List of Misfits episodes

List of Misfits episodes

The following is a list of episodes from the E4 television series, Misfits.


Series overview

Series Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Series premiere Series finale
1 6 12 November 2009 (2009-11-12) 17 December 2009 (2009-12-17) 28 December 2009 (2009-12-28)
2 7 11 November 2010 (2010-11-11) 19 December 2010 (2010-12-19) 27 December 2010 (2010-12-27)
3 8 October 30, 2011 (2011-10-30) December 18, 2011 (2011-12-18) 26 December 2011 (2011-12-26)[1]

Episode list

Series 1 (2009)

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Episode One" Tom Green Howard Overman 12 November 2009 (2009-11-12)
Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Gary are a group of misfits. They have nothing in common except for the 'Community Payback' scheme they have all been lumbered with at their local community centre, for various crimes and misdemeanours. When the group gets caught in a freak storm on the first day, everyone but Nathan discovers they have superpowers. Kelly is the first to find she has developed an ability, respectively followed by Simon, Curtis and Alisha. Nathan is shocked to realize that he is the only one who seemingly has not gained a power. The storm also affects their probation worker, Tony, mutating him so he has super strength and a powerful hatred towards the "ASBO scum" he supervises. He brutally murders Gary with an axe, and attempts to murder the other Misfits. He kills Kelly, but Curtis discovers his ability when he unwittingly turns back time to a few moments before Tony kills her. This time, Kelly knocks a crazed Tony to the floor with a paint can and as he tries to recover, she kills him in self-defense. The group thinks the police will not believe their account and to conceal the act, they decide to bury Gary and Tony's corpses under a nearby flyover
2 2 "Episode Two" Tom Green Howard Overman 19 November 2009 (2009-11-19)
Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon are at an elderly home as a part of their probation. During a dance with the elderly, Nathan meets and falls for Ruth, a beautiful young volunteer. While the two are hanging out outside the community centre, Nathan spots Jeremy (his mother's boyfriend), who is naked and seems to be scrabbling in some nearby rubbish bins. Nathan attempts to confront him but is leapt upon and licked by the hyper Jeremy. He escapes the embrace, but manages to take a quick photo with Ruth's phone. Curtis and Alisha continue their flirting, while Simon meets a mysterious girl on the internet; 'Shygirl18', who shows an interest in his videos (especially the video of the storm that gave the Misfits their powers). Kelly learns that Nathan is homeless and tries to reach out to him, only for Nathan to snap back at her. Nathan shows his mother the photo of Jeremy's attack and she reveals that he also was affected by the storm, in that he mentally turns into a Jack Russell Terrier, his beloved childhood pet, on some nights. Nathan tells Ruth that he was declared an ASBO for stealing some sweets from a pick 'n' mix bin. He learns from Ruth that his mother needs her relationship with Jeremy, and that Nathan should not be so selfish about protecting his own mother-son relationship by destroying the mother-Jeremy one. Nathan returns Ruth's phone and she invites him in. Soon enough, she takes him upstairs. As Ruth mounts Nathan, he is horrified to see her morphing into an old woman. It is revealed that Ruth is in fact an 82-year-old woman who, thanks to the storm, managed to become her young self again. Ruth panics over slowly losing her power, but Nathan just storms out. However, he later returns to her home to apologize to her, only to discover her corpse, in her 82-year-old-form. He therefore at least reconciles with his mother and threatens Jeremy to be good or he'll take him "to the vet to be put down". Meanwhile the whole group is threatened, as someone has started leaving messages on their lockers: that they know what happened to the probation officer. 
3 3 "Episode Three" Tom Harper Howard Overman 26 November 2009 (2009-11-26)
Alisha is partying as usual, using her power to gain influence over boys. But the one man she really wants is Curtis, and her power will not make him want her. Meanwhile Simon's online relationship with 'Shygirl18' blossoms, but it is revealed that she is actually Sally, the new probation worker and the deceased Tony's fiancée, who suspects that the Misfits are involved in his disappearance. As this is happening, Simon discovers builders digging a hole at the exact spot they buried Tony and Gary's bodies. The Misfits decide to move them that very night, before they are found, and put them in Sally's car boot. She discovers the corpses the next morning. However, Curtis turns back time and Nathan distracts Sally, preventing her discovery by throwing a brick at her car window. The episode ends with a scene of the builders filling the freshly dug hole with concrete, after the Misfits have reburied the bodies at its bottom. Simon also reveals that he stole Tony's credit card and booked a one-way flight in his name, so it appears he has fled abroad. Alisha and Curtis decide to try for a relationship, although they accept that due to her ability it cannot become physical. 
4 4 "Episode Four" Tom Green Howard Overman 3 December 2009 (2009-12-03)
Curtis is confronted by his ex-girlfriend Sam, who accuses him of having ruined her life after the two of them were caught with cocaine at a local nightclub and failing to visit her when she went to jail for six months for being caught with the majority of their drugs that night. Curtis' superpower causes him to turn back time, though his first attempt at changing the past avoids the drug bust but ends with Sam being stabbed by the drug dealer. His second attempt at changing the past avoids all disastrous consequences that night and revives his Olympic hopes. However, after his power allows him to jump back to the 'revised' present, he finds that the other Misfits - excepting Nathan, who explains that he was found only half dead — were murdered by Tony. Curtis realises this occurred because he was not there to save them, forcing him to change history once again to prevent anyone dying. This time he saves Sam by taking all the drugs from her and disposing of them before the police arrive, keeping a small amount in his possession so he will end up with the Misfits. As a consequence, when he jumps back to a newly revised present, Sam was never imprisoned and they are still in a relationship, suddenly introducing a twist to his budding relationship with Alisha. The episode ends with Sally searching the lockers of the Misfits, finding Tony's credit card in Simon's jeans pocket. It is also revealed that Nathan was arrested at a bowling alley for stealing a few sweets from a pick 'n' mix bin, creating a disturbance when the manager tried to detain him, then shooting a staple into the manager's hand. 
5 5 "Episode Five" Tom Harper Howard Overman 10 December 2009 (2009-12-10)
Determined to prove that the gang were involved in Tony's disappearance, Sally continues to focus her investigation on Simon, pursuing a fake relationship with him to try and find evidence that the Misfits are responsible for Tony's suspected death. At the same time, Nathan falls victim to the storm-based mental powers of Finn, a nine month old baby being raised by a single mother, who succeeds in making Nathan act as his father ("Him and his mum can come and live with me at the Community Centre. I'll get free food from the vending machine. And booze from the kitchen. I'll steal from other babies."). Kelly is able to determine what is happening thanks to her ability, and convinces Finn's mother to make contact with Finn's real father, assuring her (knowing Finn's storm-power) that he will want to pursue his fatherly duties as soon as he sees Finn. Afterwards, Kelly invites Nathan to her flat for dinner. The episode also depicts Curtis struggling to terminate his unintentionally revived relationship with Sam, but he fails to do so, since seeing her in misery invokes in him feelings of regret, triggering another time reversal. After various erased attempts, Curtis finally manages to break up with Sam, subsequently explaining the situation to Alisha and further strengthening their relationship. In the conclusion of the episode, Sally discovers a video on Simon's phone, showing Nathan referencing the Misfits' role in Tony's death. Alone with Sally in the centre, Simon rejects her insistence that he inform against the other Misfits, since he considers them to be "his only friends". Simon fights Sally for possession of the phone, only for her to be accidentally killed when he throws her against a door. 
6 6 "Episode Six" Tom Harper Howard Overman 17 December 2009 (2009-12-17)
The gang notice that there is something strange going on in the town; local youths have stopped getting drunk, taking drugs, or having sex. It looks like it is all down to a cult-like organisation called 'Virtue', run by Rachel, a mysterious girl with a commanding storm-based power of suggestion. As the group investigate they discover Virtue may not be quite as pure as made out, when they witness Alisha and Curtis go through drastic personality changes. Nathan, Kelly and Simon are prompted to take action, donning rubber gloves to protect themselves from Alisha's touch and iPods to protect them from Rachel's power of suggestion. Kelly is unfortunately captured trying to convince Alisha that she has been brainwashed. Nathan and Simon are then cornered by Virtue members where Simon, frustrated by Nathan's ongoing lack of appreciation, leaves Nathan to contend alone as he makes himself invisible. Nathan is saved by 'Superhoodie', an enigmatic figure on a bike in an orange hoodie who creates a distraction and pedals both from danger. Subsequently confronting Kelly in her flat, Nathan is shaken to find she that has been affected by Virtue, informing her he preferred her old attitude. Stirred to act, he apologises for leaving her at the community centre, and departs after giving her a kiss on the cheek. Then, disguising himself in a suit to appear to have converted to the Virtue organisation's beliefs, he infiltrates the community centre — the new headquarters of the Virtue organisation — and confronts Rachel. Armed with a gun and an iPod booming in his ears, he unsuccessfully attempts to force her to change the others back. Soon surrounded and threatened by her followers, he takes her hostage and retreats to the roof. There he makes an impassioned speech to the entire Virtue organisation, declaring the benefits of individuality. But when Rachel sees his gun is only a water pistol, they struggle and she falls from the building. Her death lifts her influence over everyone. As Nathan stumbles at the edge of the roof, Simon reappears and manages to catch his hand, but loses his grip as Nathan pleads "save me, Barry!". Nathan falls and is killed, impaled on the iron fence below. After his funeral the other Misfits visit the club for a toast in his honour, but Kelly and Simon leave early. Simon gives Kelly a DVD of Nathan's exploits he recorded on his phone, which she tearfully watches in her apartment. The episode ends with Nathan regaining consciousness in his coffin, his joy at discovering his power is immortality fading as he realises that he is buried alive with only an iPod Kelly placed in his hand before burial. 

Series 2 (2010)

Channel 4's head of drama Camilla Campbell confirmed, after the last episode of Series 1 was shown on 17 December 2009, that a second series has been commissioned for 2010. The events of Series 2 commence immediately after the end of Series 1. It was also confirmed that filming took place in May 2010 by the cast themselves on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.[2] The second series began airing in November 2010 (the trailer confirming this was aired after the series finale of 'The Inbetweeners' third series).[3] The first episodes became available on iTunes in the UK before its 11 November broadcast, as iTunes pre-air premieres.

# Title Directed by Written by Original air date
7 1 "Episode One" Tom Green Howard Overman 11 November 2010 (2010-11-11)
Superhoodie is shown to be tracking the Misfits, with hundreds of pictures of them on his walls. He throws a paper aeroplane at Kelly from across the lake, containing a note advising Kelly to "go to his grave". With Sally presumed missing, a new probation worker named Shaun takes over her duties. An art therapy class for the mentally ill is taking place in the community centre and one of the patients, Lucy, appears to be obsessed with Simon. She insists he meet her that evening; Simon instead visits Nathan's grave with the rest of the Misfits, where Kelly hears Nathan's thoughts and the group dig him up. The group return to community service the next day and Simon is confronted by Lucy, who is angry that he did not meet up with her and accuses the other Misfits of taking him away from her. It is revealed that Simon was once in the same mental institution as Lucy. Later, Alisha makes sexual advances on Simon in the locker room; after Simon leaves the room it is revealed that 'Alisha' was in fact Lucy, who has the ability to shape-shift. Lucy causes a lot of confusion between the group as she morphs into most of their forms and attempts to drive them away from Simon. In the process, the Misfits discover the truth about Sally's disappearance. After a series of scuffles, Lucy impales Nathan on a pipe, and the group try to work out which one of them is Lucy in disguise. She turns out to be imitating Kelly, and lies to the group that she has read Curtis' mind and can hear Lucy's thoughts. She then hits Curtis over the head with a baseball bat and attempts to suffocate him with a plastic bag. Superhoodie rescues Curtis from Lucy and leaves. Simon then gets a phone call from the real Kelly. Lucy shape-shifts back into herself and tells Simon that she plans to take his form and confess that he killed Sally to the police so that they can be reunited in 'the unit'. Simon dissuades her and apologises for ignoring her. The group dump Sally's body in the lake and discuss who they think saved Curtis, while Superhoodie watches them from afar. A subplot within the episode sees Nathan and Kelly discussing their feelings for one another. Their potential tryst is ruined by Lucy's meddling, but even after this is resolved, Kelly and Nathan's relationship moves no further. 
8 2 "Episode Two" Tom Green Howard Overman 18 November 2010 (2010-11-18)
While the group are sunbathing, a stranger turns up and claims to be Nathan's half brother, Jamie. He and Nathan go to a pub, where Nathan has a run-in with a young bartender named Lily, who has the ability to create ice. Nathan confides to Lily that he also has a power and gets punched in the face by her abrasive boss, but manages to get her number. As they leave the pub, Jamie becomes distressed when he realises his car is missing and he reveals that he left their father tied up in the boot with the intention of forcing him to meet with Jamie's abandoned mother. Jamie and Nathan manage to retrieve the car and their father from a group of youths, but the police arrive and all three are taken to the station. Nathan's dad shares his side of Jamie's story with Nathan and why he chose to stay with Nathan's mother rather than Jamie's. They argue, and their father walks out as Jamie is released. As Alisha is walking home she films Superhoodie free running with her phone. She shows the group and Nathan retells the story of Superhoodie saving him from the Virtue members in the first series' finale. The group realise the two are the same and that he must have a deep knowledge of their powers. The group go to a nightclub and Nathan brings Lily along, mainly to make Kelly jealous. They all take pills, including Simon whose drink is spiked by Jamie. The drugs have a strange effect on the Misfits, reversing all their powers: Kelly verbalises every thought she has, including telling Nathan she thinks she loves him; Simon becomes the centre of attention; Alisha is repulsive to others; it is suggested that Nathan may be temporarily mortal. Curtis goes to the future, in which he is standing on a rooftop dressed as a superhero and begins kissing an unfamiliar young woman, with whom he seems to have a relationship. Jamie and Lily leave to have sex in the car, but her freezing power also reverses and she bursts into flames. Nathan is saved from the explosion by Superhoodie. Simon then follows an injured Superhoodie back to an apartment but doesn't go in. Nathan reveals his power to Jamie, who wants to make amends with their dad and asks Nathan to accompany him. It is revealed that Jamie died in the burning car and Nathan's power allows him to see dead people. Jamie urges him to reconcile with their father and Nathan sees him one last time, disappearing with his arm around Lily. Curtis tells Alisha about his vision of the future, omitting the other woman. Simon takes the group back to Superhoodie's apartment, which turns out to belong to the woman in Curtis' future. 
9 3 "Episode Three" Tom Green Howard Overman 25 November 2010 (2010-11-25)
The group are left to tidy up a rubbish tip by their indifferent probation worker. After work Alisha is saved from mugging by the mysterious Superhoodie, who can touch her skin without being affected by her power. Meanwhile, Curtis goes to visit the woman from the rooftop, Nikki, but the encounter goes badly. Nathan and Simon accompany Kelly to the tattoo parlour, where Nathan's jibes annoy Vince, the tattoo artist. Vince causes a pain in Nathan's shoulder, but this passes unnoticed by the gang. Afterward, Nathan tries to seduce Simon at the community centre, leaving Kelly confused. When she notices a tattoo of Simon's name on Nathan's shoulder, she returns to the tattoo parlour to confront Vince. Vince reveals that he is in love with her and he uses his power to tattoo a heart containing his name on her back, which apparently forces her to love him. Meanwhile, Alisha decides to use herself as bait for Superhoodie and deliberately gets herself into a dangerous situation. She falls down the stairs and hits her head, waking up in Superhoodie's mysterious den, where she discovers he is in fact Simon from the future. Future Simon tells Alisha he is there to make sure that certain events stay the way they were intended, and that they will one day fall in love. He is remarkably different from present day Simon and says that a lot has changed since they first gained their powers. Alisha is confused by her feelings for future Simon and she and Curtis argue. Curtis calls on Nikki again and extends a helping hand to her. He sees her breathing from a medical oxygen cylinder and finds out she needs a heart transplant. Present Simon deduces that Vince is responsible for his friends' strange behaviour and the gang return to the tattoo parlour. Simon works out that Vince has a nut allergy and threatens him with a packet of peanuts thrown to him earlier by Superhoodie. Vince uses his power to stab Curtis and strangle Simon; Simon manages to throw a peanut into his mouth from afar in the first demonstration of his superhuman aim (as seen in the opening scene of the second series), and Vince releases them all from his power. Future Simon finds Alisha watching a video of the future in which the Misfits are interviewed on television, known as the "ASBO Five". Simon makes her promise not to tell anyone about his true nature or their future. Although they have sex, future Simon makes Alisha promise to stay with Curtis until present Simon is ready. Nathan and Kelly finally kiss, but Kelly stops him and they agree to stay friends. The Misfits discuss their curiosity over Superhoodie's identity and Alisha arouses suspicion when she tries to deflect the question. 
10 4 "Episode Four" Owen Harris Howard Overman 2 December 2010 (2010-12-02)
Future Simon and Alisha continue their secret relationship. Meanwhile, the group are joined on their community service by a boy named Ollie, who reveals that he can teleport. The group are unimpressed by his demonstration and get back to work. While out picking up litter, they are accosted by a seemingly deranged man called Tim. It becomes apparent that Tim believes he is the protagonist of a violent video game, seeking revenge against a crime boss named Conti, who has supposedly stolen his money. Nathan jokingly tells Tim that Simon is Conti, and Tim seems to believe Kelly is Roxy; his ex-fiancée. Ollie tries to intervene, only to be shot dead. The rest of the Misfits escape unharmed but Tim continues to hunt them. Ollie turns out to be an organ donor and his heart is transplanted into Nikki, who makes a miraculous recovery and finds she has inherited his power. Alisha visits future Simon and confronts him after finding out he knew Ollie was going to die. Simon tells her that if he saved Ollie, another person would die (Nikki). Curtis and Alisha are chased by Tim. After avoiding him, they break up, with him thinking of Nikki, and her of Simon. Nikki is at the hospital arguing with the doctors about her new heart, complaining that it's causing her to experience strange things. The doctors brush off her claims as nonsense. Alisha goes to see future Simon, and tells him that she and Curtis are over. She expresses her wish to run away somewhere with him, and says she's always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Simon promises he will take her there. Curtis meets Nikki at Ollie's memorial, where they bond over a discussion of their powers and Curtis asks her out on a date. Later, Kelly and Alisha are ambushed by Tim on the estate and Kelly is taken hostage. Alisha informs the others, and they find the video game that Tim thinks he is in. The Misfits play the game, and conclude that if they follow its plot, the game will end and Tim will leave them alone. The group plan to rob a bank to acquire the £100,000 that Tim wants from Conti. They steal their probation worker's car and Simon turns invisible in order to take the money undetected. Nathan muses on the fact that neither of them ever thought to use their powers to commit crime before. They drive to the meat factory where Tim is waiting. Simon delivers the money, which 'completes' Tim's current level in the game, and he progresses onto the next, in which Tim is now looking for an undercover cop amongst the group. He takes all of them hostage and strings them up on meat hooks. He threatens to kill them all with a chainsaw if the undercover cop doesn't confess. Nikki, who is waiting for Curtis to show up for their date, gets fed up and leaves, but she accidentally teleports to the factory. She unsuccessfully tries to free the group, and is strung up herself. Tim decides to kill Alisha first, but Nathan reluctantly owns up as the cop because he is immortal. Curtis kicks Tim in the face while he is distracted, and Alisha tries to escape, but Tim soon catches up with her. He shoots at her, but future Simon drops down from a skylight and takes the bullet. Alisha removes Simon's mask, and Tim thinks he is Conti. Future Simon tells Tim he is the undercover cop, thus ending Tim's game, and he leaves to engage in his bonus level of breaking a prisoner out of jail. Alisha tells the dying Simon that she loves him, but doesn't know if she can love present Simon. Future Simon tells her that it is Alisha falling in love with him that makes present Simon become him in the future. He then requests that she burn his body so he can't be identified, and dies. Back at the community centre, the group learn that Tim was arrested breaking into a prison. Alisha tries to say something to Simon, but can't and he leaves. Alisha goes to future Simon's lair and cries as she looks at the photos all over the wall. She takes one in particular, which shows her and Simon together in Las Vegas. 
11 5 "Episode Five" Owen Harris Howard Overman 9 December 2010 (2010-12-09)
Nathan accidentally walks in on a girl changing in the locker room, offending her in the process. Suddenly, the lights go out and Nathan is brutally beaten to death. Alisha begins stalking Simon, and the two of them accompany each other on the walk to the community centre. When they arrive, they find Nathan slumped against the wall. He tells them he was killed the previous night, and suspects that it was the girl from the locker room. The girl, named Jessica is revealed to be a charity worker helping out at the community centre. Jessica and Simon begin flirting with each other, while Nathan tells the others to keep a close eye on her. While Kelly is shifting boxes, a young man runs into the hallway in a rush. She hears him thinking that she is attractive, but then a policeman enters in pursuit and he hides. The officer questions Kelly on his whereabouts, but she covers for him and the officer leaves. Up on the roof, the gang warn Simon about Jessica, but he refuses to believe the story and asks her out on a date, which she accepts. Kelly runs into the fugitive she met earlier, and he says his name is Bruno. He offers her a beer to say thanks for helping him, and admits he was involved in a fight, which is why the police are after him. Nathan is in the office, watching with intrigue as Jessica rebuffs the advances of another boy, then runs off. The boy chases after her and Nathan follows, hoping to learn more about his own murder. However, Nathan is shocked when he discovers the boy dead. Convinced Jessica is responsible, Nathan calls everyone to tell them, but only gets through to Alisha. Nathan and Alisha tail Simon on his date with Jessica and spot them kissing. Simon catches them spying on him, and agrees to hear them out. Meanwhile, Bruno brings Kelly to the flat he is squatting in, and they have rough sex. Nikki and Curtis also have sex. Nathan, Alisha and Simon return to the community centre and find the boy's body missing. They conclude Jessica must have hidden it, but Simon again refuses to believe them and tells Nathan to stay away from Jessica. Simon is later handing out flyers when Jessica invites him to a fancy dress party. Simon invites the gang, and Nathan says they can use the opportunity to expose the killer. Kelly and Bruno meet up again in the storage room, where they begin to have sex again, but Bruno is too rough with her and she orders him to leave her alone. Simon and Jessica kiss in the locker room. She tries to tell him something but they're interrupted by her dad, Dave, who is visibly disappointed, but shakes hands with Simon for his daughter's sake. The police find Bruno's squat, and find his fancy dress party ticket. Later, at the party, the gang begin their prowl for the killer, while Jessica's dad watches Simon, and his eyes are bloodshot. He is soon revealed as the killer when he mistakes Simon for a boy in a matching costume and stabs him to death. Kelly and Bruno bump into each other again, he is dressed as a gorilla, and she allows him to explain himself. Curtis checks the roof and realizes it is the scene from his premonition in the second episode. He is met by Nikki, who unexpectedly teleports there, and they have sex. Simon and Jessica lose their virginities to each other, which was what Jessica had earlier tried to tell him. Alisha heads up to roof and catches Curtis and Nikki having sex, but she leaves them to it. Bruno implies that he was affected by the storm, but the police soon gatecrash the party and they flee, Nathan follows. Alisha discovers the body of the boy Jessica's dad killed, hidden away in a cupboard. Worried, she starts looking for Simon, but Jessica's dad finds him first. He is about to kill him when Alisha saves his life by knocking Jessica's dad unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Still running from the police, Bruno scales a building with Kelly on his back, but they are cornered by them on the roof. Bruno is shot, and Kelly removes his mask to find that he is in fact a real gorilla, who was changed into a human by the storm. Kelly sympathizes with him, before he dies. The next day, Nathan comforts Kelly over the night before, and Alisha tells Curtis they are still friends. Simon tells the group about Jessica's dad, who has since been arrested, and also about him and Jessica. Nathan is happy for Simon, while Alisha looks jealous. Nonetheless, Nathan calls for a celebration, and the five of them have a drink on the roof. 
12 6 "Episode Six" Owen Harris Howard Overman 16 December 2010 (2010-12-16)
On the day of the storm, a cafe worker named Brian who is unsatisfied with his day job of serving people milk and cheese, is struck and granted the ability to manipulate dairy products. After perfecting it, Brian wastes no time in revealing his power to the world, and he becomes an instant celebrity. Shaun, the group's probation worker, tells the media about the gang, and before long there are cameras and reporters gathered outside the community centre. Simon warns the group about revealing their powers, however, a woman called Laura approaches them and offers to help them. While Simon is the first to refuse, the others sign up to her scheme. Laura settles the gang in a luxury hotel, where Brian is also staying. Simon also turns up at the hotel after his parents were unable to cope with his power, and Nathan lets him stay with him. Another girl, Daisy, arrives at the hotel, heavily guarded, as she has the power to cure any disease, injury or disability. Brian begins to feel resentment and rejection, as public interest in him is lost in favour of the others and their superior powers. When he goes to his hotel room, his girlfriend openly dumps him and insults his power. However, Brian reveals in full extent what he can do, and kills her by manipulating the Greek yoghurt she had eaten earlier, causing it to rise up into her trachea, choking her. Later, Simon hears (while invisible) Alicia talking about things that the future Simon has said to her, and Simon is confused, and decides to follow Alisha while invisible. She goes to future Simon's lair, and he is shocked to see all the photos on the wall. Alisha lies on the bed and removes the photo of her and Simon in Las Vegas from her purse. Simon sees this, turns visible and demands to know the truth, Alisha has no choice but to tell him about his future self. At the hotel, Laura admits she doesn't have time to represent Brian anymore, to which he responds by killing her. Nathan meanwhile is preparing to kill himself live, when Kelly and Alisha go to the toilets. Brian kills Kelly, and captures Alisha. He texts Simon informing him of the situation, and Nathan goes ahead and kills himself. Simon tells Curtis, but Nikki unintentionally teleports to the hotel and into Brian's room, where Alisha is bound and gagged with plastic clingfilm, while Curtis and Simon race to the hotel. Nathan comes back to life, and is in the locker room when Kelly enters, however, it is her ghost that only Nathan can see, and he quickly heads back to the hotel. When he gets there, he attempts to attack Brian, who uses his power on him. As he cannot kill him, Brian leaves Nathan brain dead. Simon discovers Nathan, and shortly after Alisha and Nikki, both dead. Curtis discovers Laura's body, and then sees Brian roaming the hallways. As Curtis is lactose intolerant, Brian's power is ineffective, so he tries to stab him, but instead stabs Simon, who was invisibly standing between them. Brian makes a run for it, and a dying Simon tells Curtis that they are all dead, and urges him to rewind time and set things right. With this knowledge, Curtis is able to rewind the clock and the gang visit Brian and Curtis punches him in the face. His fate is left unstated but it is presumed he has been stopped from going on his killing spree. Back at the community centre, the gang finally complete their community service, but feel that it isn't anything to celebrate. Simon admits that being with them has been the best time of his life, Nathan admits that he enjoyed it more than he thought, and Curtis is just happy they all made it. Kelly then suggests they all go out for a drink. 
13 7 "Christmas Special" Tom Harper Howard Overman 19 December 2010 (2010-12-19)
Three months have passed since the previous episode, it's just one week before Christmas and gang are trying to settle into normal lifestyles. Kelly still picks up litter, Alisha and Curtis are working in a bar and Nathan works as a Father Christmas and hands out advertisements. Simon and Alisha are an item, and he is aware of his future self. They live together in his underground lair and he practices his free running skills. Alisha is out and notices a graffiti that advertises "Cash Paid For Powers". At the community centre, a disillusioned vicar named Elliot waits alone as no visitors turn up for his preaching session, so he leaves and loses his faith in God. The gang meet up at the bar where Curtis and Alisha work, and Simon tends to his injuries sustained from his free running. An embarrassed Nikki returns after having earlier teleported away by accident while she was having sex with Curtis. Nathan goes to the community centre and meets a pregnant girl named Marnie. They bond instantly and have sex in the locker room. Following up on the poster she saw, Alisha meets Seth, a man who has the ability to remove and harness powers, although he cannot use them himself. Seth buys powers, and deals them out to anybody who can afford them. Desperate to be rid of it, Alisha lets Seth take her power for free. Alisha leaves and heads back to Simon, while Elliot the vicar arrives at Seth's, and buys some powers from him. Simon is shocked when Alisha touches him to no effect, but they have sex and Simon feels inadequate when he cannot perform like his future self. Alisha understands, but Simon believes she will always love his future self more than him. The next day, Nathan tells Marnie he wishes to be there for her and the baby. Elliot is out on the estate, and stuns onlookers when he walks on water. He tells everyone that he is Jesus Christ, having risen again. Simon visits Nathan for some sex advice, also telling him how Alisha sold her power. This prompts Nathan to visit Seth and sell his immortality, for which he gets £2,000 and gives it to Marnie. Elliot is preaching outside to his followers, when a robber; Luke, tries to steal the donation box. Elliot uses telekinesis to levitate the gun away from Luke, who in turn agrees to worship him. At the bar, Alisha tells Curtis, Nikki and Kelly about Seth, and they all happily sell their powers for £20,000 each. Simon is at first reluctant, but Alisha, wishing for them to be a normal couple, convinces him by lying that his future self told her they should sell them. Later on, Alisha and Simon have sex again, but this time he is better, Curtis and Nikki buy tickets for a holiday and Elliot continues to buy powers from Seth, using the money he has conned out of his followers. In the morning, Marnie and Nathan are awoken to the sound of singing, by Elliot and his followers. Luke returns to him with a container of coins, but Elliot orders Luke to go out and steal all the money he can. Luke goes to the bar, and forces the gang to hand over the money. Nikki is accidentally shot and killed during the ordeal. Her death makes the gang realize how important their powers are to them, so they go back to Seth and demand them back. Seth tells Curtis his power was sold, but the others must each pay £40,000. After threatening Seth, they are kicked out. The next day, Alisha is out walking when Elliot catches up to her. He reveals that he has Alisha's power and uses it on her. Fortunately, Luke arrives to tell Elliot how he killed Nikki, and Alisha manages to run away. She admits to Simon that she lied to him, but he forgives her. When she tells him about Elliot, Simon leaves intent on killing him. The gang find Elliot by his locker in the community centre, but he uses Nikki's power to teleport away when they try to attack him. The gang then take his locker, filled with money, in order to buy back their own powers. Elliot attempts to stop them, and uses telekinesis to pull the locker away, but it instead darts toward him and hits him in the head, killing him. Shortly after, Marnie enters labour and has a Christmas birth in the community centre. Finally, with the locker full of money, the gang revisit Seth, who tells them that they can choose whatever powers he has left. Kelly volunteers to go first, and the series ends as Seth gives her a power. 

Series 3 (2011)

The third series of Misfits began transmission on 30 October 2011 with the first of eight episodes. Robert Sheehan, who played Nathan in the first two series of the show, will not appear in the third series. His exit has been shown in an online film that was released on the official Misfits website on 15 September, shortly before the third series airs. The online film has been set in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.[4] A new character called Rudy is introduced in the first episode to replace Nathan, played by Joseph Gilgun.

The online short saw Nathan arrive - along with Marnie and her baby - in Las Vegas with a new superpower that allowed him to perform "magic", assisting him to win a fortune at the casino. After being caught out by the security, Nathan is pursued and arrested. At the local jail, he attempts to speak to Simon with one free phone-call. However, new character Rudy answers the phone instead, and when questioned on who he is, he responds "I'm the new guy" and hangs up. Nathan is last seen being dragged away by a guard towards a cell yelling "Save me, Barry!".

# Title[5] Directed by Written by Original air date[5]
14 1 "Episode One" Wayne Che Yip and Alex Garcia Lopez Howard Overman 30 October 2011 (2011-10-30)
The gang are still together and spend time in Simon and Alisha's underground flat. Each has acquired new powers following the events of series 2; Simon can glimpse into the future, Kelly has complete knowledge of rocket science, Alisha has a form of Clairvoyance which allows her to see what other people are doing and Curtis can change his gender at will. They believe Nathan is still in Vegas with Marnie. Rudy meets the gang when one of his doubles upsets an unstable girl with the ability to 'freeze' people who attempts to set him up for murder. After helping him out they go for a drive only to discover Rudy has stolen a car thus putting them all back in community service. 
15 2 "Episode Two" Wayne Che Yip and Alex Garcia Lopez Howard Overman 6 November 2011 (2011-11-06)
Curtis bypasses his ban on athletics by competing in his female form. While incognito, he learns of his negative outlook on life, and questionable sexual performance from Emma, another athlete whom he fancies. Amongst the unwanted attention he receives from men as a woman, Curtis gets a second chance with Emma. 
16 3 "Episode Three" 13 November 2011 (2011-11-13)

Still trying to fulfil his destiny by becoming SuperHoodie, Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic-book nerd, from being mugged.

Peter is in awe of SuperHoodie - at last he's found a real super-hero to idolise. Peter strikes up a friendship with Simon, a friendship that soon turns into obsession and threatens to destroy everything that Simon holds dear.

Finally, Simon discovers the true sacrifices that you must make to become a real super-hero. 
17 4 "Episode Four" 20 November 2011 (2011-11-20)
18 5 "Episode Five" 27 November 2011 (2011-11-27)
19 6 "Episode Six" 4 December 2011 (2011-12-04)
20 7 "Episode Seven" 11 December 2011 (2011-12-11)
21 8 "Episode Eight" 18 December 2011 (2011-12-18)


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