Moldovan passport

Moldovan passport
The front cover of a contemporary Moldovan biometric passport

The Moldovan passports are issued to citizens of Moldova for the purpose of international travel. The passport is issued by the State Enterprise and Information Resources Centre "Registru" and by Moldovan foreign representations abroad. The validity of the passport is 7 years. For children under the age of 7 years the passport's validity is 4 years. Since 1st January 2006 Moldovan citizens have the possibility to hold two passports simultaneously, providing a written request has been submitted to local passport office.

The first Moldovan biometric passport was issued on 1st January 2008. The new obligatory Moldovan biometric passport is available from 1st January 2011 and it costs 700 MDL (€45)[1]. The passport of the Republic of Moldova with biometric data contains a chip which stores the following digital information: holders blood type, digital fingerprints and holders digital image. For children under age of 12 years it is not be obligatory to submit digital fingerprints. Current Non-Biometric and old Biometric passports will remain valid until expiration date and will be valid for travel along with new biometric passports.


Physical appearance

Moldovan passport is of light blue color with Moldovan Coat of Arms emblazoned in the centre of the front cover. The words "REPUBLICA MOLDOVA" are inscribed above the coat of arms and the word "PAŞAPORT " is inscribed below the coat of arms (Both inscriptions in Romanian Language). The standard biometric symbol imprinted at the bottom of the cover page. The passport contains 32 pages.


Diplomatic (Black Cover)
Official (Green Cover)
Simple (Light Blue Cover)

Data page and signature page

Each passport has a data page. A data page has a visual zone and a machine-readable zone. The visual zone has a digitized photograph of the passport holder, data about the passport, and data about the passport holder:
• Document Type
• Country Code MDA
Passport Serial No.
• Given Name(s)
Nationality (which states Republic of Moldova as a opposed to ethnic identity of a person)
• Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
• Personal Number
• Sex
• Place of Birth
• Date of Issue
• Issuing Authority or Office
• Date of Expiration
• Holder’s Signature


The data page is printed in Romanian, English and French languages.

See also

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