Monitoring Certification Scheme

Monitoring Certification Scheme

MCERTS is the UK Environment Agency's (EA) Monitoring Certification Scheme. It provides the framework for businesses to meet quality requirements. Compliance with MCERTS gives the EA confidence in the monitoring of emissions to the environment.[1] The MCERTS system is managed for the EA by the independent consultancy firm SIRA.

A key part of MCERTS is accrediting monitoring equipment and loggers used in environmental monitoring applications, although they may be invalidated if not used in line with the exact processes used when tested. [2][3]

MCERTS also is more broadly applicable to ensuring the process of monitoring is reliable and accurately reflects the compliance of a given site to any applicable laws, for example it mandates independent audits to ensure that best practises are being followed and that all monitoring equipment and installations are appropriate for the monitoring required. [4]

MCERTS Provides the only available accreditation specifically for Environmental monitoring data management systems. It covers quality procedures similar to ISO9000, coding standards and software systems such as testing, plus functionality and performance, including security and auditability etc. pdf of the standard

MCERTS covers accreditation of water sampling and testing. The MCERTS (Waters) standard is an application of ISO/IEC 17025 (General requirements of the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). The standard was designed to underpin confidence in the analysis of untreated sewage, treated sewage effluents and trade effluents. UKAS accreditation will act as an assurance that the data produced by accredited organisations is reliable. Furthermore, MCERTS aims to promote the professional reputation of staff and organisations involved in sewage and effluent testing. It is administered by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) [5]

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