Monaco Grand Prix Formula Three support race

Monaco Grand Prix Formula Three support race
The Circuit de Monaco was the venue for the support race.

The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix has had a support open-wheel race in many of its editions.

The race was first held as a Formula Junior in 1950, won by Stirling Moss, but it was only brought back as a permanent event in 1959. Formula Junior was replaced by Formula Two and Formula Three in 1964 and the support race was now held with F3 cars. A European Formula Three Championship was introduced in 1974 but the Monaco race was not part of it and instead attracted drivers from the various national and international F3 series held in Europe.

After the end of the European Championship it was one of the two unofficial European F3 races along with the Masters of Formula 3. The F3 race was cancelled after 1997 and replaced by an International Formula 3000 race, held until 2004. The F3 race was resurrected once again in 2005 as a part of the Formula Three Euroseries, but this championship never returned as it had mostly followed the DTM calendar. The World Series by Renault has raced next to Formula One since 2005.

By year

Note: A pink background denotes a Formula Junior race.

Year Winner Entrant Car Engine Results
1950 United Kingdom Stirling Moss United Kingdom Stirling Moss Cooper T11 JAP Results
1959 Switzerland Michael May Switzerland Michael May Stanguellini Fiat Results
1960 United Kingdom Henry Taylor United Kingdom Ken Tyrrell Cooper T52 BMC Results
1961 United Kingdom Peter Arundell United Kingdom Team Lotus Lotus 20 Ford Results
1962 United Kingdom Peter Arundell United Kingdom Team Lotus Lotus 22 Ford Results
1963 United Kingdom Richard Attwood United Kingdom Midland Racing Partnership Lola Mk5A Ford Results
1964 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart United Kingdom Tyrrell Cooper T72 BMC Results
1965 United States Peter Revson United Kingdom Ron Harris Racing Division Lotus 35 Ford Results
1966 France Jean-Pierre Beltoise France Matra Sports Matra MS5 Ford Results
1967 France Henri Pescarolo France Matra Sports Matra MS6 Ford Results
1968 France Jean-Pierre Jaussaud France Ecurie Arnold Tecno 68 Ford Results
1969 Sweden Ronnie Peterson Italy Squadra Robardie Tecno 69 Ford Results
1970 United Kingdom Tony Trimmer United Kingdom Race Cars International Brabham BT28 Ford Results
1971 Australia David Walker United Kingdom Gold Leaf Team Lotus Lotus 69 Ford Results
1972 France Patrick Depailler France Societé des Automobiles Alpine Alpine A364 Renault Results
1973 France Jacques Laffite France BP France Martini MK12 Ford Results
1974 United Kingdom Tom Pryce United Kingdom Ippokampos Racing March 743 Ford Results
1975 Italy Renzo Zorzi[1] Italy Scuderia Mirabella Mille Miglia GRD 374 Lancia Results
1976 Italy Bruno Giacomelli United Kingdom March Racing March 763 Toyota Results
1977 France Didier Pironi France Ecurie Elf Martini MK21 Toyota Results
1978 Italy Elio de Angelis Italy Racing Team Everest Chevron B38 Toyota Results
1979 France Alain Prost France Ecurie Elf Martini MK27 Renault Results
1980 Italy Mauro Baldi France Automobiles Martini Martini MK31 Toyota Results
1981 France Alain Ferté France BP Racing Martini MK34 Alfa Romeo Results
1982 France Alain Ferté France Total Martini MK37 Alfa Romeo Results
1983 France Michel Ferté France Oreca Martini MK39 Alfa Romeo Results
1984 Italy Ivan Capelli Italy Enzo Coloni Racing Martini MK42 Alfa Romeo Results
1985 France Pierre-Henri Raphanel France Oreca Martini MK45 Alfa Romeo Results
1986 France Yannick Dalmas France Oreca Martini MK49 Volkswagen Results
1987 France Didier Artzet France Monaco Sponsoring Ralt RT31 Volkswagen Results
1988 Italy Enrico Bertaggia Italy Forti Corse Dallara F388 Alfa Romeo Results
1989 Italy Antonio Tamburini Italy Prema Racing Reynard 893 Alfa Romeo Results
1990 France Laurent Aïello France Oreca Dallara F390 Volkswagen Results
1991 Germany Jörg Müller Germany Bongers Motorsport Reynard 913 Volkswagen Results
1992 Germany Marco Werner Germany G+M Escom Motorsport Ralt RT36 Opel Results
1993 Italy Gianantonio Pacchioni Italy Tatuus Dallara F393 Fiat Results
1994 Italy Giancarlo Fisichella Italy RC Motorsport Dallara F394 Opel Results
1995 Italy Gianantonio Pacchioni Italy Prema Powerteam Dallara F395 Fiat Results
1996 Germany Marcel Tiemann Germany Opel Team BSR Dallara F396 Opel Results
1997 Germany Nick Heidfeld Germany Opel Team BSR Dallara F397 Opel Results
Not held
2005 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton[2] France ASM Formule 3 Dallara F305 Mercedes Results


  1. ^ While Zorzi won the race, it could be noted that Tony Brise and Alex Ribeiro, both ahead of Zorzi, collided into each other on the last lap.
  2. ^ In 2005, the Formula Three Euroseries organisers held two races - Lewis Hamilton won both races.


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