Mu‘assel (Arabic: معسل‎ which means "honeyed", also spelled "maasel", "ma'asel", "maassel", "maassell" and "mahsell") is a syrupy tobacco mixture (usually honey or molasses) smoked in a Hookah. It is also known as Shisha.

"shisha" is originally from Egypt

Typical flavors of mu‘assel include apple, grape, watermelon, coffee, lemon, chickpea and mint. More traditional blends are unflavored. Some brands of mu'assel are tobacco-free, using other leafy foliage instead.

Mu‘assel is typically used in areas of its origin as a herbal medicine used to soothe pain.

Smoking Mu'assel can create a car-sick like, light headed effect. An effective way to prevent feeling sick is to eat a little food beforehand.