Monarchy New Zealand

Monarchy New Zealand
Monarchy New Zealand
Arikinui Aotearoa
Chair Simon O'Connor (since 2010)
Patron Hon Sir Peter Tapsell (since 2000)
Founded 1995; 16 years ago (1995)
(Incorporated 3 April 1996)
Headquarters  New Zealand
Newspaper Crown & Koru
Ideology Monarchism
Monarchy New Zealand

Monarchy New Zealand is a national, non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote, support and defend the constitutional monarchy of New Zealand. In addition to the general public, the organisation's membership includes a number of academics as well as numerous lawyers and political figures.[1] It is currently chaired by Simon O'Connor.[2] The patron of the organisation is former Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives Sir Peter Tapsell.[2]


Aims and principles

Monarchy New Zealand's aims and principles include:[3]

  • To bring together New Zealanders of diverse backgrounds to celebrate and support the Monarchy of New Zealand.
  • To promote, and engage in, the study of the Monarchy, and the roles of the Crown in the New Zealand system of democratic government.
  • To inform the New Zealand public of the contemporary importance of the Monarchy for the New Zealand identity.

Crown & Koru

Crown & Koru is Monarchy New Zealand's quarterly magazine. It features news and in-depth articles relating to the Monarchy of New Zealand as well as information about the organisation.[4] The journal was first published in 1997 and has been produced continuously since then. It was originally known as "Monarchy New Zealand" but the name was changed in 2010.[5]


The organisation was formed as the The Monarchist League of New Zealand in 1995 and incorporated in April 1996.[6]

In 2002, the Monarchist League campaigned against the abolition of appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the creation of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.[7] The group held a dinner to mark the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II on 9 June of that year.[8]

It was rebranded Monarchy New Zealand in 2010.[9]


The national executive of the organisation as of November 2011 is: [2]

  • Sean Palmer (Acting Chair)
  • Alex Summerlee (Secretary)
  • Valerie Winn (Treasurer)
  • Brian Anderton
  • Aaron Hape
  • Oliver Ibbetson
  • Chloe Oldfield

List of chairs

  • Merv Tilsley (1995–2000)
  • Noel Cox (2000–2010)
  • Simon O'Connor (since 2010)


  • Crown & Koru - quarterly journal of Monarchy New Zealand (ISSN 1179-6588)
  • New Zealand’s Monarchy - Monarchist League of New Zealand, (1998)


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