List of The Powerpuff Girls villains

List of The Powerpuff Girls villains

This is a list of villains who appeared on Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls.


Main villains

Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo (voiced by Roger L. Jackson) is the archenemy of The Powerpuff Girls,[1] a mad scientist simian with great intelligence, who speaks in a convoluted, repetitive manner in a Japanese accent. As the main antagonist, Mojo Jojo was Professor Utonium's reckless lab assistant, Jojo, before Professor Utonium created the Powerpuff Girls, and it was Jojo who caused the Professor to accidentally add Chemical X to the mixture. He is the archenemy of the Powerpuff Girls; he cites his reason to be a villain as jealousy of the affection they received from the Professor that he did not. He has green skin, pink whites in his eyes, a huge, exposed brain under his hat caused by the explosion that created the girls, and wears white gloves and boots, a blue suit with a white belt, and a long wavy, purple cape. Despite his high intelligence, he is known for planning his schemes badly. However he is a master at manipulation and trickery, oftentimes fooling the girls into thinking he's changed despite their constant encounters. He also played a paternal role to the girls in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, in which he and the girls were treated as outcasts, though this was to manipulate them into helping him become the villain he is now. He also acted as a teacher in the episode "Forced Kin", where an unstoppable alien force was beating the girls. He forced the girls to "think evil" by committing crimes. In the end, the alien force was beaten by Mojo Jojo, who became enraged when it took over Townsville before him. Mojo is often beaten to a pulp by the girls. In "Telephonies", Mojo Jojo is one of the victims of the Gangrene Gang's crank calls. The girls attack him while he is sleeping, but fly away when he explains "I had no intention of commiting any crimes. Today." In "Moral Decay", Mojo Jojo is the leader of the villains who were victims of Buttercup's tooth beatings. He "kidnaps" the Mayor in his office and calls Blossom and Bubbles on the hotline to set up Buttercup for revenge at the museum, saying that the museum's priceless collection of prehistoric pearly white teeth has been stolen. His catchphrase in "Just Another Manic Mojo" was "Curses!" Humorously, he is shown to have a civilian life; he is often shown walking around in public without the citizens of Townsville running in panic, and even buys groceries legally. In "Whoopass Stew!", he was voiced by Rob Renzetti.

Fuzzy Lumpkins

Fuzzy Lumpkins (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a large, husky, furry pink bear-like hillbilly monster with a wide jaw, a green nose, two antennae on his head, big blue overalls and brown countryman shoes. He is the first villain ever to be introduced in the series, appearing in the pilot "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" where he turned the people of Townsville into meat after he lost in the jam contest. He also had brief non-speaking cameos in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, once in the beginning of the movie holding up the convenience store with a musket, and again at the end in jail with Mojo Jojo and the Gangrene Gang. He talks with a Southern accent, and will shoot anything he finds trespassing on his property but is otherwise harmless. He lives in the woods next to the city of Townsville. He is also prone to destructive fits of rage during in which these times, gaining enough physical strength to overpower (and sometimes intimidate) the girls. When angry, Fuzzy turns dark red,he grows claws and his teeth turn sharp, while usually they are large and square. Fuzzy was one of the victims of the Gangrene Gang's crank calls. The Gang told the girls that Fuzzy had gone crazy again, though he was just taking a bath. The girls beat him up, but realized their mistake before flying away because Fuzzy had turned red and muscular. Fuzzy was also a victim of Buttercup's tooth beatings. His only friend is a banjo he calls "Joe", although he has three close relations (Furry, Fluffy, and Hairy), three nephews (Buzzy, Wuzzy, and Scuzzy), and several dozen cousins, most of whom heavily resemble him.


Him (voiced by Tom Kane) is a mysterious, supernatural, red-skinned, effeminate and immortal devil-like creature. His physical appearance is an amalgamation of sorts with crab-like claws, red skin, pointed ears, a hooked nose, yellow/green eyes and a long, curled beard, wearing makeup, a woman's red jacket and skirt with pink tulle at the collar and hemline, and black, thigh-high, spike-heeled hooker boots. His voice ranges from a high-pitched falsetto to a deep, booming basso profundo.

According to the narrator in Him's first appearance, he is "so evil, so sinister, so horribly vile, that even the utterance of his name strikes fear into the hearts of men." He is shown to feed off the negative emotions of human beings and become powerless when there is little or no negativity in the air. In one of the episodes he refers to some of the other villains as mortals, which further supports the argument that he is the Devil. In fact, in one of The Whoopass Girls shorts from the early 1990s, he is identified as the Devil, but never in the regular series. He was voiced by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Him's plans often consist of manipulating events to either drive the Powerpuff Girls insane or simply drive wedges between them, many of which often come close to succeeding. Him has used Bubbles' naivete against her in the episodes "Octi Evil" and "All Chalked Up". In "Power Noia", he turns the girls' fears against them, but the girls face their fears before facing Him. Him becomes a gigantic mix between reptile, centipede and himself, but the girls beat him down. In the episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey", Him appears among the villains attacking Townsville, materializing in front of a couple. In the episode "Him Diddle Riddle", it is revealed that Him can apparently cook, and runs the Otto Time Restaurant. Him was one of the victims of the Gangrene Gang's prank calls, but the girls didn't pick a fight with him, instead asking if he had done any crimes. Him, who was doing a workout routine, pleasantly said no. Him was the leader of the villains that attacked the Gangrene Gang for their pranks, initially calling the Mayor's office, and when arriving, zapping the gang with his eyes, whipping Ace against the floor with his claws, and stomping on Grubber's bare foot. Him was also a victim of Buttercup's tooth beatings.

In "Speed Demon", Him is revealed to be the villain who takes over Townsville in the future. Him, feeding on the negative emotions of the citizens, who are now destabilized, becomes a gigantic muscular version of himself. The girls return things to normal by going back in time.

Craig McCracken has stated that the character "Him" was inspired by the Chief Blue Meanie in the 1968 film, Yellow Submarine.[2]

Princess Morbucks

Princess Morbucks (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is a spoiled, insecure, rich little girl, whose partially unseen and mostly mute father allows her to finance various evil plots to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Her supervillain outfit consists of a yellow, Powerpuff-style dress, black gloves and boots, and a tiara. In the episode "Stuck Up, Up, and Away" she is told by Buttercup that "You can't just buy superpowers!", and she retorts, "Oh yeah, tell that to Batman!" Her hatred of the girls stems from her rebuffed attempt to become one of them. She is also the only female villain in the series who is not an adolescent or young adult woman; she is approximately the same age as the Powerpuff girls. In the episode "Twas the Fight Before Christmas", she is revealed to be the only villain (and one of only five people in the whole world) on the Permanent Naughty Plaque (as such never get a gift from Santa). In the episode "Boy Toys" the Rowdyruff Boys crashed into her car when they were fighting the Powerpuff Girls. She decided this is a perfect opportunity to join a group that has all of the powers of the Powerpuff Girls but still be evil. She manages to stop the Powerpuff Girls from defeating the Rowdyruff Boys after they have collapsed in a road and she asks them if she can join, but the Rowdyruff Boys burst out laughing and cruelly reject her. Princess Morbucks and the Powerpuff Girls joined forces in order to defeat the Rowdyruff Boys, although the girls just used Princess' weapons to outwit the boys and at the same time destroy the weapons. It is revealed in "Mo Job" that when injected with Chemical X, she is stronger than all 3 Powerpuff Girls.

The Gangreen Gang

The Gangreen Gang are a gang of teenaged hoodlums that are green-skinned and unhealthy looking (as if suffering from gangrene). They originally appeared alongside The Amoeba Boys in McCracken's original short, Whoopass Stew, as the villains the girls are shown fighting in the introduction (rather than every major recurring villain on the show). They also cameoed in The Powerpuff Girls Movie as the first villains the girls ever encountered, though the girls were too reluctant to use their powers to do anything about it at the time and were saved by Mojo Jojo. They were, however, beaten up by the girls and sent to prison at the end of the movie. They do not have powers, nor are they truly a threat in many ways; however, they do have special characteristics and they did once obtain powers in the episode "Power Lunch". The Gangreen Gang made crank calls to the girls using the Powerpuff hotline, only for the villains who ended up being the victims of the pranks (Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him) to beat the Gang senseless. They are also victims of Buttercup's tooth beatings. They are a tribute to the work of cartoonist Ed Roth, particularly Rat Fink[citation needed]. The quintet consists of:

  • Ace (voiced by Jeff Bennett): the Gang's leader, Ace Copular is a mean-spirited, bullying, opportunistic rogue. He sports a slick-back hairdo, a colored vest-jacket, a peach-fuzz mustache, a pair of shades, and also has fangs. As the Gang's smartest member, he is the instigator of most of their antisocial activities, and he does possess a certain charismatic charm that allows him to sweet-talk people who ought to know better, such as Miss Keane in "School House Rocked" and even Buttercup in the episode "Buttercrush". He speaks in a nasally Italian New Yorker accent. In the book "Buttercup and the Mind-Reading Juice" it is revealed that he is aquaphobic, although in Powerpuff Girls Z episode 50 he is seen sitting in a hot tub.
  • Snake (voiced by Tom Kenny): Snake is a slippery character with a forked tongue, a skinny body and a hissing voice. He seems to be the Gang's second-in-command, but mostly this means that he is reduced to a snivelling yes-man to Ace. He does have some personality of his own, but it is usually silenced due to Ace punching him when he speaks out of line. This could imply that Snake is more loyal to his friend Ace than he is independently evil. It is revealed in "School House Rocked" that his real name is Sanford D. Ingleberry.
  • Lil' Arturo (voiced by Tom Kenny and by Carlos Alazraqui in two episodes): A malevolent Mexican midget, Lil' Arturo seems to take the most amusement from the Gang's activities. He carries around a switchblade-styled comb he calls "Maria". He has a rather prominent underbite. His full name is Arturo de la Guerra, which is Spanish for "Arthur from the War". His accent was more watered down in later episodes, producers fearing complaints of Latino stereotypes.
  • Grubber (voiced by Jeff Bennett): Grubber is the Gang's most physically grotesque member hunchback, barefoot, untidy hair, grubby clothes and protruding eyes, resembling an Ed Roth cartoon, a zombie, a drunk, and Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He also appears to be mostly mute, communicating instead through blowing a raspberry. He does, however, occasionally demonstrate unexpected talents, such as playing the violin, speaking eloquently or performing impersonations (at first, they were so obvious it was a wonder how he fooled anyone, but later he was able to do them perfectly). When attending the girls' school for a short time, Grubber showed that he was able to horribly contort his body, making him briefly resemble a well-spoken and handsome looking young man before snapping back to his normal self. He also always beats his friends at cards (And apparently devours his winnings).
  • Big Billy (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A hulking colossus who acts as the Gang's muscle. Though he does at times display a childlike innocence, he mostly just does the bidding of his more savvy and vindictive friends. In the episode "School House Rocked," it is revealed that his real name is William W. Williams and that he is a Cyclops. In one episode, he was saved by the Powerpuff Girls and began following them everywhere out of sheer gratitude, but eventually he became more of a hindrance than a help. Although he rarely fares any better in combat against the girls than the rest of the gang, it has been shown that he has the muscular power to stop a speeding train and tackle 10-story monsters to the ground with his bare hands. He is also shown to speak in two different ways: like a normal person, and like a caveman.

The Amoeba Boys

The Amoeba Boys (voiced by Chuck McCann) are a gang of amoebae who were the villains featured in McCracken's original short, Whoopass Stew in A Sticky Situation, and were voiced by Lou Romano. They reappeared in the World Premiere Toons short Crime 101. With their gangster affectations, these aspiring criminals would love nothing more than to be regarded as serious villains worthy of fighting, and even getting beaten up and sent to jail by the Powerpuff Girls. Unfortunately, their brains are too primitive to devise a crime above the level of littering or jaywalking. Indeed, they considered stealing an orange to be their greatest crime ever (in the episode "Divide and Conquer"). Ironically, the Amoeba Boys were seen in jail in the Powerpuff's Birthday Bash. The Amoeba boys sent a gift, voodoo dolls to the girls, not understanding that they were supposed to keep the dolls, not the needles. They are Townsville's least malicious villains, even having a friendship-of-sorts with The girls. They are generally harmless, but their actions have on several occasions endangered both the girls and the town purely by accident. The greatest threat they have posed to Townsville and the girls was in Geshundfight, when they each caught a cold that, when merged with their DNA, created a severe virus that quickly spread through the city, making even the healthiest person fall ill instantaneously. It wasn't until the girls, who were also infected, acquired their DNA (after a brief and very easy fight, despite the fact they were all very sick) so Professor Utonium could create an antidote he soon dispensed to the town, curing them just as quickly. The Amoeba boys finally received the super villain status they had long craved when they used their ability as Amoebas to multiply, creating a veritable army that the girls finally stuck back together and sending the Boys to jail, much to their delight.

  • Bossman, leader and general spokesman of the Amoeba Boys. He wears a gray fedora.
  • Junior, the smallest one. He wears a black cap and usually repeats whatever Bossman says. In the episode "Crime 101", he is named "Tiny".
  • Slim, the tallest one. He wears a brown fedora and is even much more incompetent and slow than the other amoebas. In the episode "Crime 101", he is called "Skinny Slim".


Sedusa (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is a young, beautiful mistress of disguise and seductress who uses her feminine wiles to influence men to do her bidding. When her identity is revealed, she typically doffs down to her leotard battle suit and fights with her whip-like hair (which she can control). Femme Fatale referred to her as "That chick in the underwear." In her introduction episode ("Mommy Fearest"), she poses as an ordinary woman named "Ima Goodlady". She tries to manipulate the Professor against the girls, but is unsuccessful. She becomes powerless when her hair becomes wet (or cut off). In one episode, she had the ability to whip off globs of sticky hair gel adhering people to walls. In the episode "Aspirations", Sedusa seduces the Gangreen Gang into stealing several Egyptian artifacts. She is still bald from when Miss Bellum cuts off her hair. When she gets the artifacts, she becomes giant and rather than hair, deadly asps grow from her head. Sedusa betrays the Gangrene Gang, which leads to Ace telling Blossom to take the crown from Sedusa. Sedusa loses her hair once more, as well as her gigantic stature. She begs the boys to help her, but they refuse and Sedusa is sent back to jail. Her eyes change color. When she is "happy" or "nice" her eye color is green, but when she is angry or evil, they are red. This is seen in the episode "Mommy Fearest". She is based on Medusa from Greek mythology.

The Rowdyruff Boys

The Rowdyruff Boys are the male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls created by Mojo Jojo using a mixture of "snips and snails and a puppy dog tail" in the Townsville Prison in the episode called The Rowdyruff Boys. His replacement for chemical X was in fact prison toilet water (that was glowing), as Mojo Jojo believed that would have the same potency as chemical X. An important difference between the trios is that the Powerpuff Girls got their names from Professor Utonium and the name of their team from the narrator, while the Rowdyruff Boys named themselves and their team. After their resurrection, the Boys' hairstyles become noticeably spikier,Him used his claws to somehow make them look better mentioned in Custody Battle. Though still similar to their counterparts. Their personalities are also more developed after their resurrection. The Boys wear long-sleeved shirts with a black stripe in each, black trousers and black, low-top converse with white laces and white soles.

The trio is composed of:

  • Brick (voiced by Rob Paulsen): Blossom's equivalent, he is the quick-tempered leader of the Boys who possesses little of Blossom's tactical logic. He often goes off on gloating tangents that irritate even his brothers. He has an abrasive and rash attitude, which often causes conflict with his brothers. He wears a red baseball cap compared to Blossom's bow. He also originally had bangs, which were replaced with a long spiky hair down his back when he was revived. After his resurrection, Brick became much more controlling, as seen when he would announce what games the boys would play or his ideas for fighting the Powerpuff Girls. He also hits Boomer for no reason other than for his own amusement or thinking he's saying something stupid. His signature color is red.
  • "Boomer" (voiced by Rob Paulsen): Bubbles' equivalent, he is a loud-mouthed dimwit, as opposed to Bubbles' naive sweetness and has been known to like disgusting things. After his resurrection, Boomer is implied to be the least intelligent of the boys and he is often the victim of Brick's orders or punishment. Despite being frequently insulted by both of his brothers, he is praised on occasion, like the acknowledgement that he is the best spitter out of all of them. Boomer's hair parts in a curved fashion like Bubbles' but is longer and spiky on each end, in a wings haircut. His signature color is blue.
  • "Butch" (voiced by Roger L. Jackson): Buttercup's equivalent. He has no sense of conscience and acts like a brute. After his resurrection, Butch becomes more hyperactive or overly excited with adrenaline; this is usually when battling the Powerpuff Girls. On occasion, he can be much more aggressive than either of his brothers. Butch's hair is spiked upwards, abandoning his previous cowlick from his first appearance. He also shares Buttercup's small triangular hair parting. His signature color is green.

The Rowdyruff Boys are essentially violent bullies who have the same powers as the Powerpuff Girls, with their own techniques as well. In their first appearance, they nearly destroy them in a violent clash that reduced a great deal of Townsville to rubble (this is the first and one of the few times the Girls were defeated outright). The Girls were so ashamed of their defeat they planned to leave Townsville until Ms. Bellum suggested using a different tactic and told the girls that instead of fighting the boys, they should be nice to them.The boys were shocked that the girls were still alive and said "what the?" The boys were ultimately destroyed when the girls kissed them.

The Rowdyruff Boys were later resurrected by Him in the episode "The Boys Are Back in Town" and much to the Girls' shock, they were given immunity to the Girls' kisses, which made the Boys grow bigger and more powerful. The Boys eventually get their revenge on the Girls firstly by grossing them out in various ways, such as cracking their knuckles, picking scabs and spitting, the latter succeeding in making Bubbles barf into a trash can audibly. The Boys then move on to play violent sports using the Girls as targets. When Buttercup recovers and made Butch bite his tongue, he almost cries with pain and shrinks under his brothers' laughter. Blossom realizes that when their masculinity was threatened, they would shrink and Girls do various things to embarrass them and shrink them smaller than the buckles of their shoes. Him restores the Boys to their original height afterwards, realizing defeat.

In "Boy Toys" The girls allowed Princess Morbucks to be a temporary Powerpuff Girl to help defeat the Rowdyruff Boys, although the girls just used Princess' weapons to outwit them and then destroyed the weapons afterwards.

In the "City of Clipsville", the Boys make an "appearance" in the memories of the Girls, who remember traveling to the future, becoming teenagers and meeting the teenage Rowdyruff Boys. Instead of a violent confrontation, the boys show a romantic interest in the girls, and each engage in innocent flirting with their counterparts.

In "Divide and Conquer" they make a cameo in a bunch of wanted posters.

In "Bubble Boy" Bubbles goes undercover with the Rowdyruff Boys by pretending to be Boomer.

In "Live and Let Dynamo" the boys are on of the many suspects of people that stole the Powerpuff Dynamo to Destroy the City.

They are last seen as villains in "Custody Battle" where Mojo Jojo (their original creator prior to their first deaths) and Him (the one responsible for reviving them) are fighting over who is the more evil father. They both do various crimes to try to prove who is the more evil parent, in some cases the Boys are impressed by the various crimes, but eventually the Boys become annoyed with Mojo and Him's constant arguing and announce that they don't care who is more evil. Their final appearance at the end of the episode is when they fly off to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, the only evil thing they ever cared about (which subsequently brings Mojo Jojo and Him to happy tears at having done well as parents).

Minor villains

Dick Hardly

Professor Dick Hardly (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a stereotypical mad scientist who was once the college roommate of Professor Utonium. Dick's facial appearance is similar to that of Dexter's dad on Dexter's Laboratory (who is also voiced by Bennett). Despite their past history, he was a greedy and heartless opportunist, seeking personal profit rather than the betterment of the world through science, and often took credit for Utonium's work in college. When Professor Utonium invited him over to meet the Powerpuff Girls (mentioning freeways that would take a person to the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena), Dick immediately saw an opportunity to make money off of them, getting himself kicked out by the Professor. He later tricked the girls into giving him the key ingredient to the Perfect Little Girl formula, namely Chemical X. He then proceeded to mass-produce cheaply-made semi-living copies of the Powerpuff Girls to sell worldwide to fight crime in exchange for profit. The girls discovered this and tried to stop him, but he instead ingested the Chemical X and mutated into a hideous monster, and captured the girls to drain them of their powers. When Professor Utonium tried to save the girls as their life was being drained, he told them he loved them, which caused the fake Powerpuff Girl clones to turn on Dick as he never showed them any love. The clones saved the real Girls and let them and the Professor escape. Dick was left in his ruined factory to face his angered clones alone, resulting in the factory's destruction, incinerating Dick in the explosion, and was never heard from again.

Harold Smith and family

The Smiths appear in two episodes. In "Supper Villain," the Professor's neighbor Harold is an average Townsville citizen, who holds an average job and lives an average life, with an average wife and two average children. However, he has a dark secret: he loves evil and hates to see the Powerpuff Girls prevail. One evening Harold's wife MaryAnne invites them over for dinner after they escape being held hostage by Mojo Jojo. Harold tries to control himself but in vain; he subsequently holds the Professor hostage and threatens to melt his head off. Eventually, as a result of a food fight started by Blossom over dessert, Harold is arrested, leaving MaryAnne angry with the Girls for ruining her dinner. In "Just Desserts," she plots her revenge against the Utoniums, which she carries out after Harold is released from jail. The Smiths commit major property damage to the Utonium residence but are arrested as a family after the Girls in self-defense destroy the Smiths' souped-up SUV.

Mister Mime

Mister Mime is a villainous black and white clown who was only featured in the episode "Mime For A Change". He is the villainous alter-ego of Rainbow the Clown (voiced by Tom Kenny). He first appeared in the episode "Mime for A Change" when he sought to eliminate all color from Townsville, reducing it to black and white, which in turn drained the city of its vibrancy and happiness. He was eventually reverted back to his normal self by the Powerpuff Girls, but was still beaten up and sent to jail regardless. Rainbow was seen in the later episode "Birthday Bash" as an entertainer at the girls' birthday party, meaning that he had at least been released early and was on good terms with the girls. He is most likely named after one of the original 151 Pokemon due to the fact that both Pokemon and The Powerpuff Girls were extremely popular at the time.

Bernie Bernstein

Bernie Bernstein (voiced by Tom Kenny) is an undercover criminal who poses as a Hollywood film director. When he heard about the Powerpuff Girls saving the day, he came to Townsville supposedly to make a movie featuring the Powerpuff Girls at a bank, however, little did Townsville know that there was no actual movie being produced, and that Bernie Bernstien's real plan was to steal all of the bank's money. When Professor Utonium noticed how Mr. Bernstein treated the Powerpuff Girls while watching TV, he began to suspect something of Mr. Bernstein. While arriving at the bank, Professor Utonium found Mr. Bernstein's trailer in the back, discovering Mr. Bernstein's secret plan to steal the bank's money. Professor Utonium then casted into the "movie" as a female character, only to reveal the truth to the Powerpuff Girls. Bernie Bernstein then drove away from the bank while the Mayor was being held hostage, but he gets chased by the Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium, eventually causing Mr. Bernstein to crash into a fire hydrant. Professor Utonium then delivered his final blow to Mr. Bernstein, knocking him out. Mr. Bernstein was never heard from again.

Major Man

Major Man (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a superhero who appears in the episode "Major Competition." He wears a white jumpsuit and blue gloves, boots, and spandex with a red cape, as well as a large blue "M" on his chest, and a belt with the letters "MM." He has a muscular build and has a similar blonde hairstyle to Johnny Bravo (who is also voiced by Bennett). Like the Powerpuff Girls, he has the ability to fly and laser vision. He quickly gains popularity and replaces the Powerpuff Girls as Townsville's favorite superhero. Even Professor Utonium becomes a fan. However, the Powerpuff Girls discover that all of the crimes and disasters that Major Man faced had been set up by Major Man himself, after witnessing Major Man kick a puppy into the street and then save the puppy by stopping the traffic. However, when a monster comes to Townsville, Major Man is unable to defeat it. The Powerpuff Girls come to his aid, but only help him after he reveals the truth about his heroics. He then leaves Townsville and is never heard from again. In true irony, unbenownst to Major Man (and all of Townsville,for that matter) the Powerpuff Girls had set up the monster attack by enlisting the aid of Fred, a monster with whom they were friendly.

The Powerpunk Girls

Originally, the Powerpunk Girls were a group of anti-Powerpuffs that caused trouble and ruled over the parallel universe with "Oppressor Plutonium". Originally slated to appear in the TV series, they were relegated to comic strips due to Craig McCracken's work schedule with The Powerpuff Girls Movie. In their appearance, they tried to destroy the Powerpuff girls for world domination and wanted to cause nothing but destruction.

  • Berserk: The opposite of Blossom, and the self-proclaimed leader. Where as Blossom is caring and sweet, Berserk is controlling and sarcastic. She wears a hot pink collared shirt adorned with a red button in the middle, and a plaid red and pink skirt. Unlike Blossom, Berserk wears messy ribbons and often instigates conflict between her sisters. Her signature color is deep red.
  • Brat: The opposite of Bubbles. Where as Bubbles cries a lot, Brat never cries. She wears a blue tank top, a black skirt, deep blue (visible) bows for her pigtails, and six thin bangle bracelets. She's the most unintelligent of the trio and is very perky. Her signature color is deep blue.
  • Brute: The opposite of Buttercup. She has a black mohawk, and her only other notable difference from Buttercup is that she is more violent than her. She wears a black jumpsuit, fishnet stockings, and a spiked belt with matching bracelets (which are also spiked). Her signature color is deep green.


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