On the Moon

On the Moon
On The Moon
Opening logo for each episode.
Created by Jonti Picking (Weebl)
Chris Vick (Skoo)
Peter Murray Hill (Peabo)
Written by Jonti Picking
Chris Vick
Peter Murray Hill
Animated by Peter Murray Hill
Voiced by Jonti Picking
Launched July 11, 2005
Website Weebl's Stuff

Anything Can Happen on the Moon (shortened to On the Moon) is a British Flash-cartoon web series animated by Peter Murray Hill of Auriol Productions and available on the website Weebl's Stuff. Written by Murray Hill (aka Peabo), Jonti Picking (aka Weebl) and more often than not, Chris Vick (aka Skoo), the series is set on the Moon, and concerns the bizarre life of the satellite's inhabitants. The series began on July 11, 2005, and 22 episodes have since been produced. Whilst not as successful as Weebl and Bob, On the Moon has gained a large fanbase since its conception, and was even popular enough to have its own collection on Newgrounds.



The Toast King, who rules over the Moon.

The Toast King

  • Episodes: 1-3, 5-20
  • First quote: "Hello! I am the Toast King and I rule over the Moon!"

An abnormally large, anthropomorphic slice of toast who rules over the Moon, due to his theory that "heat induces royalty". He sports a crown bearing the initials 'TK', and is often seen holding a golden trident atop which is speared a knob of butter. A running joke, mentioned in episodes 2 and 9, is the reference to the Toast King not having a penis, but having instead a "knob of butter". Despite claims that he is ruler of the whole Moon, this may not be entirely true, as he has an apartment and landlord, Mr. Hymen (though he assures Moon Keith Moon that this is all just a "tax scam"). He does, however, claim to rule over Moon Hitler's Nazi Moon Base. From his attempt at growing a mint plant, the Toast King appears to be a keen gardener, so it is strange that he does not realize that plants need carbon dioxide, or oxygen, for growth. In episode eight, it seems he has come to terms with living in a vacuum, pointing out that it is odd for it to be hot in a place with no atmosphere. He feels that being royalty has left him "without a great deal of rhythm", is a huge fan of Mariah Carey, and has been known to make crepes.

Insanity Prawn Boy

  • Episodes: 1-22
  • First quote: "Hello, king, I am Insanity Prawn Boy."
  • Catch Phrases: "Hello!", "Fifty-Twelve", "That's right!","Merry Tuesday!" "EHEHEHEHEHE!", "ANUS!", (from Episode 17) "MORE COWS BILL!"

An insane, drooling prawn that had traveled to the Moon by stealing a space ship after being frozen for thousands of years. While it is implied by Strewth Irwin that his species is a typical lunar inhabitant, this has been shown to be false; it is revealed in the first Prawn to be Wild episode that he originated from an underwater kingdom inhabited by prawns. He now lives in the same apartment building as the Toast King. He has been known to cause mischief since his arrival, including the theft of Moon Hitler's testicle (claiming it was "a big, fat doobie!"), hosting a wine and cheese party in his apartment, prankcalling England in the 1880s with the Toast King's stolen Moon-phone, wrapping up the Moon as a present (four times), driving away with an open-top rocket, inviting his troublesome squid/octopus family to visit the Moon ("sucky, sucky!"), stealing butter from a group of Space Invaders, sending the Toast King insulting e-mails using the internet and mistaking face hugger eggs for regular eggs when setting up the annual Moon Easter egg hunt. He has confused Christmas with Tuesday on three separate occasions, and is known to suffer carapace complaints. Testicles, the word "anus", and hot lava excite him. He once called Pluto a fat-ass when it sat on his plums.

Insanity Prawn Boy is now the star of what once was an on-going origin story in the form of a Flash game titled Prawn to be Wild, which has been stated to explain how he got to the moon. The game was updated every Friday, and was sponsored by T-Mobile.

He has also recently appeared as a judge in the Goo's Got Talent series. How and why Insanity Prawn Boy came to be judging is as yet unexplained.

Moon Hitler

  • Episodes: 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, 19
  • First quote: "ACHTUNG!"
  • Catchphrases: "SCHNITZEL HAUSEN!" (house of schnitzel), "HÄNDE HOCH!" (Put your hands up!), "ACHTUNG!" (attention), "DU HAST MEIN TESTIKEL GESTOHLEN!" (you have stolen my testicle).

First appeared in episode two piloting his bipedal robot after Insanity Prawn Boy stole his testicle. Presumably inhabits the Nazi Moon Base featured in episode one. He speaks in German, but was briefly dubbed because The Toast King would have ignored him otherwise. Moon Hitler speaks in an extremely high-pitched German dialect, presumably as a parody of Adolf Hitler's voice. Insanity Prawn Boy prank called him at the end of episode 4 and attempted to wrap the moon up as a present for the Toast King in episode five, but ends up trapping an angry Moon Hitler in the process. Moon Hitler is shown in episode seven trying to use the robot claw to remove one of the squid, and later runs across the screen screaming "Ich kann nichts sehen!" (I can't see anything!), with a horde of squid on his robot. It is implied that Moon Hitler enjoys schnitzel, fried veal or pork that is breaded, by his catchphrase of "SCHNITZEL HAUSEN!", or "the house of schnitzel". It may also express a need or want to build a Viennese or Austrian restaurant at his Nazi Moon Base mentioned in episode one, as schnitzel is an Austrian and Slavic dish.

Moon Keith Moon

  • Episodes: 3, 6, 7, 11-14,19
  • First quote: "It needs oxygen, man."
  • Catch Phrase: "Oh wow"

Moon Keith Moon is based on Keith Moon, the drummer for the band The Who. First seen in episode 3 where his rocket crashes into the Toast King's apartment, he was actually aiming at Moon Hitler, but he lost his concentration when he imagined a "really cool beat". The Toast King remarks about his drumming saying, "You may be dead, but you've still got it where it counts Moon Keith Moon." Moon Keith Moon makes another appearance in episode 6 where he is seen having a conversation with Insanity Prawn Boy, and as a passenger in the rocket that Insanity Prawn Boy has stolen. He is also seen briefly in episode 7, with one of Insanity Prawn Boy's squid family stuck to him. In episode 11, he is attacked by one of the aliens spurting from the alien eggs which Insanity Prawn boy had hidden for a Moon Easter Egg-Hunt at the request of the Toast King. In episode 19 he wins a cake baking competition by bribing one of the judges, and IPB claims he is related to Ban Ki Moon, another judge.

Strewth Irwin

  • Episodes: 4, 7, 11-12, 19
  • First quote: "I don't have enough fuel to get home to Sydney!"
  • Catchphrase: "Crikey!"

Sporting an Akubra-style, corked helmet, Strewth is an Australian astronaut aboard the spaceship 'Fair Dinkum'. As his quote suggests, he appears trapped in his spaceship on the moon although the 'Fair Dinkum' cannot be seen in later episodes. He is accused by Sydney Mission Control of "touching up wildlife". Through some unseen method, Insanity Prawn Boy gets onboard the spaceship, prompting Irwin to declare that Insanity Prawn Boy is "a classic example of a Moon-based decapod". Upon deciding that Insanity Prawn Boy is to be barbecued in order to be taught a lesson for his cheekiness, he is informed by Sydney Mission Control that they forgot to pack a barbecue. In Episode Seven, he is spotted by Insanity Prawn Boy to have Prawn Boy's uncle, a squid, sucking on his crotch which he does nothing to stop even though he appears disgusted that the squid is Insanity Prawn Boy's uncle. Strewth's stereotypic Australian accent, his catchphrase "Crikey!", and his surname "Irwin" are presumably a reference to Steve Irwin.

Rocking Chappies

  • Episodes 6, 11
  • First quote "Woohoo! Yeah baby, YEAH! Space rocks! Big time! Of all the vacuums, this one rocks the hardest"

Two guys that were to cruising around space in their "fine ride" until it was stolen by Insanity Prawn Boy and Moon Keith Moon. They held the toast king responsible and have been stuck on the moon ever since. In episode 11 the brown haired chappie was attacked by a Facehugger from the Alien films. The other chappie responded to this by saying "Hey guy, you gotta little something on your face there dude... dude?" It is unknown if they will appear again.

Space Vicar

  • Episode 17
  • First quote "Good, it is quite offputting!"

A vicar who visits Toast King.

Members of the M8

  • Episode 18
  • First quote "You're meant to host it every year!"

The members of the M8 are Toast King, Bacon King, Duke Waffle, Prince Chocolate Poptart, Prince Strawberry Poptart, Baron Von Bagel, Lord Fondue and Billy Crumpets. They are the eight moon leaders.

Prawn to be Wild Characters

Prawn to be Wild has many characters and introduced several new faces every week. These characters range from one-time characters to recurring characters to cameo appearances, from already well-established characters to real-life celebrities (with their voices impersonated). Most characters affect the plot of the story and are necessary in order to complete the episode while some characters are simply there for comic effect. All characters can be found listed in the Prawn to be Wild article.


Series 1

Episode 1

  • Release Date: July 11, 2005
  • Credits: Animation and SFX by Peabo; Music and vocals by Weebl; Written by Skoo, Peabo and Weebl
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy

The Toast King introduces himself and explains that he is king as "heat induces royalty", as shown by a chart that appears onscreen. The chart cuts away as Insanity Prawn Boy introduces himself to the king, who asks how the prawn got on the moon in the first place. Insanity Prawn Boy simply responds, "That's right", and uses similar nonsensical answers to the king's other questions. The Toast King then introduces himself to the prawn and says that he rules over the moon. Insanity Prawn Boy asks if that includes the Nazi Moon Base, which the king confirms. The cartoon ends shortly thereafter.

Episode 2

  • Release Date: August 9, 2005
  • Credits: Written by Peabo and Weebl; Animation by Peabo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Hitler

The Toast King talks on his moon phone, long distance, presumably to two women. The conversation turns decidedly risque and the Toast King tells them he has no penis. After he hears a rustling sound, he throws the phone away. Insanity Prawn Boy rolls what he calls "a big, fat doobie" onscreen, the cause of the rustling. The Toast King remarks that it looks more like a huge testicle, causing Insanity Prawn Boy to scream "TESTICLES!!!". Then, someone offscreen is heard yelling German in a high-pitched voice. It turns out to be Moon Hitler in a mechanical walker, who starts ranting at the Toast King and the prawn in German. The Toast King, however, tells Moon Hitler that unless he gets himself dubbed, he will be ignored. Moon Hitler then dubs himself in very suave English: "You've stolen my testicle and now it is all covered in moon dust." Insanity Prawn boy responds with "That's right!" The Toast King says that it looks like the left one, and laughs at his joke.

Episode 3

  • Release Date: September 23, 2005
  • Credits: Written by Peabo and Weebl; Animation by Peabo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Moon Keith Moon, Insanity Prawn Boy

The episode begins with The Toast King watering a mint plant on the porch of his apartment, but is distressed that the plant will not grow. Something then crashes into his apartment, which turns out to be Moon Keith Moon, who was actually aiming for Moon Hitler, but accidentally lost his concentration due while imagining "this really cool beat". Both the Toast King and Moon Keith Moon start to drum, much to the distress of Insanity Prawn Boy, who is apparently hung over from his wine-and-cheese party the past night. The Toast King then realizes that today is Rent Day, when Mr. Hymen comes to collect the rent. When Moon Keith Moon questions whether the Toast King owns the whole moon, he replies that this is a tax scam. Insanity Prawn Boy then says that his carapace is killing him, and the cartoon ends with a diagram highlighting the location of the carapace on a diagram of a prawn.

Episode 4

  • Release Date: November 29, 2005
  • Credits: Written by Peabo, Skoo and Weebl; Animated by Peabo; Starring Weebl as The Victorian
  • Characters present: Strewth Irwin, Sydney Mission Control (voice), Insanity Prawn Boy, The Victorian, Moon Hitler

Insanity Prawn Boy meets an Australian Astronaut.

Episode 5

  • Release Date: December 23, 2005
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Voices by Weebl; Script by Skoo, Peabo and Weebl
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Hitler

It is Christmas time on The Moon, and The Toast King is getting into the festive spirit.

Episode 6

  • Release Date: March 8, 2006
  • Credits: Animated by Peabo; Written by Weebl and Peabo; Voices by Weebl
  • Characters present: Rocking Chappies, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Keith Moon, The Toast King

Two rocking chappies spend the day cruising The Moon in their new sweet ride, until they are hit by a meteorite, and crash land on the Moon. While the chappies are out cold, Insanity Prawn Boy and Moon Keith Moon steal the rocket and take it out for a ride. The Toast King comes in with a plate of crepes, only to find the two chappies. The Toast King explains to them that he rules all they can see. One of the chappies tries to blame the Toast King for the theft of his rocket. The Toast King tries to talk his way out by stating that they can't see the rocket, and the situation is out of his hands. When Insanity Prawn Boy steers the rocket alongside the Moon, yelling "Hello!", the Toast King distracts the chappies, only to start running round the Moon several times.

Episode 7

  • Release Date: April 14, 2006
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Written by Peabo, Weebl and Skoo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy's family, Moon Keith Moon, Moon Hitler, Insanity Prawn Boy, Strewth Irwin

Insanity Prawn Boy invites his family for a weekend on The Moon.

Episode 8

  • Release Date: August 10, 2006
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Written by Peabo, Weebl and Skoo
  • Characters present: Insanity Prawn Boy, The Toast King, Space Invaders

The Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy enjoy the hot weather, despite the lack of air. The Toast King makes use of a large stick of butter that Insanity Prawn Boy found to get himself "crispy". A wave of Space Invaders appear, and ask who has taken the butter. The Toast King and Insanity Prawn boy blame each other, causing the invaders to start moving to attack. Shortly before the episode ends, the Toast King presses a button to make a set of house-shaped shields appear.

In a partial crossover with Jonti Picking's other main series, Weebl and Bob, it seems the reason the moon is unusually hot is that Weebl is piping the Earth's heat there to try to cool down, as seen in episode 112, "cold". Although The Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy are heard at the end of 'cold', no Weebl and Bob characters appear in episode 8 of On the Moon.

Episode 9

  • Release Date: October 8, 2006
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Written by Peabo, Weebl and Skoo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Pluto, The Moon, Jupiter, 'Space Is Fun' Aliens, Insanity Prawn Boy

The Toast King is having a shower when he is knocked out by Pluto. Pluto talks to the moon about losing his planet status. Then the moon asks Pluto to get off the moon. Jupiter comes along, then Insanity Prawn Boy comes along and tells Pluto to "Move it, fatass, you're crushing my plums!". Pluto retaliates "I'm not a fatass! Uranus is!" Insanity Prawn Boy then gets whacked with a towel by the now conscious Toast King, who happens to show his penis, however the Toast King says it is a "knob of butter".

Episode 10

  • Release Date: January 1, 2007
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Written by Peabo, Weebl and Skoo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, HAL-9000, HAL-9000 installer, Insanity Prawn Boy, Dave Stewart, Moon Hitler

The episode starts with the HAL 9000 installer finishing up with Toast King's new HAL 9000. He then tries repeatedly asking the installer if the computer has Minesweeper, which he promptly confirms. The HAL 9000 alerts the Toast King that he has E-Mail, turning out to be Insanity Prawn boy making two useless and offensive comments, sent through some sort of E-mail game for the Nintendo Wii. When the Toast King claims that he only acquired the computer for E-mail & Minesweeper, the HAL 9000 becomes depressed. Toast King claims that Eurythmics's Dave Stewart recommended the HAL 9000, who promptly ruins the HAL 9000's memory in an attempt to one-up Insanity Prawn Boy. HAL 9000 bursts into flames, prompting Toast King to take back Dave's knighthood and headphones, claiming it never had a chance to sweep the mines, hence, Moon Hitler steps on one, blowing him skyward.The episode concludes with Insanity Prawn Boy dropping his sausage link.

Episode 11

  • Release Date: February 26, 2007
  • Credits: Animation by Peabo; Written by Peabo, Weebl and Skoo
  • Characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Face Huggers, Rocking Chappies, Moon Keith Moon, Strewth Irwin, Queen Alien.

It is Moon Easter and the Toast King has got Insanity Prawn Boy to hide Easter Eggs around the moon for an Egg hunt. After asking Insanity Prawn boy to see the eggs he put out, Insanity Prawn Boy returns with an ugly, slimy egg with gas coming off from it. The Toast King has no idea what it is, until it, and all the other eggs, hatch. It turns out they are facehugger eggs from the Alien film series They attack all the inhabitants of the moon, including Moon Keith Moon, the rocking chappies and Strewth Irwin. Finally, the Alien Queen shows up, asking for directions to LV-426 (The moon visited in the first and second films) to which Insanity Prawn Boy spontanousely answers "Hard a port!". The Toast King does a swirly motion with his finger by his head, indicating to the Queen that IPB is crazy.

Episode 12

  • Release Date: May 13, 2007
  • Credits Animation by Peabo Written by Peabo, Weebl, and Skoo
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Hitler, Moon Keith Moon, Strewth Irwin, Moon Coach Driver, Moon Serpent

The Toast King has organised a fishing trip with some of the other inhabitants of the Moon, and checks that they all have umbrellas and a coach buddy. Insanity Prawn Boy complains about not having a coach buddy but the Toast King ignores him. On the coach, Toast King reveals that he only wanted everyone to bring an umbrella so he could show off his new one. Insanity Prawn Boy claims the umbrella is a girls', and the Toast King sends him to the back of the coach, where Strewth Irwin wants to use the Prawn as bait. The coach arrives at the Sea of Tranquility, where it turns out there is actually no water. A moon serpent bursts out of the ground unexpectedly and throws up. Everyone protects themselves with their umbrellas but the Toast King struggles to get his open - he is covered in the serpent sick and curses Umbrella World for their "stylish but impractical wares". Insanity Prawn Boy catches a fish in his umbrella. He is happy about this but the Toast King dismisses it as "beginner's luck".

Episode 13

  • Release Date: February 4, 2008
  • Credits Animation by Peabo Written by Peabo, Weebl, and Skoo
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Hitler, Moon Keith Moon, Man From The Sun

The Toast King starts a Reading Club with some of the other occupants of the moon, which Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Hitler and Moon Keith Moon take part in, but Moon Hitler promptly gets expelled from the club for recommending a book entitled "Mein Kampf II, If I did it!". immediately after Moon Hitler walks off screen, Moon Keith Moon exclaims "Hey man, whats that over there?" Where the Toast King suggests they investigate, it turns out to be a pixelated beam of light. a ball of light travels down the beam and morphs into The Man From The Sun, he then indicates that he is initiating a hostile takeover of the moon, based on the theory that "heat induces royalty" The Man From The Sun is supposedly king. His first act as king is to shoot Insanity Prawn Boy, because he constantly claimed that he was from the newspaper "The Sun". As The Man From The Sun was firing the Toast King attempted to jump in the way of the beam to protect Insanity Prawn Boy, but halfway he asked himself "What am I doing?" and the cartoon end shortly after with the text "DRAMATIC END!".

Series 2

Episode 14

  • Release Date: June 11, 2008
  • Credits Animation by Peabo Written by Peabo, Weebl, and Skoo
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Keith Moon, Man From The Sun

Following on from Episode 13's cliffhanger, the Toast King is shot by The Man From The Sun and disappears off the screen, leaving Insanity Prawn Boy and Moon Keith Moon to face The Man From The Sun. Insanity Prawn Boy mocks him for missing which angers The Man From The Sun. He fires again but this time his ray is blocked by a flaming, giant Toast King, having grown big due to the "heat induces royalty" theory and being on fire has made him God like. He stamps on The Man From The Sun and then demands, in his new God capacity, that Insanity Prawn Boy should build him a Sphinx in his honour. Insanity Prawn Boy mocks him for wanting a sphincter. Feeling tired, due to being a God, the Toast King decides to go to bed but realises he is so huge that he can't get in his house. Cut to a few hours later and Insanity Prawn Boy has managed to scrape the Toast King back down to his normal size, but not without leaving a scraped message on his back.

Episode 15

  • Release Date: April 9, 2009
  • Credits Animation by Peabo Written by Weebl
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Council Employee

The episode starts with Toast King talking on the phone to an employee of the Moon Council, complaining about the black hole that has appeared in his fridge. After assuring them that this is not a normal feature of the fridge (a fact he has confirmed with the Fridge's manufacturers), the council employee informs him that it is not their job to deal with anomalies in the fabric of time and space. This makes the Toast King irate but the council employee hangs up at this point. Insanity Prawn Boy then appears, initially claiming he works for the council, but really wanting more sugar from the Toast King. With some reluctance the Toast King allows him some, only to find that Insanity Prawn Boy really wanted to roll around in it. After complaining about this and the fridge, Insanity Prawn Boy says he did not build a supercollider. At first, Toast King is relieved about this, but then realises that is exactly what Insanity Prawn Boy did, and tells him off for causing a mess. At this point the black hole consumes the fridge, and as Insanity Prawn Boy again claims he works for the council the Toast King decides to stab him with a kitchen knife, only to have it sucked into the black hole. He then picks up a fish slice and chases Insanity Prawn Boy.

Episode 16

  • Release date: May 15, 2009
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Judge Nelson, 7 jury members

Episode is set in Moon Crown Court, where Toast King is on trial for assaulting Insanity Prawn Boy with a fish slice. The trial is proceeding badly for Toast King, as Judge Nelson does not recognize the king. After a silly comment by Insanity Prawn Boy, Toast King quips at him "I'll kill you if you don't shut up", shocking the jury. Meanwhile, the black hole has grown much larger and consumes the bailiff. After a temporary panic in the jury, the Judge threatens to lock away anyone who makes him bang his gavel (hammer) again. But as the gavel is pulled in by the black hole, Toast King suggests his fish slice as a replacement, shocking the remaining jury members again. But just as that happens, the whole jury box is swallowed by the black hole. After a suggestion from Toast King, the judge agrees to dismiss the case because there is no jury to give a verdict. As the remaining court items are sucked in, Toast King ponders out loud that even though the black hole was very useful, something needs to be done about it. Insanity Prawn Boy tells Toast King to leave it to him, but on being questioned whether that is wise, he replies "No!".

Episode 17

  • Release date: November 2, 2009
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Space Vicar, Several cows

Toast King complains about the amount of noise that Insanity Prawn Boy is making in his apartment. Toast King tells Insanity Prawn Boy to keep it down because he is having the Space Vicar round for tea later. Insanity Prawn Boy tells Toast King that he has finished and won't be making any more noise. The next scene shows Toast King having tea and biscuits with the Space Vicar, banging can be heard. Toast King explains that the banging will stop soon. A cow suddenly some crashing through the wall. Toast King opens the window to find Insanity Prawn Boy outside, catapulting cows into the black holes.

Episode 18

  • Release date: March 1, 2010
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Bacon King, Duke Waffle, Prince Chocolate Poptart, Prince Strawberry Poptart, Baron Von Bagel, Lord Fondue, Billy Crumpets, Burger King

Toast King is hosting the annual M8 meeting or Moon leaders. As Toast King is introducing the members, Insanity Prawn Boy interrupts and Toast King reminds him that he is at the meeting to translate. (Despite the fact that he doesn't appear to translate anything during the meeting). As Toast King moves around the table, Insanity Prawn Boy announces the names of all of the members until he reaches Baron Von Bagel, who is from Janus. Insanity Prawn Boy then starts shouting out the word in the same fashion as when he hears the word "Anus". Toast King gives him a warning and he calms down. The next member is Lord Fondue, from Charon, who after Toast King comments on the "Pluto business" (Possibly a reference to Pluto being classified as a Dwarf Planet) runs screaming and crying from the meeting. The final member is Burger King (where Insanity Prawn Boy quips "Flame Grilled"), who is kicked from the meeting because he is not a "real king" and that he "tries it on every year". Insanity Prawn Boy replies to this by saying "like you with the crossing lady". Shocked, Toast King dismisses this. However, this sparks off a conversation between the members of the M8 about the crossing lady. When Baron Von Bagel begins to speak, Insanity Prawn Boy starts shouting out "Janus" really loud again, much to the annoyance of Toast King. He stands up and goes to Insanity Prawn Boy translation cubical. Insanity Prawn Boy has locked himself inside with the biscuit barrel.

Episode 19

  • Release date: June 18, 2010
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Ban Ki Moon, Mrs. Rarse-Clarts, Moon Hitler, Strewth Irwin, Moon Keith Moon

The Toast King is one of the hosts for the Moons Annual Cake competition. Moon Hitler enters a pile of ash, to which Toast King mentions nothing good ever came out of him and an oven. Strewth Erwin has entered a barbecue, saying cakes are for women. Moon Keith Moon has entered a simple cake with a drum stick. Which he calls 'a treat you can't beat'. IPB has entered a huge cake, which he states he made. The winner is Moon Keith Moon, IPB says it's a fix as one of the judges has the surname moon. He also claims the judge hasn't evolved to his urn form yet. IPB storms off in a rage and it's revealed Moon Keith Moon had bribed the judges

Episode 20

A Nasa rover is moving across the lunar surface as toast king finds a huge water bill, it turns out it was IPB filling up the moon to trick Nasa into thinking there is water on the moon, the rover then sucks up toast kings martini.

It cuts to a nasa room, a scientist says they have discovered huge amounts of water on the moon, and a mysterious sea near the top is made entirely out of Martini.

Episode 21

The moon characters are having an office party. The toast king comes out of a stationary cupboard, covered in lipstick kiss marks.

IPB is lying on his back, on a photocopier. Toast king goes on to ask IPB why he is doing this, and it is revealed he is trying to copy his bum.

Toast king tries to find out where a prawn's bum is, by asking David Attenborough, "Attenborough! Where is a prawn's bum?" to which he gets the reply, "Up yours."

The toast king asks IPB why he leases an office, and finds out he uses it as a toilet.

After this, toast king goes into the cupboard next to the stationary cupboard, with the sign, "WARNING" on. When he gets inside, lots of office equipment starts flying around, to which he says, "Wait. This isn't the stationary cupboard, it's the NON stationary cupboard!" and shortly after, gets hit by a hole - puncher.

Episode 22

  • Release date: July 25, 2011
  • Characters present Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy

Toast King "bumps" into Michael Bay shooting a film about robots, on the Moon.

The Games

Moon War

  • release date: March 30, 2007
  • credits: Programming - Martyn Williams and The Booboo. Graphics - Peabo. Music - Weebl.
  • characters present: The Toast King, Insanity Prawn Boy, Moon Keith Moon, Strewth Irwin, Moon Hitler.

The first On The Moon game - entitled Moon War - is a one or two-player game which has players adjusting angles and power on their cannon on each side of the moon to fire at each other. Whoever first scores a hit wins the round.The game can be played with one player, two players on the same computer or two players over the Internet.


Various "homages" can be seen throughout the episodes to various space opera and science-fiction shows. They are as follows:

  • The Death Star in Episode 6
  • The Monolith from 2001 in Episode 7.
  • Space Invaders is referenced in Episode 8.
  • A Saiyan space pod from Dragonball Z also appears in the background of Ep. 8.
  • HAL 9000 is the name of the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Discovery One, also from 2001 flies by on the background.
  • The Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, powering up to go to warp.
  • The Facehuggers and the Alien Queen from the Alien film series
  • DangerMouse's spacehopper in Episode 12.
  • Red Dwarf in Episode 13
  • The Tardis from Doctor Who in episode 15.
  • The spaceship from Flight Of The Navigator in episode 16

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