Miron Vovsi

Miron Vovsi

Miron Vovsi (Russian: Мирон Семёнович Вовси; May 13, 1897, Krāslava, Russian Empire, now Latvia – June 6, 1960, Moscow, Russia) was a prominent physician of the Soviet Union.

He was Joseph Stalin's personal physician. At the end of January 1953 Miron Vovsi was arrested within the frame of the so-named Doctors' Plot. Vovsi is the cousin of Solomon Mikhoels who was assassinated in 1948 at the orders of Stalin. Vovsi was released by Lavrentiy Beria after Stalin's death in 1953, as was his son-in-law, the composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg. In 1983, Mikhoel's daughter, Natalia Vovsi-Mikoels, wrote a biography of her father in Hebrew: My Father Shlomo Mikhoels: The Life and Death of a Jewish Actor.[1]


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