Mladen II Šubić of Bribir

Mladen II Šubić of Bribir

Mladen II Šubić of Bribir (Croatian: Mladen II Šubić Bribirski) (c.1270 - c.1341 in Hungary), a Croatian leader and member of the Šubić noble family, was a Ban of Croatia and Lord of all of Bosnia.[1]


Mladen II Šubić was an eldest son of Paul I Šubić of Bribir, who was the most powerful Croatian noble at the end of 13th century and beginning of the 14th century. Mladen II had three brothers: George II Šubić, Gregory III Šubić and Paul II Šubić.

After the death of his uncle, the Bosnian Ban Mladen I Šubić in 1304, his father Pavao I Šubić himself had to lead an Army to crush the resistance in Šubić's Bosnia, after which in 1305 he took the title of "Lord of the all Bosnia" (totius Bosniae dominus), and passed the title to Mladen. He ruled over Bosnia under his father, but after Pavao's death in 1312, the situation in Bosnia and Croatia became more complicated. In the document of 10 April 1318, Mladen II Šubić is called "Ban the Croats and Bosnia and general lord of Hum country".[2][3] In order to restore and quiet situation in Bosnia, he appointed Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia in 1320 as the Bosnian Ban.

Jealous Croatian leaders, primarily Prince Nelipac, joined the Venetians and the Hungarian-Croatian king Charles I Robert, who want to strengthen the central royal government. On the side of Charles I Robert were also the Bosnian leaders Hrvatinić and Stjepan II Kotromanić. In 1332 Mladen II was defeated in the Battle of Bliska (today Blizna near Trogir and Klis). Charles I Robert took him into captivity in Hungary where he died around 1341 year; the Hungarian king gave Stjepan II Kotromanić Bosnia and Dalmatia from Cetina to Dubrovnik. After Mladen II's defeat, Šubić family not only lost Bosnia, but also lands in Croatia, and lost forever its previous influence.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Paul I Šubić
Ban of Croatia
Succeeded by
End of Šubić
family hereditary reign
Preceded by
Mladen I Šubić
Ban of Bosnia (Dominus)
Succeeded by
Stjepan II Kotromanić
Preceded by
Paul I Šubić
Lord of all of Bosnia (totius Bosniae dominus)
Succeeded by
Stjepan II Kotromanić


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