Oti–Volta languages

Oti–Volta languages
Burkina Faso, northern Ghana and Benin
Linguistic classification: Niger–Congo

The Oti–Volta languages form a subgroup of the Gur languages, comprising about 30 languages of northern Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso spoken by twelve million people. The most populous language is Mòoré, the national language of Burkina, spoken by five million people. The languages are largely mutually intelligible.

The family is named for the Oti and Volta rivers.


The internal classification of Oti–Volta, as worked out by Manessy 1975–79 (Williamson & Blench 2000) is as follows:


Buli–Koma: Buli, Konni

Eastern (Somba): Biali, Mbelime, Tammari (Ditammari), Waama



Northwest: Mòoré, Frafra, Safaliba, Wali, DagaareBirifor

Southeast: Dagbani, Hanga, Kamara, Kusaal, Mampruli, Kantosi

Gurma: Ngangam, Gourmanchéma, Moba (Bimoba), Ntcham (Akaselem), Nateni, Miyobe, Konkomba

Yom–Nawdm: Nawdm, Yom


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