List of Belgian monarchs

List of Belgian monarchs

This is a list of Belgian monarchs since 1831, when the first Belgian King Leopold I ascended the throne, after Belgium declared independence from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Image Name Date of birth Monarch From Monarch Until Date of death
Saksen-Koburg Leopold.jpg
Leopold I 16 December 1790 21 July 1831 10 December 1865
Leopold ii garter knight.jpg
Son of Leopold I
Leopold II 9 April 1835 17 December 1865 17 December 1909
Albert I Koning der Belgen.jpg
Nephew of Leopold II
Albert I 8 April 1875 23 December 1909 17 February 1934
Princess Astrid engaged in 1926.jpg
Son of Albert I
Leopold III 3 November 1901 23 February 1934 16 July 1951 25 September 1983
Baudouin of Belgium 1969.jpg
Son of Leopold III
Baudouin 7 September 1930 17 July 1951 31 July 1993
Albert II.jpg
Brother of Baudouin
Albert II 6 June 1934 9 August 1993 Present Living

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