List of Being Human characters

List of Being Human characters

This is a list of fictional characters in the British supernatural drama-comedy television series Being Human. The series stars Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, and Sinead Keenan as four twenty-something characters sharing a house in Barry (previously Bristol in series 1–2), trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf, a vampire, and another werewolf respectively.[1]


Main characters

Annie Sawyer

Anna Clare Sawyer (Lenora Crichlow),[2] known commonly as "Annie", is a young woman who is also a ghost, appearing as she did at the time of her death in her early twenties. Up until her death, she had been living with her fiancé Owen (whom she later revealed had been her third serious relationship, her previous two having ended when her first boyfriend posted naked pictures of her on the Internet and when her second boyfriend drunkenly invited her mother to form a threesome). Following her death, she haunted the house which she and Owen had lived in while she was alive, and which Owen was now running as landlord (eventually renting it out to George and Mitchell).

Annie's ability to be seen and heard by normal people depends on her state of mind, although supernatural creatures can always see her. Annie appears in the clothes she was wearing when she died, which change subtly depending on her mood.[3] She is capable of teleporting herself short distances. For promotional purposes, Annie's condition as a ghost is highlighted in the show's publicity photos with the addition of a glowing aura and a degree of transparency: as seen in the show itself, she has no such additions, appearing just as corporeal as the other characters around her.) When first introduced, Annie was a notably insecure ghost, unwilling to leave the house. Overjoyed to be living with people who could actually see her, she tended to mother Mitchell and George (infuriating George by continually making tea). The reason for her remaining as a ghost was initially unclear, and she spent a lot of her time alternating between finding occupations for her time and emotions or explanations for any "unfinished business" which might be causing her to stay.

Initially, the cause of Annie's death was supposedly that she "fell awkwardly" down the stairs. It was later revealed that she had been blocking out her memories of the fact that Owen had been abusive towards her, and that he himself had killed her after finding thong underwear in her possession. Confronting her and accusing her of infidelity, as an excuse for tormenting her, he had pushed her down the stairs to her death and had flushed the thong down the toilet. (It would stick in the plumbing, eventually causing the rattling in the pipes which led to Annie's regaining of her memories). When Annie discovers her cause of death, she becomes a poltergeist, which allows her to move objects without touching them and turn machines on. At first, it seems that she can't control these newly found abilities, which only activate in times of extreme emotional distress (along with her teleportation).

In Series 1 Episode 5, the Door to Death appears for Annie once she has resolved the issue that was keeping her on earth — her murder. But before she can pass through the Door, Mitchell is stabbed, and she decides to stay to help him. Because of this, she missed her chance to leave and has to stay on earth in her undead state. She can now hear dead people, teleport further distances, and has greater powers of telekinesis, which she describes as "a whole new skill set."

In Series 2, Annie has found strength and a greater degree of happiness by both dealing with Owen and helping to save her friends. She now begins to develop a greater degree of physical presence, and is able to be seen by more people, to the point where she is able to get a job and develop a couple of tentative romantic relationships. However, before much longer Annie is confronted once more with the Door to Death. This time it is accompanied by voices which communicate from inside the Door and through radio and TV sets, who tell her they need her there. These turn out to be the Gatekeepers, malign entities from the world of the dead who set a trap to force her to cross over. Although she escapes (aided by George), she pays the price of losing the presence she has won, and can no longer be seen or heard by anybody but other supernatural beings.

Despite her disappointments, Annie demonstrates a superior strength of will when dealing with a stage psychic who had lost his gift. Unable to hear ghosts following a stage accident, he can nonetheless hear Annie, speculating that it was her strength of will that allowed him to hear her, with his gift being reawakened by contact with her. Annie was even able to see and say goodbye to her mother during her time with the psychic, folding a paper rose for her mother as she had used to do as a girl after seeing the method explained on Blue Peter.

In the final episode of series 2, Annie is sent to the other side by Kemp, who kills a psychic that had been working with them in order to create a Door for her to pass through. Annie punishes Kemp later by returning unexpectedly through another Door and dragging Kemp back with her. She subsequently manifested on the TV in the group's new house, saying that her current situation was 'complicated', and explaining it as involving a horrifying system of moving continually from waiting room to waiting rooms via a system of calling numbers and signing forms, with her roommates disappearing and cruel laughter being heard from behind closed doors. The series ended with Mitchell, George and Nina promising to find some way to free her.

Trailing series 3, Annie appeared in a series of videos on the BBC website, sending messages from the other side. In the final one, viewers saw that she was being sent to hell, with the gatekeepers making a special room for her and burning the key. However, she is subsequently permitted to leave with Mitchell when he enters Purgatory to recover her. Lia – Mitchell's spiritual guide- informs her that the complications were caused by her entering the afterlife through the 'wrong door', although noting that she will still have to come back through the right one eventually. Upon returning from Purgatory, Annie is reunited with George and Nina in the quartet's new home in Barry Island, Wales.

Overwhelmed with gratitude to Mitchell for having rescuing her, Annie begins to fall for him and appoints herself as his guardian angel. Although her first attempts at helping him end in disaster, she manages to get him a job. On a celebratory walk on the seafront, Mitchell tells her she must stop defining herself by what she does for other people, but Annie opposes this, expressing that it was he, George and Nina that she came back for and that if it wasn't for them she might as well be in Purgatory. After learning that Mitchell's journey into Purgatory to rescue her had resulted in the creation of at least five zombie-like beings – dead bodies who nevertheless continued walking and talking – Annie attempted to help Sasha, the last surviving 'zombie', adapt to her current state. She providing Sasha with a makeover to conceal the worst of her decay, and when this failed, remained with Sasha as her body finally collapses. After this, Mitchell's resistance to Annie's love weakens, and he attempts to tell her the truth about his recent actions (including the Box Tunnel Massacre). Annie stops him before he can confess, assuring him that – regardless of the terrible things he'd done in his past – all she cares about was the man he was now. The two subsequently kiss and embark on a full partnership.

However, attempts by Annie and Mitchell to develop a sex life are unsuccessful. Annie attempts to bypass the problem by suggesting that Mitchell has a one-night-stand while Annie 'shares' the experience with the woman. This plan backfires when Mitchell's vampire instincts take over and he attempts to drain the woman's blood, although he stops himself. After sending the woman away, he admits to Annie that he's actually content to have a non-physical relationship with her (as sex has always been about violence with him rather than love) and that he regards their relationship as something 'pure'. Things took a turn for the worst when Annie finally learned that Mitchell had been involved in the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre. Devastated, she convinced Mitchell to let himself be arrested despite the wider dangers if his true nature is discovered.

In the third series final, Annie learns of Mitchell's "wolf-shaped bullet" and that it was the price of her return. After discovering Nina injured in the hospital and receiving a message from the other side, she returns to purgatory in the hopes of sacrificing herself to repel the prophecy, but learns from Lia that there was never any prophecy at all. Lia intends to keep Annie in purgatory in order to deprive Mitchell of her – Lia's true revenge on Mitchell. Annie also witnesses the fight Herrick had stirred up between George and Mitchell, and Lia informs her that Mitchell had fulfilled the nonexistent prophecy himself. Annie concludes that Nina must still be alive as she has not passed over, and convinces Lia that her revenge is unjust. Lia allows Annie to depart, and Annie arrives back in the hospital to find Nina alive and still carrying the baby.

Back at the house, Annie, George and Nina find a blood-soaked Mitchell on their doorstep. Mitchell persuades George to kill him and bids farewell to Annie with the words "You were the love of my long life". She replies that he is the love of hers, but before George can stake Mitchell, Wyndall appears and announces that the vampires are taking control of the world. He implies that Annie is a lot stronger than she imagines. But when he says that Mitchell will be used to kill for him, George stakes Mitchell in the heart. Annie, George and Nina watch as their vampire friend disintegrates, then stand together as they warn Wyndall that he has a fight on his hands.

George Sands

George Sands Junior (Russell Tovey)[4] is a young werewolf in his mid-twenties, and Mitchell's best friend. He also shared a close, sibling-like friendship with Annie. Less socially adept than Mitchell, he is considerably more intellectual, possessing an IQ of 156 and being able to speak French, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian. George grew up in an average suburban household with what he considered to be a very straightforward family, including a father who possessed none of the handicaps or problems such as alcoholism or gambling which George saw in other peoples' fathers. (He would reflect later on that at the time he had never realised how important 'boring' could be.) George is Jewish and wears a Star of David pendant.[5] The pendant is able to hold back one or two vampires, but in greater numbers it becomes less effective; Mitchell is apparently immune to it due to the personal connection between him and George. It was mentioned in the pilot, however, that George is a lapsed Jew as he believes the faith frowns upon someone turning into a werewolf.

George became a werewolf while on holiday in Scotland. He was about to go out for a walk when an American tourist, not knowing his way around, invited himself along after George reluctantly let him. They both got lost as night fell and were attacked by a werewolf – later revealed to be a man named Tully, who later came looking for him in search of companionship – who killed the tourist and scratched George, who survived when the rescue services found him.[6] After becoming a werewolf, George left his family, his job and his fiancée, afraid of hurting them. He works alongside Mitchell as a porter in the local hospital, unable to hold down a more permanent job due to his monthly transformations, which are extremely painful.

George resents being a werewolf to the extent that he is essentially in denial about his condition, often referring to it as 'that thing that happens to me once a month'. For the whole of Series 1, he attempted to view his wolf side as an entirely different entity – when referring to his wolf self, he never used 'I' or 'me', only an impersonal 'it'; His denial ends after the last episode of the first season, when he takes responsibility for his actions as a wolf after accidentally scratching Nina during a transformation whilst trying to protect her from the vampire Herrick.

George attempted to find new ways of coping with his 'condition' in Series Two while trying to take action to lead a normal life. This included such measures as caging himself and taking tranquilisers before transforming – but this apparently only made the wolf angrier, resulting in uncontrollable swearing and a more brutal mentality in his human form, as though the wolf was trying to 'get out' in revenge for being 'chained'. Matters became even worse when he accompanied Sam, his new girlfriend, to her daughter Molly's Parents' Evening, only to nearly transform at the school because he was unaware that the clocks had gone back; although he managed to maintain control of himself long enough to get back to the flat and be locked in his cage by Annie, Molly's subsequent terror after seeing him mid-transformation prompted George to look into a cure for his condition once again, only to change his mind once again when Annie reminds him that he will be unable to see her as a human. He reunites with Nina, and they leave the chamber after finding a message from Tully written at the bottom of one of the walls: 'George, all the werewolves die.' He and Nina watch Annie being forced through the door and they, and Mitchell, later move to Wales because they are unable to stay in the house after losing Annie.

Having relocated to Barry Island, George and Nina have started work at a new hospital, using the basement room of their new house for one of them to remain during the full moon. However, despite George's belief that he or Nina would kill the other if they transformed next to each other, the two of them apparently had sex while in wolf form. When Nina discovered the permanently-teenage vampire Adam as his elderly father was admitted to the hospital shortly before his death, she and George briefly contemplated taking over responsibility for Adam after his parents' deaths- George speculating that they pretend that Adam was his brother until he and Nina were old enough for them to introduce him as their son-, but Adam departs to make his own way, wanting to explore his own independence without being a burden on them like he was on his parents. As a result of their sexual intercourse while in wolf form, George and Nina are now expecting a baby. Following Herrick's resurrection, despite his knowledge of what Herrick was in the past, George refuses to allow Mitchell to stake Herrick as he wants to be the kind of father who can legitimately teach his child about redemption and forgiveness, feeling that the now-amnesic Herrick deserves the same chance as they have given Mitchell.

When Annie found a death notice for George's father in the paper, George attended the funeral and encountered what he believed was his father's ghost, only to subsequently learn that his father had actually faked his death after a homeless man burnt to death in his shed after his wife had an affair with George's old P.E. teacher. George and Nina were able to convince him to assert himself in his relationship with his wife, the two resuming their relationship with a trip to Cornwall (Although they apparently believe that George has H.I.V. rather than that he is a werewolf).

With the discovery that Mitchell was responsible for the Box Tunnel Twenty, he returned to the house to ask George to kill him, wanting to ensure that he couldn't kill anyone else and that George was freed from the 'taint' of helping him escape the consequences of his past sins. Understandably George is reluctant to kill his best mate but when vampire, Edgar Wyndham, states out his intent to use Mitchell as an 'attack dog', George carries out Mitchell's request and kills him, telling Mitchell that he is "doing this because he loves him."

John Mitchell

John Mitchell (Aidan Turner)[7] is a 117-year-old vampire (born on 29 July 1893)[8] with the appearance of a young man in his twenties. He has chosen to give up drinking blood and preying on humans, attempting instead (insofar as it is possible) to become human again. Like other vampires, Mitchell has enhanced strength and sense of smell, and his eyes turn completely dark when he has blood lust or when he wills it; though it appears that he is slightly weaker when he abstains from drinking blood, he can survive without it. His image can't be captured on film and he has no reflection in mirrors. Although he can survive daylight, his eyes are overly-sensitive to natural light, prompting him often to wear sunglasses outside in the daytime. He often wears dark clothing, rings and fingerless gloves. Publicly quiet and calm, he works as a hospital cleaner ( a deliberate choice, as it's a low-status, low profile job which enables him to live quietly with the minimum of commitments or chances of exposure). Mitchell is almost always referred to by his surname by his friends.

Born in 1893 and Irish by birth, Mitchell fought as a young soldier in World War I, when he was originally recruited as a vampire by William Herrick. He encountered Herrick after a battle, stumbled upon him and several other vampires who were picking through piles of bodies for anyone living to feed on. Mitchell agreed to feed Herrick and become a vampire in exchange for Herrick leaving the rest of his men alone. He rejoined his regiment, hoping that no one had realised that he's changed, but became so hungry that he steals poison from the medical supplies, kills one of his friends and drains his blood before deserting the army and running away. At some later point he rejoined Herrick and the vampire community, accepting his new vampire nature.

In his early years as a vampire (and before his conscience was reawakened), Mitchell was quite a hero within the vampire community, who still circulate stories of his exploits amongst themselves. These seem to be a cause of great guilt for Mitchell who has asked Herrick to stop the retelling of the stories as he would prefer to be forgotten.[9] At several points, he has faced a conflict of emotions as he debates whether to 'convert' people dying around him to prevent their deaths. In the 1960s, Herrick gave Mitchell the opportunity to kill a young girl that they had lured into their car. Mitchell showed guilt and anger at the easiness of the kill and let her go. He told Herrick that she had escaped, prompting the suspicious Herrick to say that he would keep a closer eye on Mitchell.[6] Mitchell has attempted several times to abstain from drinking blood (one attempt was a New Year resolution for 2000, with the aid of a fellow vampire called Carl). At this time, Mitchell showed an extreme addiction to blood, as well as heightened aggression, lack of control and extreme panic due to blood withdrawal.

Mitchell's reluctant rescue of the werewolf George from a squad of fellow vampires, and the subsequent development of their friendship, further awakened his conscience, and he eventually opted to drift away from the vampire group in Bristol and to join George in living quietly. After 'converting' Lauren into a vampire (as covered in both the pilot episode and Series One Episode 1), Mitchell, infuriated at himself, decided to fully give up the blood and to attempt "being human" once more. He continues to take care of George, particularly around the full moon when George transforms.

In episode 3 of series 2 Mitchell has become the new "king" of the vampire group in Bristol, hiding evidence of their feedings, recreating their human front and intending to wean them off blood, although his activities are hampered by such problems as Ivan – his oldest apparent 'recruit' – being unable to completely forsake blood after so long, forcing him to allow Ivan to feed in secret while maintaining his public front. After the deaths of his vampire group by an explosion at the funeral parlour, subsequently receiving confirmation that they have been betrayed by the coroner despite a deal he had made, Mitchell realises that he has wasted his time trying to hide his blood lust and goes on a frenzy with Daisy, the now-widow of Ivan. Paying a last visit to George and Annie, he briefly seems to return to normal when warning George to stay away from cities in future before returning to his more arrogant, blood-crazed ways. A confrontation with a priest while searching for Lucy reminds him that George saw him as a good man when he was injured by Herrick, and reveals Lucy's connection to the organisation that seeks to 'cure' George and Annie. Finding the organisation's headquarters, Mitchell confronts Lucy, countering her claims that he and his kind are evil with both the theological argument that God made them just as he made mankind and by pointing out that she killed despite having a choice, but he nevertheless refuses to kill her or Kemp. He later shows evident grief when Lucy is killed by Kemp.

When Mitchell enters Purgatory to rescue Annie – following a terminally ill patient at the hospital where George and Nina now work through the Door after his demise -, he learns that the time and date of his death has been confirmed, and he will be killed by a werewolf at some unspecified- but apparently not-too-distant- future date, although he later comments to Annie that he doesn't believe a word of what he heard. Although haunted by both the 'prophecy' of his death and the continued police hunt for the person responsible for the 'Box Tunnel Twenty' massacre, Mitchell rejected an offer to depart Britain to live with the vampire 'Old Ones', commenting during a talk with permanently teenage vampire Adam that his friends help him remain clean as their goodness inspires him by forcing him to think about the disappointment they would feel if he succumbed to his thirst. After a confrontation with vampire 'fan' Graham, Mitchell tried to tell Annie the truth about the tunnel massacre, but Annie simply told him that whatever he had to tell her didn't matter, assuring him that all she wanted was the man he was now and that what he'd done in the past didn't matter compared to what he'd done for her and George, the two subsequently kissing. Although Annie tries to find ways for their relationship to become physical at first, Mitchell admits that he actually prefers their current bond, as sex has always been about violence rather than love with him, and he prefers for his relationship with Annie to be 'pure' and apart from that.

Despite some tension with werewolf vampire-hunter MacNair due to Mitchell's concerns regarding the 'prophecy' of his death- although he claims to Annie that he doesn't believe in fate-, Mitchell and MacNair reached a certain understanding when they worked together to save George and Nina from a group of vampires, although MacNair still feels that Mitchell's sins will catch up to him eventually. When Herrick returns to life, Mitchell initially attempts to stake him- particularly after Cara stakes herself before she can tell Mitchell how she and Daisy brought Herrick back-, but is convinced by George to let Herrick live on the grounds that he deserves the same chances everyone has given Mitchell. When Annie learns about Mitchell's role in the massacre, she tearfully convinced him to allow himself to be arrested, Mitchell going along with it to prove his love for her even as he tries to escape being processed due to the risks if his true nature is exposed.

Although Herrick released Mitchell- revealing in the process that his resurrection was aided by the fact that he was torn apart rather than just being staked-, Mitchell finally staked Herrick when he concluded that he had seen and done enough in his life. With the news that another man had been framed for the Box Tunnel Twenty he returned to the house to ask George to kill him, recognising that whoever had set up that frame would want a favour later and wanting to free his friends of the taint he had brought to their lives. He is then killed by George, after The Old Ones' attempt to use Mitchell to do their dirty work (work spelled out by old one Wyndham). George's last words to Mitchell are: "I'm doing this because I love you", to which Mitchell responds "I know".

Nina Pickering

Nina Pickering (Sinead Keenan) is a senior staff nurse at the hospital in which Mitchell and George work, with a fiery and strong manner that can be intimidating. She initially views George as a bumbling, arrogant fool, but falls for him later after seeing his more caring side with the patients. When they start going out, Nina reveals burn scarring over a large portion of her stomach. While Nina and George eventually fall in love, George struggles with having another person in his life he can potentially hurt and tries to distance himself several times. However, their fates become entwined permanently in the series 1 finale, when George inadvertently scratches Nina during a transformation, passing the werewolf curse onto her as well. She and George go through tough times during the first episode in season 2, which concludes with Nina revealing her scratch marks to George and that she is now a werewolf as well, during an argument. In episode 2 of the second series, Nina and George try to make things work, but Nina leaves George upon discovering that he helped a vampire who killed his own lover escape the country, subsequently being contacted by the mysterious Kemp and participating in research for a werewolf 'cure' (Unaware that Kemp's experiment with a hyperbaric chamber would have killed her if it weren't for the intervention of Professor Lucy Jaggat). While George and Mitchell are willing to be around Lucy after her true agenda is exposed, Nina is furious that she was willing to lead them to their deaths and harboured an intense dislike for her. She moves to Wales with George and Mitchell after Annie goes through the door.

During her first transformation at their new home, Nina and George apparently have sex while in wolf form, despite George's belief that one of them would kill the other if they transformed in close proximity to each other. She later assists George in helping the permanently teenage vampire Adam, the two briefly contemplating taking over responsibility for Adam after his parents' deaths from old age before Adam departs to make his own way, wanting to explore his own independence without being a burden on them like he was on his parents. After learning that she was pregnant as a result of her and George's intercourse while in wolf form, Nina admits that her mother abused her when she was a child, contemplating terminating the pregnancy both because she fears the consequences of two werewolves creating a child and because she is afraid of repeating her mother's treatment of her. However, after the 'zombie' Sasha admitted that her only regret was missing so many moments in life because she was more focused on the present than the future, Nina decided to keep the baby. Although they have not yet been able to determine what the baby will look like when born, or if it will 'inherit' the werewolf 'gene', Nina has apparently kept the baby despite the stress of her first pregnant transformation, although it is unclear how this will work as her condition progresses. Following a confrontation between Mitchell and Nina over Herrick's fate, along with Herrick's subsequent discovery of a 'diary' of Mitchell's recent murders, Mitchell has begun to suspect that Nina is the werewolf that is 'prophesied' to kill him.

When George and Nina arranged an ultrasound to examine their baby, the nurse carrying out the operation noted that Nina appeared to be sixteen weeks along rather than the eight she believed, but George speculated that this was just the result of werewolves gestating faster than humans, much like conventional wolves. However, Nina was subsequently stabbed by the now-restored Herrick after Mitchell was arrested by the police, Herrick wanting to make George suffer like he did when George killed him, expressing regret at attacking and stabbing Nina after she was the only person in the house to show him kindness. Fortunately, Annie was able to convince Lia to help her save Nina and the baby after convincing her that revenge couldn't solve anything.

Supporting characters

Series 1

William Herrick (Jason Watkins) is a socially powerful vampire "king", who "recruited" Mitchell during World War I. In the first series, he is the leader of the Bristol vampire community, but is also putting into place a Final Solution-style movement in which the human population of the world would either be turned into vampires or farmed for blood. To blend in with the human population, he works as a police sergeant, and his vampire coven operate under the auspices of a funeral parlour. His cold, calculating personality is a stark contrast to Mitchell's compassionate character, and he often finds Mitchell's struggle to control his bloodlust and to blend in with humanity both amusing and offensive. Before Herrick was able to fully execute his plans, however, George tricked him into agreeing to a showdown with Mitchell. In actuality, George managed to get Herrick alone with him in a small room during a full moon. George then transformed into his werewolf form (in which he was far physically stronger than a vampire) and killed Herrick by decapitating him.

Herrick appeared in a flashback in Series Two during a visit he and Mitchell made to London in 1969, during which he revealed that there is a similar system in London to the one which exists in Bristol, but he doesn't get along with the head vampire in London – the vampire's identity was never named – because he killed the vampire's mother under unrevealed circumstances. In the Series Two finale, Herrick was resurrected by Daisy and Cara after they slit their wrists over his grave.

Herrick returned in the fifth episode of Series Three, apparently traumatised by what he experienced while dead, as he is seen in a hospital in a straightjacket, showing terror when Mitchell attacks him and confused when he realises that he cannot see his reflection in a mirror. Despite his apparent personality changes, such as his attempt to console George over his fears about becoming a father, his expressed disdain for Annie's goodness, coupled with him directing Nina to a scrapbook of Mitchell's past murders, suggests that some part of him remains underneath his amnesia. Mitchell has agreed to spare Herrick on George's request, but is also determined to discover the secret of Herrick's resurrection so that he can use it to escape his apparently prophesied demise. Mitchell's attempts to restore Herrick's memory met with failure; although Mitchell speculated that human blood would restore Herrick's memory, he is naturally reluctant to go that far himself, while Herrick displayed an apparent discomfort at the idea of drinking from police detective Nancy Reed when she came to question Mitchell based on an anonymous tip about the Box Tunnel 20, although he was clearly tempted to do so despite his amnesia. Herrick was partially restored to himself after killing the werewolf MacNair (who he had previously encountered shortly after he became infected with lycanthropy) and made a full return to awareness and memory when he drank Nancy after she led the police team to arrest Mitchell. He subsequently slaughtered the rest of the police team in the house, and then captured Nina on her return alone to the house. Despite expressing "a dilemma" over whether to kill Nina in order to pay George back for killing him, or to let her live due to her kindness to him, Herrick chose to stab her (commenting that if he didn't "people would think I've gone soft..."). He dies at the end of series 3 (The wolf-shaped bullet) by getting staked by Mitchell while he is distracted by a sunrise.

Lauren Drake (Annabel Scholey) was a vampire turned by Mitchell in the pilot episode, who once worked as a nurse at the hospital. Abandoned by Mitchell after being turned, Herrick took her under his wing, and while she resented what Mitchell has done to her, she also revelled in the vampire culture. Mitchell attempted unsuccessfully to convince her to give up drinking blood, but she aided Mitchell and his friends in escaping the vampire headquarters. Once safe, she pleads with Mitchell to kill her with a stake through the heart, which Mitchell does reluctantly.

Owen (Gregg Chillin) was the landlord of the property occupied by the three housemates, and Annie's ex-fiancé. He was also the man who killed Annie by pushing her down the stairs after an argument. After the murder, Owen immediately turned to his new girlfriend, Janey, whom Owen had been having an affair with during his relationship with Annie. After an unsuccessful attempt to haunt Owen and Janey- during which he attempted to mock her for her 'pathetic' hanging around-, Annie later confronted him with George and Mitchell, revealing their true nature and telling Owen a secret about what happens upon someone's death. This secret, which was unheard by the viewer, drove Owen mad with fear and compelled him to confess his crime to the police so that he can be kept safe from 'them'. Owen is currently incarcerated in an asylum, although his information allowed Kemp to identify Mitchell, George and Annie as their true natures.

Janey (Sama Goldie) was Owen's girlfriend and fiancée after Annie was murdered. She owns a nearby tanning salon, and Annie often seethed at her "orange" appearance along with her shallow and somewhat dense personality. After discovering how she had died, Annie attempted to warn Janey of Owen's violent side, but was thwarted when Owen discovered the two of them and dismissed Annie's presence as a figment of Janey's guilty conscience (for their affair while Annie was still alive).

Seth (Dylan Brown) was Herrick's primary henchman. He and Mitchell were rivals in the first series, as Seth was the one who was caught beating up George on the night that he and Mitchell met. Seth was seen as more impulsive and sarcastic than Herrick, although he did fall in line when the situation called for it. In episode 5 of the first series, he was killed by Lauren as Mitchell and his friends try to escape the vampire compound. He is however, mentioned in the Finale of series 3 by Herrick, while reminding Mitchell about not revealing the existence of vampires ("Even Seth knew that – and he used to point at planes.")

Josie Hunter (Clare Higgins old Josie, Charlene McKenna young Josie) was a former girlfriend of Mitchell's during the 1960s. Though diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, she resisted Mitchell's attempts to recruit her for Herrick's movement and warned him of Herrick's plans, later sacrificing herself to give Mitchell her blood so that he could heal after an attack from Herrick. Her original meeting with Mitchell was revealed in a flashback in Series 2, where she helped to shelter Mitchell when he tried to escape the police after he and Herrick killed several girls in a London flat.

Bernie (Mykola Allen) was a schoolboy who lived in the neighbourhood. After Mitchell scared away a group of kids who were bullying Bernie, the two became friends, and Mitchell became something of a father figure to Bernie. Unfortunately, a turn of events involving a vampire porn/snuff film DVD caused both Mitchell and George to be accused of pædophilia by Bernie's mother, Fleur, and for the two of them to be ostracised and persecuted by the neighbourhood. This blew up into a riot during which Bernie was hit by a car and rendered comatose. With Fleur's consent and knowledge, Mitchell turned Bernie into a vampire to save his life, but was racked with guilt about condemning the boy to the life of a vampire. Both Bernie and Fleur have moved away and their whereabouts are unknown.

Lee Tully (Dean Lennox Kelly) is a werewolf who encountered George during Series One and offered to mentor him through his condition. He is much more comfortable with being a werewolf than George, and a combination of his "seize-the-day" outlook and clever advice on handling the condition won George's trust (and, to a degree, hero-worship). However, George pushed Tully away when he discovered that Tully was the werewolf originally responsible for George's own condition, and was only trying to befriend George to combat his own loneliness. Following his rejection by George, Tully left the area and he wasn't heard from until the season 2 finale when – at the Bible-bashers' lair – George and Nina notice some writing in a holding cell stating George, all the werewolves die signed Tully, indicating Tully encountered and died at the hands of Jaggat's 'cure'. His first name is revealed to be Lee, as Lucy names him as one of the four who died in the chamber.

Gilbert (Alex Price) is a ghost who George and Mitchell introduce Annie to in Series One. Having died in the 1980s, he attempts to help Annie resolve her death. However, this leads to Annie's discovery of the circumstances of her death. Eventually he discovers his own reason for being a ghost: he needed to learn to love. And as he has fallen in love with Annie, his door appears. He smiles as he walks through it, seeing a pale, bluish welcoming light emanating from it. Gilbert would either have a cigarette tucked behind his ear, or he would be smoking it. He also enjoyed 1980's music, which he listened to on his portable cassette player, and he even makes a mix tape for Annie. Annie mentioned him in the last episode of Season Three, when she suggested that Lia -another ghost she met in Purgatory – look for Gilbert for company.

Cara (Rebecca Cooper) first appeared in Series 1 as a hospital canteen worker. She was recruited as a vampire by Herrick after he saw the advantage of having a vampire ally working in the hospital. Despite her low intelligence and lack of discipline, she proved an enthusiastic recruit and played a role in furthering Herrick's plans in his (ultimately unsuccessful) attempts to win over or destroy Mitchell and to kill George. She remained loosely attached to the vampire coven in Series 2, although she seems to have spent much of her time homeless. Following Mitchell's accession to the "kingship" of the Bristol vampire community, she was the first of the vampires to break his edict against feeding. He punished her by smashing out her fangs and locking her into an underground cave, claiming to the others that he had executed her for disobedience. At the end of Series 2, she was released by Daisy in order to assist in the resurrection of Herrick – she and Daisy provided the blood required fro the task. She briefly returned in Series 3 (without Daisy), having tracked Mitchell and George to Barry and brought the amnesiac, dysfunctional Herrick with her in an attempt to seek their help in "restoring" him to his former power and awareness. Utterly besotted by Herrick (and referring to herself as his 'dark bride'), she is heartbroken when Herrick both remains in his amnesiac state and cruelly rejects her. In despair and humiliation, she commits suicide by staking herself.

Series 2

Ivan (Paul Rhys) is a 237-year-old vampire who (together with his consort Daisy) travels the world as a war tourist. It is this pursuit that has brought him to Bristol to witness the aftermath of William Herrick's death. He made his debut on the show in the first episode of Series 2. Ivan is jaded by his long existence as a vampire, and has displayed a detached curiosity about human feelings, having lost his own almost entirely, he is also known to have a dark sense of humour. Although he agreed to serve as the 'poster-boy' for Mitchell's 'anti-blood' group, he has admitted that he cannot forsake his centuries of 'servitude' to the hunger, forcing Mitchell to allow him to feed in private in order to maintain his image for the group. In episode 6 of series 2, Ivan is apparently killed when the vampires' base is blown up, but he manages to save Mitchell's life by shielding him from the brunt of the explosion.

Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri (Amy Manson) is Ivan's consort, originally a young Scottish woman whom he met in an air raid shelter during World War II and persuaded to come with him on a life of adventure, leaving her baby daughter behind (Ivan presumably turned Daisy into a vampire shortly afterwards.) Daisy joined Ivan on his war tourism for the next 60-odd years. In a prequel to Series 2 placed by the BBC on YouTube entitled Ivan & Daisy, she persuaded Ivan to take her to Bristol and indulge their appetite for visiting hot-spots by witnessing the aftermath of William Herrick's death. An additional (and secret) motive for their trip to Bristol was so that she could visit and murder her ageing daughter (which Daisy referred to as "the last thread" keeping her attached to her former life). Daisy seduced George in episode 1 of Series 2 and their paths have continued to cross. George, in turn, persuaded her not to murder her daughter by re-awakening Daisy's human feelings and sense of guilt over her She returns in episode 7 of series 2, distraught over the death of Ivan. She accompanies Mitchell in trying to find out the instigator behind the explosion that killed Ivan and numerous other vampires. When Mitchell discovers that Lucy, his lover from previous episodes, was involved, the two vampires go on a feeding frenzy on a railway train, savaging an entire carriage(known as the Box Tunnel twenty massacre). The two are then seen in bed together, covered in blood. Mitchell apparently left her to rescue George, Nina and Annie. Daisy then opted to resurrect Herrick, rescuing fellow vampire Cara from incarceration in order to carry out the necessary blood rite. Although Cara remained with Herrick, McNair told Herrick that he had killed Daisy, showing one of her teeth as proof.

Kemp (Donald Sumpter) is a member of the secretive organisation pursuing supernaturals in Series 2. He is Lloyd's superior though not the organisation's leader. He is a religious zealot who appears to have his own agenda as regards supernaturals, whom he thinks should be removed from society. Following Professor Jaggat's instructions, Kemp allows Mitchell, George and Annie to be left alone simply to study the consequences of the three 'types' interacting with each other on a long-term basis. Although he claimed to want to help a werewolf develop a cure for his 'condition' by putting him in a hyperbaric chamber to cancel out the pressure caused by the moon, when the treatment began to prove dangerous to the werewolf Kemp allowed it to continue, and implies that he has seen similar 'accidents' in his time. In a flashback it was revealed that Kemp was an Anglican priest whose wife and young daughter were killed by a trio of vampires thirty years ago, which is what motivates his mission. Even to this day he still carries the blood soaked Bible he used to defend himself on the night he discovered what became of his family. He is clearly defined by his prejudices, believing that werewolves are possession by a demonic force rather than an 'infection'. He has also commented (on one occasion) that he believes Mitchell "seduced" George to explain their friendship, rather than believing that Mitchell could genuinely form a platonic friendship with another being. In Episode Eight, he went so far as to kill a psychic that had been working with the group in order to create a Door so that he could forcibly exorcise Annie, only for Mitchell to spare his life when George argued that killing him for Annie would be killing him for the wrong reasons. He subsequently tracked down Mitchell, George and Nina to try and kill them, even killing Lucy after she unintentionally led him to their new home, only for him to be forcibly dragged through the Door by Annie despite his still-living status.

Professor Lucy Jaggat (Lyndsey Marshal) is the chief scientist working for the mysterious organisation pursuing supernatural entities in Series 2. Professor Jaggat is first mentioned by Kemp in the final episode of the first series, and is constantly referred to by both Kemp and Lloyd in the first two episodes of the second series. At the end of episode 3 Professor Jaggat is revealed to be Lucy, a doctor who has recently moved to Bristol and who has been forging a close relationship with Mitchell since episode 1 of Series 2. Despite Kemp's own prejudices against the supernatural, Lucy appears to be more willing to treat them as humans, believing Mitchell's claims that he is trying to go clean from blood- although he initially didn't explicitly reveal his vampire status to her, simply saying that he is trying to get past something- and normalising the pressure in the hyperbaric chamber when Nina is inside to save her life. When Mitchell finally revealed his true identity to her, the two actually slept together. Lucy's subsequent guilt about the liaison drove her to contact Kemp and reveal the location of a vampire stronghold, allowing Kemp to kill over thirty vampires with a bomb. Her betrayal left Mitchell disgusted with humanity, and sent him on a bloody rampage. In the Series Two finale, Mitchell was about to kill her, when Kemp dragged Annie through the door, and she was sent to the afterlife. Presumably he felt a painful reaction at her leaving (due to the fact he'd gotten so attached to her) and crumpled to the floor in pain, crawling away from Lucy and towards Kemp. Lucy is last seen at the very end of the series, walking up to Mitchell in the street. She attempts to apologise, but Mitchell refuses, distraught at the loss of Annie- he blames her partly for what happened, calling her a monster. He does however let her stay. George wakes in the night to hear Lucy scream- and he finds she'd been killed by Kemp, who had presumably gone mad (or even madder than he had been to begin with). Annie comes back from the door to drag Kemp back in with her, stopping him from killing Mitchell, Nina and George.

Lloyd Pinky (credited as simply Technician in the second series) (Mark Fleishmann) is a technician working for the mysterious organisation that seeks to study and experiment on supernaturals. He also runs the Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity (or CenSSA) website which forms part of a viral campaign for Series 2. It is not altogether clear whether CenSSA and the mysterious organisation he works for on the show are one and the same. On the website in a video posted on Monday 18 January 2010 he refers to his colleagues in the mysterious organisation as "the Bible boys downstairs".

Sam (Lucy Gaskell) is a woman who met George following his initial break-up with Nina, while he was teaching at the language college where she worked as a secretary. Sam is a single parent, living with her daughter Molly in Sam's mother's flat. She and George became attracted to each other and began a whirlwind romance. Increasingly desperate and determined to lead a normal human life (and still on the rebound from Nina), George rapidly escalated the relationship to the point where he, Sam and Molly moved into a new house together. Soon afterwards, he proposed marriage but Sam preferred to defer it until later. George's attempts to conceal his werewolf nature from Sam, and to protect his new family from it, led him into lying to her. When he made a mistake over daylight saving time (failing to plan properly for his transformation at moonrise), he began to transform in front of her before fleeing. Although George managed to conceal the full truth of his condition from Sam (managing to persuade her that at least part of it was "anger management issues") he came to realise that his attempts to lead a normal life with her were doomed, and ended the relationship.

Molly (played by child actress Molly Jones) is Sam's young pre-teen daughter. Cynical, toughened and very intelligent (she is quite capable of researching information and laying traps for liars), she is suspicious of any of Sam's boyfriends and does her best to reject and intimidate them. Despite this, George eventually manages to persuade her to warm to him. The relationship becomes strained when Molly discovers that George has been lying to Sam, although she is sufficiently accepting of George to warn him against lying rather than turning Sam against him. Molly appears to have some degree of psychic sensitivity, as she dreams about George being "not George", although she doesn't realise the entire truth about him. It is at Molly's school that George's life with Molly and Sam is destroyed, when George begins to transform unexpectedly during a parent's evening. During his escape from the building, Molly sees him during the early stages of transformation (with changed eyes, teeth and nails) and is terrified. Although she does not explain her terror to her mother, she retains it on George's return to their house, leading him to realise that he can no longer conceal his werewolf nature and therefore cannot continue to be part of their family. Though heartbroken, George clearly bears no grudges against Molly for her part in the situation, referring to both Sam and Molly as "wonderful" before he leaves.

Saul (Alex Lanipekun) is a real-estate agent who entered into the corner pub while Annie was practising her job as a bartender in episodes 1 and 2 of Series 2. Striking up a friendship, Saul doesn't initially confide to her a prior car accident which rendered him clinically dead for six minutes but left him sensitive to the presence and communication of evil spirits; after being pressured by them to explain the incident to her, he invites her to his flat where he is then goaded by a spirit utilising the form of a television news anchor to commit sexual assault, at which point Annie disappears. Distraught, Saul is then encouraged to drink and drive under the influence, leading to a car crash in which he is brutally injured. Annie, however, is present when Saul dies and appears out of body, just in time for the "door" to appear in the hospital room; Annie then realises that the spirits (now urging Saul through a nearby radio) are guiding him to drag Annie kicking and screaming to the afterlife, at which point she violently resists his attempted abduction until Saul finally seizes control of himself enough to drop her before the door separates them for eternity. Annie then realises that the spirits in the afterlife are desperate to use any means to bring her beyond the door, even those who are sensitive to spirits and who may genuinely love her.

Hugh (Nathan Wright) is the owner of the corner pub at which Annie temporarily worked in episodes 1 and 2. He finds Annie quirky as a bartender, but eventually develops a strong, but private interest in her (and a rivalry with Saul). He eventually shows up at the main characters' flat after Annie was sexually assaulted (under duress) by Saul, where he confesses his love for her, but then he decides that he did not want to fall in love with her so soon after Annie's "breakup", and they instead commit to taking time as friends (and when she decides to initiate a kiss). This love is short-lived by way of Annie being deprived of her visibility after Saul was goaded to attempt to drag her into the afterlife. Annie and George allow Hugh a certain amount of closure later on, by reuniting him with his former lover, who had been working as a florist since their regretful break-up some time previous.

Sykes (Bryan Dick) is an experienced ghost from World War Two who teaches ghosts' skills to Annie to allow her to thwart the Gatekeepers. Having been a ghost for 60 years, Sykes has developed his powers extensively, being able to read auras, read minds and show greater control over technology than Annie. Sykes is a ghost due to his reluctance to meet his ex-comrades in the afterlife, who he fears will punish him due to failing them and causing their deaths. Sykes was a Royal Air Force corporal when he died and still wears the uniform.

Alan Cortez (Simon Paisley Day) is a stage psychic that Annie befriended when she stumbled upon his show. Believing at first he is a fraud, Anne soon discovered he was an actual psychic only with a damaged ability. Alan explained that his ability had manifested itself around puberty, but he couldn't control it and it wrecked much of his youth because people thought he was mentally ill. He eventually became a stage performer, using his ability to help ghosts though he felt bitter about it at the time as he felt his ability had taken over his life. One day he had an accident on stage injuring his head and damaging his ability to hear most ghosts (he could communicate with Annie due to her strong presence). Annie asks him why he doesn't just quit since he got what he wanted in the accident. Alan admits the irony of the matter being that he came to see his ability as a part of him and he lost a part of himself when it went away. With Annie's help he is able to help the numerous ghosts that have been following him for weeks since he came to town. At the end of the episode he reveals to Annie that (most likely thanks to being around her) his ability is starting to heal itself and he is starting to hear the ghosts again.

Hennessey (Adrian Schiller) is a psychic who works with Kemp's organization. He is first seen as a convict going along with Kemp to test any supernatural presence in the flat. He later acts as a medium between Annie and Kemp in the initial attempt to allow Annie to pass on which was interrupted by one of George's oncoming transformations. He resides in Kemp's facility following Annie moving there and shares a room with her, apparently befriending by her. When Kemp tries to forcibly exorcise Annie, Hennessey stands up for her and points out the lack of the Door, causing Kemp to kill him for one. After seeing his own dead body on the floor and Annie for the first time, his Door appears and they are both forcefully dragged in. Hennessey displayed far greater control over his ability than other psychics. Aside from hearing ghosts, he was able to sense the residue of Annie's presence in her home (and distinguishing it from her actually being present at the time) and he had showed that he could determine her exact location by focusing his ability.

Series 3

Lia Shaman (Lacey Turner) is a dead person who leads Mitchell on his journey through Purgatory to rescue Annie. It turns out that she is one of the victims of Mitchell's killing spree on a public train, being one of the twenty people he and Daisy killed on his rampage (known as the Box Tunnel twenty massacre). The revelation of her identity forces Mitchell to admit that he still sees himself as a monster even as he tries to get past what he once was. Lia also reveals that Mitchell's time and date of death has been confirmed, and he will apparently be killed by a werewolf at some not-too-distant future date, commenting that this knowledge is an apt punishment for his past sins. Although Lia appeared to be manipulating Mitchell's life from Purgatory, she later admitted that she had actually made up the story about a 'wolf-shaped bullet' to play with Mitchell's mind, intending for the 'prophecy' to drive a wedge between Mitchell, George and Nina, only for the plan to backfire when Mitchell instead suspected MacNair and Tom instead. Lia attempted to trap Annie in Purgatory to further punish Mitchell, but she was convinced to release her when Annie forced her to recognise how out of her depth she was.

Adam Jacobs (Craig Roberts) is an apparently teenaged vampire. Turned at the age of 16, he is actually 46 years old when he first appears, although he maintains a teenager's perspective. Following his turning, his parents provided him with blood in order to protect both him and their neighbours. Eventually both of Adam's parents aged and died, with his father spending his final days in the Barry hospital in which George and Nina work. Having caught Adam while he tried to feed from his father, George and Nina attempted to take him to Mitchell for training. Mitchell was reluctant to take on more responsibility as he himself was continuing to struggle with his own thirst. Instead, he arranged for Adam to stay with Richard and Emma, a seemingly middle-aged vampire couple who apparently had "a system" in place to enable them to live safely and not pose a threat to society. George and Nina returned to get him back when they realised that Richard and Emma were essentially perverts, their 'system' consisting of a BDSM-esque party where the humans allowed themselves to be drunk from. Despite the comfort that the vampires could offer him, Adam rejected the vampires' way of life, bluntly informing them that they were all perverts. Although George was willing to take on the responsibility, Adam recognised that he couldn't force them to cope with him like his parents had, deciding to make his own way in the world so that he could find out whether or not he would be dangerous on his own. After Mitchell advised him to find good people to share his life with so that they could keep him under control by 'inspiring' him with the disappointment they would feel, Adam decided to depart on the next train out of the city to see where it took him, demonstrating a marked improvement when he rejected a girl he had initially attempted to drain when she offered to go with him.[10] In the spin-off Becoming Human, Adam has gone on to form his own small 'group' at his new school in the form of recently-turned werewolf Christa and recently-murdered ghost Matt, the three teaming up to investigate Matt's murder.

Anthony Michael MacNair (Robson Green), generally known simply as "MacNair", is a werewolf and self-appointed vampire hunter. Fifteen years ago, MacNair was a surveyor. One night, vampires abducted him and forced him to cage fight with a werewolf called Alan[11] (It was later revealed that the vampires included Herrick). Although MacNair won, he was exposed to the werewolf pathogen and turned as a result of its aftermath. He has since dedicated himself to a life as a nomadic vampire killer, and lives in a camper van with his 'adopted' adolescent son, Thomas. Despite MacNair's anti-vampire prejudices, he has reached something of an accommodation with Mitchell following the latter's help in his rescuing of George, Nina and Thomas from a later vampire cage-fight: in the midst of the resulting pitched battle, the feral MacNair even deliberately passed over Mitchell to attack another vampire. He and Mitchell now exist as civil enemies under an unstated truce. MacNair, however, made it clear that he still believes that Mitchell will get his punishment at some point in the future. Having injured his leg, MacNair returned to the house for the next full moon. Having detected the scent of the amnesiac Herrick in the upstairs attic, he went up in time to confront Herrick during his transformation. In the resulting struggle, Herrick stabbed MacNair to death on instinct, in the process regaining at least some of his old drives and memories.[12] In a letter written to Thomas and read posthumously, MacNair expresses some remorse that his drive for vengeance has shaped his life and made him ruthless, and urges his adopted son not to continue the feud against vampires following his death.

Thomas MacNair (Michael Socha) is a young twenty-something werewolf, living a nomadic life in a camper van with his adopted father MacNair. Their lifestyles as itinerant vampire killers has left Thomas socially isolated and dreaming of making a family with "the pack" of werewolves whom MacNair claims exist somewhere. Although Thomas had lived his life believing that he was MacNair's son, born a werewolf (and that his mother had died during a vampire attack), Nina's subsequent examination of his blood revealed that he was actually the child of a random couple MacNair had attacked during an early transformation in Cornwall. MacNair subsequently took him in out of conscience as he realised that he had 'infected' the boy with the werewolf 'contagion'. Although he was briefly attracted to Nina, he pushed this aside after he learned the truth about the nature of the 'wolf'. Initially angry at MacNair for lying to him about his past, the two appeared to reconcile after MacNair and Mitchell rescued Thomas, George and Nina from a cage-fight, although he seems to be more interested in making his own way.[13] Following MacNair's death at the hands of Herrick, Thomas is once again orphaned. Despite MacNair's last wish being that Thomas does not carry on his adoptive father's feud against vampires, the grief-stricken Thomas pursues Herrick and Mitchell to avenge MacNair's death, killing at least two vampires along the way, although he is prevented from taking full vengeance due to a Mexican stand-off involving a threat to George. His current whereabouts are unclear.

Sasha (Alexandra Roach): During the third episode of Season Three, Annie encounters Sasha, a foul-mouthed, drunken and visibly deteriorating young woman. Sasha turns out to be a "Type Four" or zombie, the first such being sighted in the Being Human fictional universe. She develops a problematic crush on Mitchell, initially displaying ignorance of her true condition or the circumstances of what had happened to her (Although she admitted later that she was actually fully aware of what had happened to her and was simply denying the truth, commenting that she could feel herself rotting). The group learn that they are indirectly responsible for Sasha's condition when Mitchell and Annie learn that she and at least four others came back at approximately the same time that Mitchell crossed over to the other side to recover Annie. When Sasha attempts to reunite with her boyfriend, Gethin, he stabs her through the chest with a trophy in a panic, revealing that she can be injured but cannot heal. Annie attempted to make Sasha feel better with a makeover- allowing Sasha to look reasonably human- and a night out, but her body began to collapse as they were out dancing at a club, Nina speculating that whatever force reanimated her body was simply losing the ability to keep itself together when 'competing' with her decay. As she lay dying, Sasha sadly reflected that her only regret was not doing more with her life, resulting in her missing out on chances like having more time partying or convincing her boyfriend to let them start a family, asking Nina and Annie not to forget that. Noting that she was grateful to have real friends with her at her end, Sasha passed on at last, her last words being to tell Annie to "seize the day".

Graham (Tony Maudsley) is an alleged vampire fan of Mitchell's, who came to the hospital to learn from his 'hero', deliberately dressing and styling his hair to match Mitchell despite being significantly overweight. Although he initially tried to subtly blackmail Mitchell to let him stay by threatening to reveal his role in the Box Tunnel 20 massacre to Annie, Mitchell eventually threw him out when he began to flirt with her, denouncing Graham as a pathetic wannabe with no friends or personality of his own. Attempting to get revenge, Graham set out to stage his own train massacre, resolving to be the new vampire 'legend'. Although slightly sorry for Graham after he admitted that he killed his own children after his transformation, Mitchell staked Graham in order to stop him hurting anyone else, Graham's last words being to ask Mitchell to tell people that he liked Graham to give him some kind of reputation.

George Sands, Senior (James Fleet) is George's father. When growing up, George regarded his father as a boring but decent father, with no problems such as gambling or alcoholism to detract from his role as a father, but he lost touch with his son after George was turned into a werewolf. His relationship with his wife subsequently became increasingly distant, to the point that she began to have an affair with George's old P.E. teacher. When Annie saw a notice in the paper about George Snr.'s death, George went home to attend the funeral, but saw what he believed was his father's 'ghost' at the funeral. Learning that his father had apparently died in a fire in his shed, George told him about the Door to try and help him understand why he might still be staying around. However, when George and Nina found George Snr. eating crisps in his camper van, he revealed that he and a friend of his in the police had found the shed burnt to the ground with an unidentified, apparently homeless man inside it, George faking his death to try and get a new start, going along with the 'ghost' story to spend time with his son. George and Nina were able to convince him to assert himself to regain his wife, George Snr. subsequently punching his wife's lover after he insulted George and George Snr. George Snr. and his wife subsequently took the camper van on a trip to Cornwall to regain the spark in their marriage.

Detective Nancy Reed (Erin Richards) is a young detective- nicknamed 'Nancy Drew' by her colleagues, much to her frustration- involved in the investigation of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre. She responded to an anonymous tip (from Nina) to talk with Mitchell about the massacre, but left empty-handed. After Annie followed Nancy back to the station and saw a photograph of Lia as one of the victims, she convinced Mitchell to tell Nancy about Daisy, but Mitchell was still only able to provide limited information due to her vampire status. While Nancy was cleaning up, she was confronted by Herrick, who showed her the newspaper clipping 'diary' of Mitchell's past exploits, but Mitchell took it from her before she could leave. During her subsequent investigation, she managed to acquire a fingerprint from Mitchell which she took to the police pathologist Cooper. Cooper positively identified it as being identical to those found in the Box Tunnel 20 carriage, but at the same time revealed himself as a vampire working within the police force to protect Mitchell and other vampires. Cooper knocked Nancy out, but was then staked by Annie. Nancy subsequently led the police raid which arrested Mitchell, only to be killed by an enraged and bloodthirsty Herrick when he succumbed to his vampiric instincts.

Edgar Wyndham (Lee Ingleby) is one of the Old Ones, a caste of revered vampire elders who command the obedience of other vampires. The Old Ones are based in South America after having left Europe sometime in the past to avoid detection. Wyndham, who declares himself to be about 1,000 years old, is introduced towards the end of the last episode of series 3 posing as a senior police officer while he sorts out the problems caused by Mitchell's arrest that threatened to reveal the existence of vampires to mankind and put at risk vampire plans for the world. He arrives at Honolulu Heights at the climax of the Series 3 finale, just in time to halt Mitchell's attempt to end his own life via staking at the hands of George. Wyndham states that the vampires are now taking over the world and that the only reason that they are not taking action against George, Nina and Annie is his curiosity about Annie's potential for power and about the outcome of Nina's pregnancy. He also states that he has plans for Mitchell and demands that the younger vampire comes with him, stating that he'll use Mitchell as an "attack dog" to kill others at his order and whim. Mitchell is compelled to agree but at the last minute George, horrified at what this will mean for his friend, finally takes action and stakes Mitchell to save him from being used in that way. Afterwards, George states to Wyndham "I think you'll have a fight on your hands."


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