List of military units based in or affiliated with the South Island

List of military units based in or affiliated with the South Island
See also: Coastal fortifications of New Zealand.


Royal New Zealand Navy Bases and Ships of the South Island

Former Royal New Zealand Navy Bases, Ships and Units of the South Island

Royal New Zealand Air Force Bases and Units of the South Island

Former Royal New Zealand Air Force Bases and Units of the South Island

  • RNZAF Addington
  • RNZAF Cashmere
  • RNZAF Darfield
  • RNZAF Dillions Point
  • RNZAF Eyreton (Harris Field)
  • RNZAF Hillside, Dunedin
  • RNZAF Lyttelton
  • RNZAF Maronan
  • RNZAF Mayfield
  • RNZAF Milton
  • RNZAF Momona
  • RNZAF Outram
  • RNZAF Station Ashburton
  • RNZAF Station Birdlings Flat
  • RNZAF Station Christchurch Central
  • RNZAF Station Delta
  • RNZAF Station Fairhall
  • RNZAF Station Harwood
  • RNZAF Station Norwood
  • RNZAF Station Nelson
  • RNZAF Station Omaka
  • RNZAF Station Taieri
  • RNZAF Station Te Pirita
  • RNZAF Station Weedons
  • RNZAF Waimakariri
  • No. 1 Electrical and Wireless School
  • No. 1 Elementary Flying Training School
  • No. 1 Flying Training School
  • No. 1 Ground Training Depot
  • No. 1 Repair Depot
  • No. 1 Service Flying Training School
  • No. 2 Aircraft Storage Unit
  • No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School
  • No. 2 Service Flying Training School
  • No. 2 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 3 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight
  • No. 3 Electrical and Wireless Training Squadron
  • No. 3 Elementary Flying Training School
  • No. 3 Repair Depot RNZAF
  • No. 3 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 3 Stores Depot
  • No. 3 Technical Training School
  • No. 4 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 4 Technical Training Centre
  • No. 10 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 11 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 12 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 16 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 18 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 21 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 22 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 31 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 32 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 41 Squadron RNZAF
  • No. 43 Squadron RNZAF
  • 311 Electrical and Wireless Squadron
  • Administrative Training School
  • Airframe Reconditioning Squadron RNZAF (RNZAF Base Woodbourne)
  • Navigation and Air Electronics Training Squadron RNZAF
  • Pilot Training Squadron RNZAF
  • RNZAF Advanced Ground Training Squadron
  • RNZAF Central Flying School
  • Elementary Ground Training Squadron
  • RNZAF Ground Training Depot
  • RNZAF Initial Training Wing
  • RNZAF NCO's School
  • RNZAF Officers' School of Instruction
  • RNZAF School of General Reconnaissance
  • RNZAF Southern Group Headquarters

South Island Bases and Units of the New Zealand Army

Former South Island Bases and Units of the New Zealand Army

Historically the South Island has provided 1/3 of the New Zealand Army's strength.[citation needed]



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