Mr. Simple

Mr. Simple
Mr. Simple
Studio album by Super Junior
Released August 3, 2011 (See release history)
Recorded June — July 2011 at SM Studios, Seoul, South Korea
Genre Pop, synthpop, electropop, R&B, dance, pop rock, country pop, hip hop, electronica
Length 47:44
47:41 (Type B)
61:12 (Repackaged)
Language Korean
Label SM
KMP Holdings
Producer Lee Soo Man
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Mr. Simple


Alternative covers
Type B
"A-CHa" repackage
Singles from Mr. Simple
  1. "Mr. Simple"
    Released: August 2, 2011 (digital donwload)
  2. "Superman"
    Released: August 22, 2011 (digital donwload)
  3. "A-CHa"
    Released: September 19, 2011 (digital donwload)

Mr. Simple (Korean title: 미스터 심플; Miseuteo Shimpeul) is the fifth studio album of South Korean boy band Super Junior, released on August 3, 2011 by SM Entertainment and KMP Holdings in South Korea.[1] This is the group's second album featuring ten members, the first being their previous album, "Bonamana".[2] The album sold over 79,000 units on its first week of release in South Korea, topping album charts throughout the country.[3] It has since sold a total of 287,427 copies by the end of August 2011 according to South Korean Gaon charts.[4] The album was re-released as "A-CHa" on September 19, 2011.

As of late October 2011, the album has currently sold a cumulative total of 441,000 copies of all versions in South Korea alone.[5]


Background and development

On March 31, 2011, leader Leeteuk announced during the interview, "At the earliest, we’ll be coming out with our fifth album this summer."[6] Leeteuk and Yesung confirmed on their radio show "Super Junior Kiss the Radio" on June 1, 2011 that they had begun recording their upcoming album that day. Heechul tweeted on June 2, 2011 saying that the group "may be going crazy with preparations for our fifth album, but when it’s finally released, you’re all going to go mad.[7] American dancer Kenny Wormald posted on his official twitter on July 11, 2011 that he had started the choreography rehearsal for the group's upcoming new single.[8][9] On the same day, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk revealed on their radio show "Super Junior Kiss the Radio" that songwriter Jinu (hitchhiker) had contributed something for the new album. Shim Jae Won, current choreographer and former member of the disbanded SM group Black Beat tweeted a picture showing cups with Super Junior's names written on them.,[10] providing possible formation for the song's choreography, as well as two pictures of the choreography practice of the group the next day showing only the lower half of their bodies.[11] A teaser photo was released on July 20, 2011, with the first photo featuring Eunhyuk. Other photos followed, in order: Donghae, Leeteuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung, Siwon and Heechul.[12] On the same day, it was announced that the album is set for an August 3 release.[13] On July 22, 2011, the group began filming the music video for their new lead single.[14] The filming for the music video wrapped up July 24, 2011, with Shim Jaewon consistently updating the group's filming activity. On July 25, Jeon Hoon of Sonic Korea Studio announced that he is mastering the new album. Two video teasers were released on August 1, 2011, in which the first teaser gained a million views on YouTube a day after its release, the second teaser passing a million views by the second day. The first teaser, by the end of the second day, had surpassed 2,500,000 views. The digital single was released on the 2nd as well as the whole digital album format through various Korean online music sites like Melon, Dosirak and Bugs, where it became an instant digital chart-topper in South Korea in just an hour of release.[15] That day it was also made available worldwide on iTunes, where it charted at #28. The physical format of the album was released on August 3. The group will also have a press conference regarding the new album on August 4 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, and the music video itself will be revealed the same day on the conference. The music video reaching more than half a million views within the first few hours of release, and comment numbers increasing by about 200 per minute. The music video passed 1.5 million views by the end of the first day, and 3 million by the end of the second, views and comments steadily growing all over the world. Currently, the music video has over 25 million views.[16]


The album is mostly synthpop, with the title track, "Mr. Simple", being the last installation of the "SJ Funky" genre in which the group has been consistently pursuing since "Sorry, Sorry" (2009) and "Bonamana" (2010). Songs encompassed with synthpop elements include "Opera", "Be My Girl", "Walkin'" and "My Love My Kiss My Heart". Other tracks included in the album are the country-flavored tracks "Good Friends" and "Sunflower", an electropop number "Feels Good", a cover of a 1996 song by Jinu (hitchhiker) entitled "White Christmas", ballads "Storm" and "Memories", a Donghae-Chance-written track "Y", as well as the inclusion of subgroup Super Junior-M's Korean version of their 2011 title track "Perfection", in which it serves a purpose "to give a chance to Korean fans to enjoy the music of Super Junior-M which is appearing in various stages in Asia." Meanwhile, for the B-version of the album, a further-included track "Superman" is described to be "a minimalist hip-hop track which feature the members singing in a low vocal range."[17]

Promotion and release

The group first held a press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, which attracted about 200 reporters, including about 70 foreign journalists from Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore[18] and declared that this will be the group's current last studio release due to planned enlistment of group leader Leeteuk, as well as member Heechul in the army sometime in 2012.[19] The group expressed that they will promote the album as long as possible since Leeteuk will be enlisting to the army and that they are in plans of a world tour.[20] Leeteuk added that after his discharge from the army, they will go on to release an album afterwards.[21] Super Junior had their debut performance of "Mr. Simple" and a non-album track called "Superman" at Music Bank on August 5, 2011,[22] followed by Music Core on the 6th,[23] Inkigayo on the 7th[24] and M! Countdown on the 11th.[25] However, promotions for the song will end on August 28 due to the enlistment of member Heechul to the army on September 1, 2011.[26][27] On August 26, 2011, a music video for the album's supporting single, "Superman", was revealed via SM Entertainment's SMTOWN YouTube page, in which the music video shows various clips from their Super Show 3 tours as well as the photoshoots and music video making for "Mr. Simple".[28]

The album was released in Taiwan digitally on August 15, 2011[29], followed by a physical release by September 2, 2011 by avex taiwan. The album was supposed to be pre-released in the Philippines by Universal Records on October 1, 2011 but was moved to October 8th, citing manufacturing problems caused by typhoon Nesat.[30]

Sales and chart performance

The album debuted at the number one spot in the Hanteo Charts, selling 79,152 copies in its first week of release. Aside from this, the album also topped the Japanese Tower Records' online album orders chart.[31][32] The album's tracks, especially the title track, managed to occupy the top ten spots in various Korean online charts like Dosirak, Bugs and Melon, as well as the physical album itself topping the real-time charts in Hanteo, Hottracks and Yes24.[33] The album is due for release in eleven Asian countries.[34] The album also debuted 3rd on Billboard World Albums Chart.[35] The album managed to sell a hundred thousand copies after two weeks of release, and further bringing these to a total of 130,000 copies in total of the album's initial version.[36] By the end of August 2011, the album sold a total of 287,427 copies according to Gaon charts.[37] Meanwhile, the repackaged album, "A-Cha", which was released on September 19th, debuted at #1 in Hanteo real-time albums chart hours after its release. The repackaged album, according to Hanteo charts, sold a total of 52,000 copies by the end of September 2011, ranking at the number two spot, behind JYJ's In Heaven.[38]


Version A
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Mr. Simple"   Yoo Young-jin Yoo Young-jin 3:59
2. "Opera" (오페라; Opera) Kenzie Thomas Troelsen, Engelina Larsen 3:01
3. "Be My Girl" (라라라라; Lalalala) Kim Bu-min Lanz, Henri Jouni Kristian, William Rappaport, Aku Rannila, Julimar Santos (aka J-son) 3:09
4. "Walkin'"   Misfit Denzil Remedios, Kibwe Luke, Sharif Slater, Ryan Jhun 3:46
5. "Storm" (폭풍; Pokpung) Kim Jung-bae Kenzie 4:16
6. "Good Friends" (어느새 우린; Eoneusae Urin) Yoon Jong-shin Yoon Jong-shin 3:57
7. "Feels Good" (결투; Gyeoltu)   Denniz Jamm, Qwan 3:19
8. "Memories" (기억을 따라; Gieogeul Ttara) Park Jun-soo, Lee Yoon-jong Park Jun-soo 4:11
9. "Sunflower" (해바라기; Haebaragi) Hong Ji-yoo Brandon Fraley 3:52
10. "White Christmas" (엉뚱한 상상; Eongttunghan Sangsang) Jinu (Hitchhiker) Jinu (Hitchhiker) 3:36
11. "Y"   Donghae, Chance Donghae, Chance, Super D 3:27
12. "My Love, My Kiss, My Heart"   Kim Taesung Denzil Remedios, Kibwe Luke, Sharif Slater, Ryan Jhun 3:40
13. "Perfection" (태완미; Taewanmi) (Super Junior-M) (Bonus Track) Lee Won-geun Mikkel Remee Sigvardt, Thomas Troelsen 3:24
Total length:

Charts and sales

Chart Peak
South Korea Hanteo Albums
South Korean Gaon Albums
441,227+ [40]
Japan Oricon Weekly Albums
30,000+ (Imports)[41]
US Billboard World Albums

Release history

Region Date Format Distributing Label
South Korea August 2, 2011
August 3, 2011 (Type A)
August 22, 2011 (Type B)
September 19, 2011 (Type C)
Digital download
CD, digital download
KMP Holdings
Japan August 6, 2011 CD (Korean import) Avex Trax
Taiwan August 15, 2011 [43]
September 2, 2011 (Type A)
Digital download[44]
Avex Taiwan
Philippines October 8, 2011 (Type A; pre-release) CD Universal Records
Singapore September 29, 2011 (Type C) CD Universal Music Group
Malaysia September 12, 2011 (Type B)
October 10, 2011 (Type C)

Album personnel

Credits are for the Type A of the album, unless where indicated.[45]

  • Super Junior - vocals, background vocals
    • Leeteuk - vocals, rap
    • Heechul - vocals
    • Yesung - lead vocals, background vocals
    • Shindong - vocals, rap
    • Sungmin - lead vocals, background vocals
    • Eunhyuk - vocals, rap
    • Siwon - vocals
    • Donghae - vocals, rap
    • Ryeowook - lead vocals, background vocals
    • Kyuhyun - lead vocals, background vocals
  • Super Junior-M - vocals, background vocals (Perfection)
  • Yoo Youngjin - background vocals
  • Kang Sungho - background vocals
  • Park Il - background vocals
  • Chance (One Way) - background vocals
  • Hitchhiker - background vocals, guitar, keyboard, synth and beat arrangements, bass, sound processing
  • Thomas Troelsen - background vocals
  • TST - brass section
  • Choi Wonhyuk - bass
  • Kim Jungbae - guitar
  • Lee Hwa - piano
  • Yoong - string section
  • Shin Seokchul - drums
  • Choi Hoon - bass
  • Cho Jeongchi - guitar
  • Go Gyeongchun - keyboard
  • Lee Sungryeol - guitar
  • Park Cham - guitar
  • Super D - keyboard
  • Kim Kyuwon - pro-tools editing
  • Goo Jongpil - mixing
  • Nam Koongjin - mixing
  • Lee Seungho - mixing
  • Jeon Hoon - mastering (mastering done at Sonic Korea)


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