Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi

Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi
Sheikh Haci Mustafa Ruhi Efendi
Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi tombstone
Religious and Political Leader
Personal details
Born 1800
Gökçeada[citation needed],
Ottoman Empire (actual Turkey)
Died 1893 (aged 93)
Ottoman Empire (actual Turkey)
Children - Sabri Kalkandelen (Poet, Chief of the Istanbul Imperial Library)
- Fatma Hanko (mother of General Hayrullah Fişek)
- Hürrem
- Zehra
Residence Kalkandelen, Ottoman Empire (actual Tetovo, Macedonia)

Sheikh Mustafa Ruhi Efendi (born 1800, Gökçeada, Ottoman Empire - 1893, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire) was an religious (Naqshbandi) and political leader in the Balkans during the Ottoman period.[1] He was based in the city of Kalkandelen, (Tetovo in today's Macedonia). Being one of the main members of the League of Prizren,[2][3] he was the President of the central committee of Prizren called the "close committee".[4]


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