispanic Parade of New York, Hispanic Parade of New Jersey, Hispanic Parade of Bayonne, NY Puerto Rican Parade, NY Dominican Parade, Cali Fair of Elizabeth.


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