Montenegrin Navy

Montenegrin Navy
Montenegrin Navy
Montenegrin Navy coat of arms.png

Emblem of the Montenegrin Navy
Active 2006
Country Montenegro
H/Q Naval base Bar
Rajko Bulatović
Naval Ensign Flag of the Navy of Montenegro.svg
Naval Jack Naval Jack of Montenegro.svg

The Montenegrin Navy (Montenegrin: Mornarica Vojske Crne Gore) is a branch of the Military of Montenegro.


Naval Base

  • Command Station
  • Patrol Boat Unit
  • Coastal Reconnaissance and Guidance Unit
  • Search and Rescue Unit
  • "Jadran" Training Center
  • Signal Platoon
  • Logistic Platoon


Class Number Country Manufactured Notes Picture
Kotor class frigate 2  Yugoslavia - P-33 Kotor
- P-34 Pula
Fast Attack Craft
Končar class 2  Yugoslavia - RTOP-405 Jordan Nikolov Orce
- RTOP-406 Ante Banina
RTOP-21 Sibenik.jpg
Salvage tug
PR-41 (Orada) 1  Yugoslavia
LR-77 1  Yugoslavia
Landing craft
Landing Craft Tank 2
Landing Craft Utility 10
Sailing ship
Jadran 1  Yugoslavia Used as a training ship Jadran saling ship.JPEG
Motor Yacht
Jadranka 1  Yugoslavia VIP Yacht Jadranka Presidential yacht in Military of Montenegro.png
Midget submarine
Mala R2 2

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