Muodin huipulle (season 2)

Muodin huipulle (season 2)
Muodin huipulle
Format Reality, competition
Created by Eli Holzman
Starring Nora Vilva
Jaakko Selin
Janne Renvall
Country of origin  Finland
Running time approx. 43 minutes
Original channel MTV3 (2009-)
Original airing 22 February 2011
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The second season of Muodin huipulle (Finnish, "To the Top of Fashion") began airing on Finland's MTV3 on 22 February 2011 at 20.00. The show is hosted by model Nora Vilva[1] and designer Janne Renvall is the contestants' mentor.[2] Jaakko Selin, mentor in season one, is one of the regular judges.[3]

The winner of Muodin huipulle will receive €40,000 worth of PR and management services by Huippu Design Management, a spot in Helsinki Design Week and an editorial spread in Olivia.




In order of elimination:

Contestant Age Hometown
Paula Kasurinen 27 Helsinki
Jarna Papinniemi 23 Helsinki
Caterina Montagni 27 Firenze
Ville Lipponen 33 Helsinki
Anne-Mari Pahkala 26 Tampere
Tuomas Kantola 29 Helsinki
Mari Koppanen 20 Tampere
Essi Karell 24 Espoo
Harriet Kjellman 27 Espoo
Jussi Salminen 22 Turku
Leni Lauretsalo 27 Kotka
Linda Sipilä 29 Seinäjoki
Reta Raven 26 Hämeenlinna
Suvi Jaskari-Marchesi 31 Seinäjoki

(ages listed are the designers' ages at the time the show was taped in 2010)


Hiu (with Essi before episode 6, now with Mari) Kerttu (with Anne-Mari before episode 6, now with Reta) Jessica (with Caterina before her elimination) Elina (with Jussi before episode 6, now with Linda) Elisabeth (with Jarna before her elimination) Nina (with Paula before her elimination) Taru (with Harriet before episode 6, now eliminated) Tinja (with Leni before episode 6, now eliminated) Elena (with Linda before episode 6, now with Suvi) Emilia (with Wille before his elimination) Siiri (with Mari before episode 6, now with Jussi) Jasmin (with Reta before episode 6, now with Essi) Leila (with Tuomas before episode 6, now with Harriet) Lotta (with Suvi before episode 6, now with Leni)


Designer elimination chart
Designer 1 2 31 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Episode
Harriet IN HIGH LOW LOW IN LOW IN LOW OUT 9 - 2015 Trends
Suvi IN IN WIN HIGH LOW WIN HIGH OUT 8 - Streetwear outfit
Essi IN IN LOW IN LOW HIGH OUT 7 - Music and mixing models pack
Mari IN IN LOW WIN IN OUT 6 - Art Work Outfit
Tuomas HIGH IN IN LOW OUT 5 - New Life, New Style
Anne-Mari HIGH IN LOW OUT 4 - Haute Couture Dress in White
Caterina IN HIGH OUT 3 - Welcome to the Workshop!
Jarna LOW OUT 2 - Spring is in the Air!
Paula OUT 1 - Designer's Philosophy
     The designer won Muodin huipulle.
     The designer won the challenge.
     The designer had one of the highest scores for that challenge, but did not win.
     The designer had one of the lowest scores for that challenge, but was not eliminated.
     The designer was in the bottom two, but was not eliminated.
     The designer lost and was out of the competition.
     The designer was eliminated in a double elimination.
  • ^Note 1 : There was no specified one winner, the entire team won the challenge.

Episode summaries

Episode 1: Designer's Philosophy

At the opening party, the designers must locate the fabric for the upcoming first challenge. The designers are asked to design an outfit that depicts their design philosophy. Midway through the challenge, the designers were asked to swap fabrics by rotation.

  • Guest Judges: Katri Niskanen and Sami Sykkö
  • WINNER: Linda
  • OUT: Paula
  • First Aired: 22 February 2011

Episode 2: Spring is in the Air! (Kevät ilmassa!)

The designers must design an outfit that must be at least 1/3 flowers that evokes the spring season. The designers are not allowed to use sewing machines in this challenge.

  • Guest Judge: Teemu Muurimäki
  • WINNER: Jussi
  • OUT: Jarna
  • First Aired: 1 March 2011

Episode 3: Welcome to the Workshop! (Tervetuloa konepajalle!)

The designers are brought to a factory workshop to get inspiration to make a collection of outfits for business women in a team challenge. Each team is given €300 for fabric and 8 hours to complete the project.

The teams (leaders in bold):

  • Jussi, Suvi and Linda
  • Mari, Essi and Ville
  • Tuomas, Leni and Reta
  • Harriet, Caterina and Anne-Mari
  • Guest Judge: Arman Alizad
  • WINNER: Jussi, Suvi and Linda
  • OUT: Ville and Caterina
  • First Aired: 8 March 2011

Episode 4: Haute Couture Dress in White

The designers must design a haute couture dress that is white. During the process, we learn that Mari had no idea who John Galliano was, but she won the challenge anyway!

  • Guest Judge: Tiia Vanhatapio
  • WINNER: Mari
  • OUT: Anne-Mari
  • First Aired: 15 March 2011

Episode 5: New Life, New Style (Uusi elämä, ussi tyyli)

The designers must make dresses that are suitable for a summer party. Their models are regular people who have lost a considerable amount of weight and must use an old garment as some of the material for the new outfit.

  • Guest Judge: Janina Fry
  • WINNER: Linda
  • OUT: Tuomas
  • First Aired: 22 March 2011

Episode 6: Art Work Outfit (Pue taide työasuksi)

The designers visit the Espoo Museum of Modern Art for inspiration for their art work outfit. Midway through the challenge, Nora invites the designers to switch models.

  • Guest Judges: Nana Salin and Ritva Falla
  • WINNER: Suvi
  • OUT: Mari
  • First Aired: 29 March 2011

Episode 7: Musiikki ja mallit sekoittavat pakkaa(Music and mixing models pack)

The models reveal the inspirations for their designers one by one, which all turn out to be music genres. Additionally, the designers need not shop for fabric, since the models picked it out for them.

Suvi - Heavy Metal, Harriet - Techno, Linda - Argentine Tango, Jussi - Country, Essi - Reggae, Reta - Folk Music, Leni - Surf.

  • Guest Judge: Kaarina Kivilahti
  • WINNER: Reta
  • OUT: Essi
  • First Aired: 5 April 2011

Episode 8: Streetwear-asu(Streetwear outfit)

The designers are brought to a library to garner inspiration for their streetwear outfit.

  • Guest Judges: Kirsimari Kärkkäinen and Tomi Freeman
  • WINNER: Linda
  • OUT: Suvi
  • First Aired: 12 April 2011

Episode 9: 2015-Trendejä(2015 Trends)

The designers must design an outfit that projects the trends on 2015. Part of their materials comes from their submissions for the first challenge.

  • Guest Judges: Sanna Sierilä and Minttu Vesala
  • WINNER: Jussi
  • OUT: Harriet
  • First Aired: 19 April 2011

Episode 10: Hääpuku(Wedding)

The designers are brought to a hotel where they must absorb the atmosphere and contemplate their two wedding outfits: one being the wedding dress, and the other being a complementary night outfit. The judging session, given the non-Finnish guest judge, took place in English.

  • Guest Judge: Efva Attling
  • WINNER: Linda
  • OUT: Reta
  • First Aired: 26 April 2011

Episode 12: Lopullinen (Finale)

Show a collection of nine pieces.

  • Guest Judges: Eva Krus and two others.
  • WINNER: Linda
  • RUNNER-UP: Leni


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