Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection

Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection
The Complete Columbia Album Collection
Box set by Miles Davis
Released November 24, 2009
Recorded 1949–1985
Genre Jazz
Label Sony Legacy
Producer Daniel Baumgarten, Richard Seidet

Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection is a box set by jazz musician Miles Davis, released in 2009. It contains all the official releases on the Columbia Records label. The box set consists of 70 CDs and 1 DVD.


Album groups

  • 2nd depth is a live recording.
  • Compilations may not belong to one specific period.
  • No## shows the album order in the box set.
  • rec. stands for recorded year, rel. for released year.


  1. No01. In Paris Festival International de Jazz May, 1949 (rec. 1949, rel. 1977)[SRCS 9724]

55-60 with Coltrane

with Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Hank Mobley, Philly Joe Jones, Jimmy Cobb...

  1. No02. 'Round About Midnight (rec. 1955-1956, rel. 1957)[CK-85201]
  2. No05. Milestones (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[CK-85203]
  3. No06. 1958 Miles (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[C6K-65833]
    1. No07. At Newport 1958 (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[CK-85202]
    2. No09. Jazz at the Plaza (rec. 1958, rel.1973)[CK-85245]
  4. No10. Kind of Blue (rec. 1959, rel. 1959)[CK-64935]
  5. No13. Someday My Prince Will Come (rec.1961, rel. 1961)[CK-65919]

with Gil Evans

  1. No04. Miles Ahead (rec. 1957, rel. 1957)[CK-65121]
  2. No08. Porgy And Bess (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[CK-65141]
  3. No11. Sketches Of Spain (rec. 1959-1960, rel. 1960)[CK-65142]
  4. No17. Quiet Nights (rec. 1962-1963, rel. 1963)[CK-65293] + "Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)" and "Devil May Care" [CXK-67397]

61 Sessions

with Hank Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb

    1. No14. In Person Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Complete (rec. 1961, rel.1961, 2CD)[C2K-87097]
    2. No15. In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Complete (rec. 1961, rel.1961, 2CD)[C2K-87100]
    3. No16. At Carnegie Hall (The Complete Concert) (rec. 1961, rel. 1962, 2CD)[C2K-65027]

63-64 Sessions

with George Coleman (Wayne Shorter), Herbie Hancock (Victor Feldman), Ron Carter, Tony Williams (Frank Butler)

  1. No18. Seven Steps to Heaven (rec 1963., rel.1963)[CK-93592]
    1. No19. In Europe (rec. 1963, rel. 1964)[CK-93583]
    2. No20. My Funny Valentine (rec. 1964, rel.1965)[CK 93593]
    3. No21. "Four" & More (rec. 1964, rel.1966)[CK-93595]
    4. No22. Miles In Tokyo (rec. 1964, rel. 1969)[CK-93596]
    5. No23. Miles In Berlin (rec. 1964, rel.1965)[CK-93594]

65-68 The Miles Davis Quintet

with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams

  1. No24. E.S.P. (rec. 1965, rel. 1965)[CK-65683]
    1. No25. Live At The Plugged Nickel (rec.1965, 2CD)[CXK-66955]
  2. No26. Miles Smiles (rec.1966, rel. 1967)[CK-65682]
  3. No27. Sorcerer (rec.1967, rel. 1967)[CK-65680]
  4. No28. Nefertiti (rec. 1967, rel. 1968)[CK-65681]
    1. DVD Miles Davis In Germany & Sweden (10/31/67)
  5. No30. Miles in the Sky (rec.1968, rel. 1968)[CK-65684]
  6. No29. Water Babies (rec. 1967-1968, rel.1976)[CK-86557]

68-70 Music Directed by Miles Davis

with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Ron Carter, Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette...

  1. No31. Filles de Kilimanjaro (rec. 1968, rel.1969)[CK-86555]
  2. No32. In a Silent Way (rec.1969 rel. 1969)[CK-86556]
  3. No33. Bitches Brew (rec. 1969, rel. 1970, 2CD)[C2K-65774]
  4. No35. A Tribute to Jack Johnson (rec. 1970, rel. 1971)[CK-93599]
    1. No36. Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970: It's About that Time (rec. 1970, rel. 2001, 2CD)[C2K-85191]
    2. No37. Black Beauty: Miles Davis at the Fillmore West (rec. 1970, rel. 1973, 2CD)[C2K-65138]
    3. No38. Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (rec. 1970, rel. 1970, 2CD)[C2K-65139]
    4. No39. Isle Of Wight (rec. 1970, rel. 2009)
    5. No40. Live-Evil (rec. 1970, rel.1971, 2CD)[C2K-65135]
  5. No03. Circle in the Round (rec. 1955–1970, rel. 1979, 2CD)[C2K-46862] Compilation
  6. No12. Directions (rec. 1960–1970, rel.1981, 2CD)[SRCS 9761/2] Compilation
  7. No34. Big Fun (rec.1969–1972, rel. 1974, 2CD)[C2K-63973]

72-75 On the Corner

  1. No41. On The Corner (rec. 1972, rel.1972)[CK-63980]
    1. No42. In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall (rec. 1972, rel. 1973, 2CD)[C2K-65140]
  2. No44. Get Up With It (rec. 1970-1974, rel.1974, 2CD)[C2K-63970]
    1. No43. Dark Magus (rec. 1974, rel.1977, 2CD)[C2K-65137]
    2. No45. Agharta (rec. 1975, rel. 1976, 2CD)[C2K-46799]
    3. No46. Pangaea (rec. 1975, rel. 1975, 2CD)[C2K-46115]

81-83 with Bill Evans & Marcus Miller

  1. No47. The Man With The Horn (rec. 1980-1981, rel.1981)[CK-36790]
    1. No48. We Want Miles (rec. 1981, rel. 1982, 2CD)[SICP 1235/6 ] + 3 bonus trks from Miles!, Miles!, Miles!
  2. No49. Star People (rec. 1982-1983, rel. 1983)[CK-38657]

83-85 Final albums on Columbia

  1. No50. Decoy (rec. 1983, rel. 1984)[CK-38991]
  2. No51. You're Under Arrest (rec. 1984-1985, rel. 1985)[CK-40023]
  3. No52. Aura (rec. 1985, rel. 1989)[CK-45332]


  • Box Set Producer - Daniel Baumgarten and Richard Seidet
  • Boxset Supervision/A&R - Steve Berkowitz
  • Mastering Engineer - Mark Wilder and Maria at Battery Studio, NYC
  • Mastering coordination - Donna Kloepfer
  • Project Direction - Adam Farber and Zak Profera
  • Archival Research - Michael Panico and Tom Tierney
  • Tape Research - Matt Kelly
  • Art Direction and Design - Bruno Lefèvre, Christophe Javault and Juliette Carrico / Objectif Lune [Paris]
  • English translation - Michelle Sommers and Diane Cousineau
  • Editorial Supervision [English translation] - Jeremy Holiday and Sheri Miller

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