Mrs P.I.

Mrs P.I.
Mrs P.I.
Genre Women
Idol drama / Comedy
Starring Michelle Chong
Cynthia Koh
Apple Hong
Opening theme 等 by Liu Hui Qi & Wang Min Hui
Ending theme 后退 by Liu Hui Qi
Country of origin Singapore
Language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Distributor MediaCorp TV
Original channel MediaCorp Channel 8
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original run 8 November 2010 – 3 December 2010
Preceded by The Score
Followed by Breakout
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Mrs P.I. (simplified Chinese: 查某人) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 8 November 2010 and ended on 3 December 2010. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm. The encore is being made from 2 November 2011 to 29 November 2011 at every weekday at 5:30pm.



At the funeral of a woman who has mysteriously fallen to her death, three housewives become acquainted with each other. Dai Xiumei is an ex-policewoman who has a penchant for serving the neighbourhood, Yun Feixue is just an ordinary "auntie" and Phyllis is part-timing in cosmetics sales. The trio finds the woman's death suspicious and decides to investigate further.

Xiumei then decides to start a private investigative (P.I.) agency and ropes Feixue and Phyllis in to help her. Together, the trio opens for business and began to solve cases of neighbourly issues.


Main Cast

Other Cast

  • Alan Tern as Zhang Jiaqiang (ep 1-4)
  • May Phua as Tiffany
  • Jerry Yeo as Ah Shun (ep 4-7)
  • Joey Fung as Youyou (Narong)
  • Zhang Wei as Chen Caifa
  • Kimberly Chia as Guo Jiaxin


  • Although its daily average viewership is 830,000, this drama was only nominated for one award in the Star Awards 2011.
  • This drama's original name was Goddesses of Justice (simplified Chinese: 正义女神).
  • Zhang Jiaqiang's lover's name, Pan Lingling, comes from the TV artiste.

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