Mrnja or Mrnjava (Serbian: Мрња, Latin: Mergnanus, also Mrnjan and Mrnjav.[1] His real name has been claimed to be Nenad, Mrnjava being a nickname[2]) was a Serbian provincial nobleman[2] and treasurer (kaznac) serving Helen of Anjou at Trebinje (Travunija), the wife of Stephen Uroš I of Serbia. He was the father of Vukašin Mrnjavčević, the co-ruler of the Serbian Empire (1365–1371) and founder of the Mrnjavčević dynasty.[1]

He was born in Zahumlje. He worked for Helen at Trebinje in the 1280s and is mentioned in a 1289 document.[1]

Benedictine monk and historian Mavro Orbini registered Mrnjava in his works.[2]

It is also possible that Mrnjan and Mrnjava are in fact father and son, claimed in Europäische Stammtafeln.[3]



His sons were born at Livno, present-day western Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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