List of kings of Greece

List of kings of Greece
Monarchy of Greece
Former Monarchy
Royal Coat of Arms of Greece.svg
Royal Coat of arms
King Constantine.jpg
Constantine II
First monarch Otto
(as King of Greece)
Last monarch Constantine II
(as King of the Hellenes)
Style His Majesty
Official residence New Royal Palace, Athens
Monarchy started 6 February 1832
Monarchy ended 1 June 1973
Current pretender Constantine II

This is a list of kings of Greece, that is, kings of the modern nation-state of Greece. Only Otto was actually styled King of Greece. His successor, George I, was styled King of the Hellenes, as were all future monarchs.

The House of Wittelsbach held the Greek Crown between 1832 and 1862, when it passed to the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.


Monarchs of Greece (1832–1973)

House of Wittelsbach (1832–1862)

# Picture Name Monarch from Monarch until
1 Otto of Greece.jpg Otto 6 February 1832 23 October 1862

House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1863–1973)

# Picture Name Monarch from Monarch until
2 King George of Hellenes.jpg George I 30 March 1863 18 March 1913
3 Alexander I of Greece.png Alexander 11 June 1917 19 December 1920
4 Constantine I of Greece.jpg Constantine I 18 March 1913
19 December 1920
11 June 1917
27 September 1922
5 Georgeiiofgreece.jpg George II 27 September 1922
3 November 1935
25 March 1924
1 April 1947
6 Paul of Greece.jpg Paul 1 April 1947 6 March 1964
7 King Constantine.jpg Constantine II 6 March 1964 1 June 1973

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