His and Her Circumstances ♥ Act 1.0

His and Her Circumstances ♥ Act 1.0

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Name = His and Her Circumstances ♥ Act 1.0
Type = Soundtrack
Artist = Shiro Sagisu, Norio Ariga & Yosui Inoue

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Released = 2004 (US)
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Length = 1.1 Hours
Label = Geneon (US)
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"His and Her Circumstances ♥ Act 1.0" (彼氏彼女の事情 ♥ ACT 1.0) is the first volume of the soundtrack to the anime "His and Her Circumstances" ("Kare Kano" in Japan). All the tracks were composed by Shiro Sagisu, who also composed the "Evangelion" soundtrack, and features performances by Norio Ariga & Yosui Inoue.

Track listing

#"AVAN title / アバンタイトル"
#"An Angel's promise" (Full Version) / 天使のゆびきり(フルサイズ)(福田舞)
#"A summary of the story until now" (Shotarou's March) / 此迄ノ荒筋(正太郎マーチ)
#"Yukino Miyazawa I" (Concerto) / 宮沢雪野1 (Concerto)
#"Yukino Miyazawa II" (March) / 宮沢雪野2 (March)
#"Everyday Peace" / 日々平和
#"Peace and Quiet" / 平穏無事
#"Work hard together" / 切磋琢磨
#"Peace reigns in the land" / 天下泰平
#"We meet only to part" / 会者定離
#"Souichiro Arima II" / 有馬総一郎2
#"Souichiro Arima I" / 有馬総一郎1
#"Into a dream II" / 夢の中へ2
#"The Miyazawa Family" / 宮沢一家
#"Putting the cart before the horse" / 主客転倒
#"Yukino Miyazawa III" (Jazz rock) / 宮沢雪野3 (Jazz rock)
#"Coexistence and co-prosperity" / 共存共栄
#"Yukino Miyazawa IV" (Kanon) / 宮沢雪野4 (Kanon)
#"Yukino Miyazawa V" (Nocturne) / 宮沢雪野5 (Nocturne)
#"Undaunted" / 不撓不屈
#"Into a dream III" / 夢の中へ3
#"Treasure every meeting" / 一期一会
#"Into a dream" (Full Version) / 夢の中へ(フルサイズ)(榎本温子,鈴木千尋)
#"A summary of the story hereafter" / 此来ノ荒筋


* Track 2 is sung by Mai Fukuda, and the lyrics are written by Fumiya Fujii. The TV version is arranged by Norio Ariga.
* Tracks 13, 21 & 23 is cover version of the song that Yosui Inoue performs original.

ee also

*Kare Kano

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* [http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000026WOT "His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0 OST (Japanese Release) at Amazon.co.jp"]
* [http://www.geneonanimemusic.com/products/hisher.htm Geneon's "His and Her Circumstances Act 1.0 OST" soundtrack page]

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