Museum of Japanese Art

Museum of Japanese Art
The entrance to the Yamato Bunkakan museum


Museum of Japanese Art (大和文華館 Yamato bunkakan?) is a museum of Asian art in Nara, Nara established in 1960[1] to preserve and display the private collection of the Kintetsu Corporation (Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd.).[2]

A house, trees with white blossoms and people.



Part of a house and garden.

This museum of Asian art has holdings of more than twenty thousand objects of sculpture, ceramics, lacquer, paintings, prints, textiles and calligraphy. The museum features a program of regularly changing exhibitions.[1] The founding director in 1960 was art historian Yukio Yashiro.[3]

National treasures

Two national treasures in the collection are illustrative scenes from Nezame Monogatari Emaki (紙本著色寝覚物語絵巻 shihon choshoku nezame monogatari emaki?).[4]

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