Mobye Narapati

Mobye Narapati
Mobye Narapati
Narapati III of Ava
မိုးဗြဲ နရပတိ
King of Ava
Reign February 1546 – February 1552 (~6 years)
Predecessor Hkonmaing
Successor Sithu Kyawhtin
House Hsipaw
Father Hkonmaing
Born 1517
(Saturday born)
Died  ?
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Mobye Narapati (Burmese: မိုးဗြဲ နရပတိ, pronounced [móbjɛ́ nəɹa̰pətḭ]; Narapati III of Ava; 1517 – 15??) was the penultimate king of Ava who reigned from 1546 to 1552, as the disputed representative of the Confederation of Shan States that had ruled Ava since 1527. Before succeeding his father Hkonmaing as king of Ava, Narapati was saopha (chief) of the Shan state of Mong Pai (Mobye in present day northern Kayah State), which was a tributary state of Hsipaw (Thibaw). (His father was saopha of Hsipaw.)

Narapati III's ascension to the Ava throne was actively opposed by the Shan state of Mohnyin. As the most powerful state in the confederation, and as one that led the 1527 conquest of Ava, Mohnyin felt that the ruler of Ava should be one of its representatives—not of the House of Hsipaw which as the main ally of Ava fought against the confederation in the 1520s. Without Mohnyin's active support, Narapati ruled just a small area around Ava. The succession dispute escalated, and in 1551 Sithu Kyawhtin, a son of Saopha of Mohnyin, raised a rebellion. He occupied Sagaing, across the river from Ava, and began an assault on Ava. In 1552, Narapati III fled south to the Toungoo Kingdom led by King Bayinnaung.[1][2]


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Mobye Narapati
Ava Kingdom
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Ava
February 1546 – February 1552
Succeeded by
Sithu Kyawhtin
Royal titles
Preceded by
Saopha of Mobye
? – February 1546
Succeeded by

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