List of Gakuen Alice characters

List of Gakuen Alice characters


The following is a list of characters from the anime and manga series, Gakuen Alice (Gakuen Alice). Names are displayed in Western order (given name before surname.)

Students of Elementary School Division

Mikan Sakura (or Mikan Yukihira)
Mikan Sakura.jpg
First appearance Chapter 1
Created by Tachibana Higuchi
Voiced by Kana Ueda
Age 10 (debut); 11 (chapter 53-139); 12 (current)
Gender Female
Notable relatives

Izumi Yukihira (father, deceased); Yuka Azumi (mother, deceased); Kazumi Yukihira (uncle); Grandfather (adoptive);

Natsume Hyuga (boyfriend, fiance)

Mikan Sakura

Sakura Mikan (佐倉 蜜柑?) Voiced by: Kana Ueda

- Other names: Polka dots; Ichigo Kara (Strawberry pattern); Mikan no kimi.

- Age: 10 (debut), 12 (current).

- D.O.B.: January 1 (not real birthday; likely in May)

- Alice: Nullification, Stealing and Insertion Alice; Amplification, Teleportation and Telepathy Alice (Temporary).

- Class: Special Ability Class, and is soon transferred to Dangerous Ability Class in the Manga.

- Relatives: Grandfather (adoptive); Azumi Yuka (mother, deceased); Izumi Yukihara (father, deceased); Kazumi Yukihara (uncle); Natsume Hyuuga (boyfriend/fiance)

Mikan is the protagonist of the story.[1] She is an optimistic, cute, athletic, and good-nature girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble. She is a cheerful and energetic person, much to the annoyance of her mellow-headed best friend, Hotaru , and used to live with her adoptive grandfather in the country before transferring to Alice Academy. Later in the series, it is revealed that Mikan is the daughter of Yuka Azumi and Izumi Yukihira. She is also the niece of the High School Principle on her father's side. Her father died before she was born and her mother left her with her adoptive grandfather to protect her from the academy.

She was shocked to hear that Hotaru was moving to an academy in Tokyo for young 'geniuses' and had become upset when she only sends her one letter during the time Hotaru left. When she heard rumors that students were like slaves in Alice Academy (felt was a possibility, since they gave money to parents for sending their children to the school), Mikan left her grandfather and her home to go after Hotaru by herself. She was then accepted to Alice Academy by Narumi-sensei and could attend Alice Academy with Hotaru and many other children. She was later told by Narumi that the so-called 'Alice' means a special power, not special academic results. At that time, Mikan didn't exactly know what her alice was.[2]

She discovers that her alice is Nullification;[1] an Alice which she inherited from her father, Yukihira Izumi. The Nullfication Alice can temporarily cancel out the powers of other Alices in close proximity to her. She also possesses the Stealing and Insertion Alices, which she inherited from her mother, Azumi Yuka. All of her Alices are very rare and special. In the early episodes it was stated that her Nullification Alice was unstable and worked best when protecting people she feels strongly for (i.e. Hotaru, Natsume, Ruka, etc.) However, Mikan is later able to control and utilize her powers effectively with help from her teacher, Nodacchi, and her partner, Natsume Hyuuga.

At the beginning of the story, she was placed in the Special Abilities class, a class with students that have rare and uncommon Alices. Upon the discovery of her Stealing and Insertion Alice, she was transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class and forced into the Elementary School Principal's control. She is currently a Single Star, but the rank will most likely be changed to Special Star upon discovery of her Stealing Alice. Like her mother before her, her Stealing Alice caused her to receive unwanted attention from the Elementary School Principal and she becomes his favorite student. In chapter 96, she is moved to the Dangerous Ability Class by the Elmentary Principle so he can gain use of her Stealing Alice, but Natsume and her friends come to her defense and help her escape from him.

While running away from the Elementary Principle, her uncle tells her the truth about her parents and birth, which shocks her. She is also asked that she leave with her mother for her own safety. She refused because she distrusted her mother for harming her friends in the Z arc. However, after looking at her mother's past and witnessing her father's death, she decides to go with her mother and realizes that she loves her mother. Unfortunately, her mother is killed by a bomb planted by Goshima as part of the Elementary School Principal's orders to prevent her from escaping and she agrees to sacrifice her freedom in order to protect the students. From chapter 140, she is imprisoned in the Main Building by the Elementary Principle and forbidden to leave her room and have contact with her friends.

At first, she is disliked by her classmates and teachers due to her stubborness and naiveness. She was the subject to frequent bullying, but she is always defended by Hotaru and her closest friends. Many were doubtful of her because she initially didn't know what her Alice was at first, but she gradually earns their respect as she proves herself as an Alice. She even wins over those who hated her at first, like Natsume, and becomes well-liked and popular among her peers. While she has strong attachments to her friends, she is clueless about love and romance due to her believing that she is too young to like boys. She is even oblivious of the feelings of Natsume and Ruka, and thought of them as friends. When she met Natsume, she hated him due to his cold and perverted attitude, and was appalled that Narumi had chosen Natsume to be her partner. However, as she gets to know him, she realizes his problems and comes to care for him, and eventually falls in love with him. She doesn't realize her true feelings, even though she has her first kiss by him at the end of Chapter 50, until chapter 134, when she feels Natsume's feelings and confesses to him. In chapter 144 and 145, she and Natsume directly confess their love to each other, and accepts Natsume's proposal.

Hotaru Imai

Imai Hotaru (今井 蛍?) Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (anime), Miyuki Sawashiro (Gakuen Alice Drama CD--only released bundled with a copy of Hana to Yume magazine)

- Other name: Wakamurasaki no kimi.

- Age: 10 (debut), 12 (current)

- D.O.B: October 25

- Relatives: Mother, Father, Subaru Imai (older brother).

- Alice: Invention.

- Class: Technical Ability Class.

Hotaru is intelligent, rational, and aloof. She is Mikan's best friend and the reason why Mikan came to the academy. She is considered geeky and more than a little strange because of her personality. She often punishes Mikan by hitting her with her inventions. Despite this, Hotaru deeply cares for Mikan, such as when she knocked their math teacher, Jinno-sensei, unconscious, when he was punishing Mikan. She also tends to hog food and take money (a large portion of it came from lending money to Mikan and putting her in debt) for herself. When encouraging Mikan to leave with her mother she says that the bond they had built will continue growing no matter where they are and "if it's them they'll be okay." Hotaru regrets not being able to tell her older brother, Subaru, anything, and "wants her brother back" so she can learn everything about him.[3] Despite her somewhat aloof and distant attitude, she truly cares about her friends and is willing to sacrifice herself to save Mikan and others. Her relation with her brother may seem cool on the outside, as they often insult each other and try to see who is more intelligent, but Hotaru has missed her brother all the years when he was in the academy, and later recognizes the fact that he always loved his family and wants to be closer to her. Mikan inserted a Stealing alice stone into her body at the end of chapter 125.

She belongs to the Technical Class and is a Triple Star. She is often viewed as a genius, and her Invention Alice gains her a lot of respect from others. Her inventions are based on and look similar to animals. Hotaru, despite her young age, has already received support from major companies, and she is offered the chance of going to study abroad. Her name means "Firefly". Hotaru at times calls Mikan an idiot or dummy but that's most of the time. Despite how she treats her, Hotaru loves Mikan as a sister. She also enjoys teasing, or accurately torturing, Mikan's admirers (Natsume and Ruka). In chapter 154, Hotaru tells Natsume that she will not officially hand Mikan over to him if he doesn't promise to survive the battle with the Elementary Principle. When he promises, she says that Mikan will be best with him, meaning that she trusts him in taking care of Mikan.

Natsume Hyuuga

Hyuuga Natsume (日向 棗?) Voiced by: Romi Paku

A.K.A: Kuro Neko (Black Cat)

Age: 10 (debut), 12 (current)

D.O.B: November 27

Alice: Fire

Class: Dangerous Ability Class

Relatives: Aoi Hyuuga(younger sister); Kaoru Igarashi(mother, deceased); Mr.Hyuuga(father); Mikan Sakura (girlfriend/fiancee)

Natsume is the male protagonist in the series. He is a genius and likes to ditch class frequently. He is hated and feared by a lot of students and is unhappy with the school, and knows of the intentions of its adults. Natsume is involved in top-secret missions for the Academy as he belongs to the Dangerous Ability Class. He is the only Special Star in the Elementary Division. Despite his intellegence, he has no other talents, especially in music, and doesn't care about his studies. He is disliked by several students and teachers who see him as a bad influence or because of his Alice. However, he is admired by some of his classmates for his rebellious attitude and has several female admirers, much to his dismay.

He possesses the Alice of Fire, and is referred to as the "most powerful student of the lower classes" by Narumi. Early in the series, he is seen as physically ill and frequently going to the hospital. He is later seen coughing up blood. In the Z arc, it is revealed that he actually suffers from the 4th shape of Alice called Limtiless, which damages his body each time he uses his Alice. Because of this, he wear two control devices on each of his ears that should control his Alice a bit, but this proves to be futile because his Alice is too strong. In the Time Travel arc, it is discovered that he inherited his illness from his mother. Natsume acknowledges that his illness is shortening his life and that he can die from it.

In the Hime Hana arc, it is revealed that Natsume lived with his father and younger sister, Aoi. His mother died in a car accident when he young. He was enrolled into the academy because his sister, Aoi, became ill and burned their village down after finding an Alice stone Persona had left for Natsume. To protect Aoi, Natsume took the blame for her and was despised by the villagers, which explains why many students at the academy call him a "murderer". His time in the academy was no better; he is physically and emotionally abused by the Elementary Principle and Persona. He is forced to do secret missions for the academy because the Elementary Principle held Aoi captive and threatened to harm other people Natsume cares for (ex. Ruka and later Mikan). Like Mikan, he is bullied by older students, but he never hesitates to use his Alice on them.

He was paired-up as Mikan's "partner" by Narumi because of she is the only person that can cancel Natsume's powers and that only she can save Natsume from the academy's darkness. At first, he thought of Mikan as annoying and ignored her, and whenever he did pay attention to her, he insulted her and bullied her. However, as he gets to know her, he develops a softness for her and lets her be around him more. Due to her innocent and cheerful personality, Natsume falls in love with Mikan, and although he doesn't say it, he shows it through his jealousy when Mikan is with other guys. He is well aware that his best friend, Ruka, is also in love with Mikan, and at times he would push Mikan to him. He frequently sexually harasses her (in particular by commenting on her lack of chest and looking up her skirt, he also stole her skirt when they first met in the anime and stole her underwear when they met in the manga.[4]) Despite how he treats her, he truly cares about her and wants to protect her. He and Ruka have a seemingly friendly rivalry over Mikan, who is oblivious about their feelings, even though Natsume had kissed her on the lips twice and gets overprotective of her in critical moments. Natsume later makes more obvious signs to Mikan that he loves her (such as leaving her his Alice stone, holding her hand, hugging her, and vowing to protect her with his life). Due to Luna's chaos, they are estranged, but still care for each other. When Mikan is transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class by the Elementary Principle, Natsume defends her and confesses to the entire class that he loves her. Then, while running away from the elementary Principle, he says that he wants to become an adult so he can run away with Mikan. As they looked into Mikan's mother's past, Mikan and Natsume reconcile with each other and accept their relationship. In chapters 144-145, they directly confess their love to each other and exchange Alice stones, and he makes an indirect "marriage proposal" to her, which she accepts. He also states that she would forever be his.

Ruka Nogi

In the anime Luca is called Ruka, but in the original manga his name is Luca Nogi, called Ruka-Pyon/Luca-Pyon by close friends (乃木 流架Nogi Ruka?) Voiced by: Miwa Yasuda

Ruka is half French and half Japanese. He is Natsume's childhood friend and often referred by Mikan throughout the story as "Ruka-pyon" (translated as Luca-hop in English). He has a gentle and pleasant personality that balances out that of Natsume. In chapter 48, after Youichi kisses Mikan on the cheek to say thanks, Ruka does the same and asks Mikan to keep it a secret, because even though he loves her, so does Natsume. Hotaru also knows about it and asks him to tell it to Mikan. He always carries around a rabbit as he has the animal pheromone Alice, so he can make them fall in love with him and can communicate.

Tsubasa frequently teases him about his obvious attraction to Mikan; however, he decides to let her go for Natsume's sake. He believes that Natsume needs her more, and that because of Natsume's and Mikan's family history, they were fated to be together forever. He confessed his love to Mikan saying if only time stopped because he didn't want her to go away but also told her that he supports her relationship with Natsume because he loves them both very much. He is happy for them because he is grateful for Mikan for changing Natsume and bringing him happiness.

He belongs to the Somatic class and is a Triple Star student like Hotaru and Iinchou, but later throws away his stars, and becomes a No-Star, saying how light he felt without them. His stars were returned to him shortly after this incident though.

Ruka has the animal pheromone alice the opposite of Narumi's Alice. His alice allows for animals to adore him and with this do as he likes. While using his Alice, Luca is shown to also show an adoring side to the animals. Ruka also is able to understand what animals say. With his alice, Ruka wants to grow up to be a veterinarian. As seen that his Alice isn't very powerful, he doesn't wear any prevention devices to contain his Alice. In the anime, Ruka's Alice wasn't stopped by Mikan's nullification alice as seen in the second to last episode. In the current arc Ruka temporarily has a barrier Alice that was inserted by Mikan's Insertion Alice. He finds out about the Alice in chapter 128 when a bird bounces off his barrier, protecting Mikan.

Yuu Tobita

Tobita Yū (飛田 裕?) Voiced by: Fuyuka Ōura

Yuu is the class representative (thus known by the majority of the class as "Inchō" or "Inchou" however in the English translation of the manga he is known as "Prez"). He has the Alice of Illusion. During the Alice Festival, his illusions were a major hit in the Haunted House attraction of the Latent Ability Class. As stated by Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka, he is a force to be reckoned with. He has his hands full with taking care of Mikan and does not seem to get tired of it. According to the author, he fell in love with Mikan at first sight, but he never puruses his feelings, deciding to be her friend and do anything for her[5] He has an innocent personality and won the Perfect Student Award.

Mikan's mother steals his Alice in the manga[6] causing Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa to chase after them to get it back. Although, they were mainly after a cure for Hotaru. When Mikan and the others returned, they did not have Iinchō's Alice, but he regains it when Narumi brings it to him.

He is in the Latent Ability Class. He is currently a Triple Star.

Sumire Shouda

Shouda Sumire (正田 スミレ?) Voiced by: Chiwa Saito

Sumire Shouda is the self-proclaimed president of the fanclub Natsume and Luca. She is proud, blunt, bossy, and a bit of a nag, but cares for her friends. She plays the violin and has a cat-dog Alice which gives her significantly increased hearing and tracking capabilities, she also has cat whiskers and ears and walks on all fours while using her Alice. She firmly believes that Alices are superior to normal people and those who don't have or care about their Alices are a shame to the academy. However despite her pride in being an Alice, she is embarrassed of her own and does not like to show it in public. Her nickname is "Permy" but only Mikan, Natsume, and Kokoro Yomi call her that. She is a double Star and belongs to the Somatic class along with Ruka. Although Sumire is initially hostile towards Mikan (because Mikan received a lot of attention from Natsume and Ruka), she later becomes good friends with her and fights alongside Mikan and her friends against the Elementary School Principal. Her older brother is also an Alice. It is hinted that she has feelings for Koko, her partner and childhood friend, even though she never shows it.

Nonoko Ogasawara

Ogasawara Nonoko (小笠原 野乃子?) Voiced by: Ai Nonaka

Nonoko is one of Mikan's classmates[1] and she is one academic year younger than she is. She has the Alice of Chemistry and likes to experiment with dangerous chemicals. She is a member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is an elegant girl from a rich family (Explained in her profile in the manga).[7] She belongs to the Technical Class. She is a Single Star student.

Anna Umenomiya

Umenomiya Anna (梅ノ宮 アンナ?) Voiced by: Rie Kanda

Anna is a cute pink-haired classmate of Mikan.[1] She has the Alice of Cooking and makes up various dishes for her friends. She can make some of her dishes come to life. She is member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is usually seen with Nonoko and she also has a crush on Misaki-sensei. She looks up to her sister named Miruku who has the same Alice as her.[8] She also belongs in the Technical Class. She is also a Single Star like Nonoko and Mikan.

Youichi Hijiri

Hijiri Yōichi (聖 陽一?) Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō

Yōichi is attached to Natsume whom he sees as a big brother figure, but seems to dislike Mikan at first. Later, he becomes attached to Mikan and even kissed her on her cheek once. He eventually starts to "cling" to her later on in the manga and sees her as a big sister figure. He has become very fond of Mr. Bear.[9]

He has the Alice of summoning bad spirits, a Dangerous Ability type. He is very bright for a three year old. Natsume likes him since he feels that the boy is just like him and Natsume is also helping Yōichi to be transferred out of the Dangerous Ability class.

During the Hana Princess arc, he accidentally ate an aging candy that he stole from Hotaru which let him become thirteen years older for the time that he is eating the candy.[10] The side effects gave him the ability to switch between younger and older self, although randomly.. He still has the mind of a three-year-old when he changes his age, which makes it awkward for Mikan in some situations, because he likes hugging and getting carried by her.

He is the youngest member of the Dangerous Ability Class. He is a Single Star student. When he's older, it is likely the Elementary School Principal will make him go out on mission's.

He also appears in M to N no Shōzō as Eiichi Hijiri's younger brother.He appears in the manga and anime

Wakako Usami

Usami Wakako (宇佐美 和歌子?) Voiced by: Junko Ueda

She is the best friend of Sumire and is a minor character in the story. Her Alice is teleportation. Wakako only appears in the anime. She is also the reason why Mikan got a no-star ranking in the beginning of the story in the anime.

She belongs to the Latent Ability type. She is a Single Star.

Luna Koizumi

Koizumi Runa (小泉 月?)

Luna is a new transfer student in Mikan's class. Her introduction started with her wanting to sit next to Natsume, but Mikan is in the seat she desires. Luna coughs viciously, so Mikan gets up from her seat, which is when Natsume grabs her arm and says, "What are you doing? I'm the one that gets to decide who sits beside me. So Mikan, stay here." Everyone is surprised at what Natsume says, but then Luna coughs out blood, so Natsume had no choice but to let Luna sit next to him. She is currently a member of the Dangerous Ability Division and holds a grudge on Mikan's mother, Yuka (she also knew Natsume's mother too and that she didn't like her very much). Luna was sent to awaken Mikan's stealing Alice, and uses her own Alice to turn everyone against Mikan. In the manga series it appeared that Mikan ended up stealing Luna's Alice when Mikan was forced to join the Dangerous Ability's Class; however, since then, she has been seen using it. Luna's Alice is the Soul-sucking Alice, which allows her to control people who have been marked with a black spot on their neck. It has also been stated that she can kill people using the same method, though this has not been witnessed as of yet.

Luna is Yuka's ex-best friend. They met in elementary school and Luna, who admired Yuka, asked Yuka to be friends with her. However, by middle school, they became estranged when Yuka accidentally stole her Alice and that Luna was jealous that Yuka was receiving a lot of attention from the ESP. it is unknown why Luna is attracted to the ESP, presumably because he (falsely) tells her that she's special and he has affection for her. When Yuka placed Alice Stones in the ESP's body, Luna promised to help him capture and punish Yuka. She later became Mikan's classmate because of a mission given to her by the Elementary School Principal. She is in her 11-year old appearance because of eating the banned Gulliver candy (in order to become Mikan's classmate). She also sets out to sour Mikan and Natsume's relationship, not only out of hate towards them but also for her hatred for their parents, especially towards Yuka. In chapter 137, as Yuka dies, Luna saw that she was wrong to do those hurtful things that she did and forgave Yuka. Realizing that the ESP had deliberately brainwashed her and was responsible for Yuka's death, Luna turns to alcohol to ease her pain and questions her loyalty towards him.

Hoshio Hoshino

Hoshino Hoshio (星野 保志雄?)

Hoshio (often nicknamed Hosshan) is a boy from the Special Ability type class who is required to wear a mask at all times in order to control his Alice. He has the weather Alice. It is said that his emotions influence his alice a lot (i.e. When he is sad, it rains).

However, his Alice is "Childhood", which is why in chapter 76 of the manga (the only time he appears), it was shown that his parents came to pick him up from the Academy to take home.

As a farewell gift, the rest of the Special Ability class gave him their Alice stones, Mikan included. He accepted all of them except for Mikan's, because he figured that someone else (Natsume) needed it more than he did. Mikan and the others were present when he was picked up, and on the day he left, there was a rainbow in the sky because he felt bliss.

Kokoro Yome

Kokoroyomi (心読み?) Voiced by: Megumi Matsumoto

Koko is a young boy from the same class as Mikan. He has the Alice that involves reading a person's mind,[1] causing him to repeat them out loud and often making situations worse. He uses this against Mikan while she was being attacked by Mochu's alice telekinesis.[11] He is always seen with a smile on his face because when he was younger, Sumire scolded him for not showing any emotion and nobody would be his friend. Now all he does is smile. It is implied that he has feelings for Sumire, but constantly teases her.

He belongs to the Latent Ability Class and is a Single Star student. His Alice shape is Diffuse. "Kokoroyomi" means "Mind Reader". He also has an innocent crush on the middle school division Misaki.


Kitsuneme (キツネ目君?)

He has an Alice which enables him to fly. He is very good friends with Yome, but is more of a side character. He mostly spends time doing pranks with Yome. He and Yome are like twins, due to their same attitude. In the manga, he bought an 'Infinite expansion chewing gum' to fly, although he can already fly. He has a dog called 'Pochi'.

He and Yome appears to have an innocent crush on Misaki Harada.

He belongs to the Latent Ability Class.

Students of Middle School Division

Tsubasa Andō

Andō Tsubasa (安藤 翼?) Voiced by: Makoto Naruse

Tsubasa is a middle school student who is one of the first students to be kind to Mikan. He has the Alice of manipulating shadows. He met Mikan when he saves her from bullies. They have a brother-sister relationship. He has a star shaped mark on the left of his face, which is actually a punishment mark and will put him under pain by the person who gave it to him, which was Rui Amane, who seems to like him. He often enjoys teasing Natsume and Ruka over Mikan as he knows of their romantic feelings for her. As Natsume knows that Mikan has a crush on Tsubasa, he makes it a point to be around them so nothing happens. He is a member of Watching Over Ruka group.Besides Kaname, he is the only one who can stop Mr. Bear since he is Kaname's best friend. He was previously in the Special Ability Class but was transferred to the Dangerous Ability Class though he hides this fact from Mikan. However, Mikan later finds out that Tsubasa is in the Dangerous Ability Class when he fails to return from a mission. He comes back later on in Chapter 107 as Yuka saved him. In chapter 131, it is confirmed that he is in love with Misaki Harada ( Because when Tsubasa goes to save Mikan in the manga, he asks Misaki to be his girlfriend if he came back alive, and she states she thought they had already been going out). In chapter 134 Tsubasa learns that Mikan's Insertion alice has given him the Pheromone alice. His name "Tsubasa" means 'Wings'. Before going to the final battle with the ESP and Z, he confessed to Misaki, who returned his feelings.

He is a double star. Despite this, Tonouchi states in Chapter 37: "The only reason they decreased his star count was because of his Mark of Punishment. No questions asked, in terms of ability, that fellow has the power of a three-star."

Misaki Harada

Harada Misaki (原田 美咲?) Voiced by: Marina Inoue

Misaki is good friends with Tsubasa and loves to pick on him a lot. However she is in love with Tsubasa, even though she denied at first. She also belongs to the Special Ability class and is one of the most beautiful looking people there. She has a Doppelganger Alice that allows her to multiply herself into two or more. She is very up-beat.

She danced the Last Dance with Tsubasa during the festival, which, according to the Alice tradition, is a 'dance of love', and any couple that dances during this will be together forever. She and Tsubasa have even been described as a 'married couple' in the anime.

She is also a member of Watching Over Ruka group. And it somehow appears that Kitsuneme and Yome have innocent crushes on her.[12] As a senpai, she takes good care of Mikan, especially in Tsubasa's absence. She is more like a big sister. She is shown to have good fighting abilities as she can easily beat up guys in a fight. During the Escape arc it is revealed she was caught by the ESP along with several other students.

In the manga, her hair is a bit longer and she ties it up when she went to the Flower Princess Festival.

When Tsubasa goes to save Mikan in the manga, he asks Misaki to be his girlfriend if he came back alive, and she states she thought they had already been going out.


Megane (メガネ?)

Megane is one of Tsubasa and Misaki's friends. He wears spectacles and he has an Alice of Spirit hopping. 'Megane' is presumably a nickname, since it means glasses/spectacles in Japanese. He can possess any thing from robots to oranges and vases. In the anime, it is said that he has a crush on Megumi during the Special Ability's role-playing game in the Alice Festival.

He belongs to the Special Ability Class.

Yuri Miyazono

Miyazono Yuri (宮園 百合?) Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi

Yuri is very popular with the girls mainly because of her female pheromone Alice. This is a fact which embarrasses her, but she claims that she is straight. There is a possibility that her name, Yuri, is a play on the Japanese word yuri, which is used to describe lesbian relationships. Yuri can also mean Lily.

She first appeared in episode 19 of the anime, where she was supposed to act as the prince but later was replaced by Mikan, because of an incident of sticking gum/bomb stuck on her hands, body and foot.

In the manga, she is also seen to be one of the Hana-Hime princesses in the Hana-Hime den.

She is in the Somatic class.

Kaname Sonō

Sonō Kaname (園生 要?) Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi

Kaname is Tsubasa's best friend. He was a very lonely kid with few friends due to his condition. He possesses the Alice of placing souls into stuffed animals, thus causing them to come to life. He has poor health and his usage of his Alice affects his lifespan. Despite this, he still makes dolls, for it is his way of proving to himself that he can make people happy. And the dolls he made serve as 'evidences of his existence'. He is also the creator of Mr. Bear. He has grown to like Mikan for her kindness and cheerfulness, and is thankful for her friendship with Mr. Bear. Kaname also seems to have a way with women, since in chapter 28, the girls who adopted his dolls came to help him fix up Mr. Bear's house. Mikan and Hotaru once drew a picture that looked like him as 'their ideal man' when they were living in their small village. Tsubasa warned Mikan and Hotaru 'don't fall in love with him, kiddos', and also remarked that Kaname 'really knows how to use his selling points to his greatest advantage...' It is strongly hinted that he suffers from the fourth Alice shape, but never confirmed. As a result of his illness, he is MIA throughout the series and has appeared in two arcs of the series.

According to the anime, his favorite flowers are rape blossoms, which Mr. Bear brought them to Kaname daily during his hospital leave.

He belongs to the Technical Class.He is currently a Double Star.

Nobara Ibaragi

Ibaragi Nobara (茨木 のばら?)

Nobara is a first year student in the Middle School Division. When she first met Mikan, she thought of Mikan as a cute girl. In the Academy, she is always being hated because of her Ice Alice and thus people nick naming her "The Snow Woman" or "Ice Princess". Mikan is the first one to approach her with kindness and warmth, leading her to admire Mikan very much. In the Hana Princess arc, when Persona, who refers to her as a "doll", asked her to harm Mikan, she could not do it. She also has multiple personalities, which she used to her advantage in the Hana Princess arc.

After the Hana Princess arc, she was in a room by a window watching Natsume, Mikan and Ruka playing outside. She grew very sad and went over to Persona, who was still recovering from when his Alice backfired (which happened in Chapter 68) and laid her head on his lap. Nobara has a strong attachment to Persona, who feels the same way, despite all the bad things he's done.

In the Sports Festival, Nobara is revealed to be on the Red Team. She knows something about Luna, and tried to tell Mikan. However, Tsubasa, who was carrying Mikan, ran away out of fright from Rui, who was carrying Nobara.

Nobara continues to observe Mikan from a distance, with the desire to talk and to be with her. However, her current position with Persona and the Elementary School Principal doesn't allow her to. It is revealed that Nobara had longed to have a female friend in the Dangerous Ability Class since she is the only girl in the Dangerous Ability Class, and Persona and the Elementary Principal have plans of transferring Mikan to that class. Nobara is deeply concerned by this because she doesn't want Mikan to be in danger.

She was instructed to capture Mikan and Natsume, but she disobeys her orders and faces the consequences as she could not bring herself to harm Mikan. She left Mikan and the gang to fight Persona by herself, so Mikan wouldn't get hurt. She knows about Persona's past and says she will not leave his side. While Persona regrets infecting her, Nobara doesn't blame him for it.

She is in the Dangerous Ability class. She only appears in the manga.

Hayate Matsudaira

Matsudaira Hayate (松平 颯?)

Hayate is a Dangerous Ability type. He possesses the wind Alice He is a third year student in the Middle School Division and he's in the same class with Tsubasa. He also has an extremely huge crush on Hotaru, who tends to insult him and doesn't remember his name.

Hayate thinks Hotaru looks a lot like a game character he really used to love as a child named "Cool Blue Sky". Rui had once said something along the lines of Hayate liking cute guys, but it has not been confirmed yet (he might be a loli/shotacon).

Because of saving Hotaru from the school (chapter 98), Hayate can not go back to the Dangerous Ability Class anymore. As a request from Kakitsubata, Hayate is now allowed to stay in Hanahime-den.

He only appears in the manga.

Yura Otonashi

Otonashi Yura (音無 由良?) Voiced by: Junko Ueda

Otonashi first appears in episode 8, and is the first student from Elementary Class B to graduate from Elementary School and move up to the Middle School. She is also the oldest member in the class.

In the manga, she is seen dancing with her older boyfriend in the Last Dance of the Alice Festival, much to Mikan's surprise. Her Alice can see into the past, present, and future by performing a dance.

She is in the Latent Ability Class. She is a Double Star.


Kusami is a second year at the academy. He owned the "Alice Mask" that Natsume took to hide his face. As a result Natsume was mistaken as Kusami and deliberately was pushed to join the 'borrowing race' event. After the 'love confessed fireworks by the mask man' they noticed that the guy who ran the race was not Kusami at all, so technically the white team lost by default.

Another encounter was when Kusami looked for Natsume and introduced himself as his fellow classmate before he was transferred at the middle school department the previous year.

He also promised Natsume that he will never tell anyone that the culprit for the white team's default was actually Natsume himself. Before he could talk more Natsume once again took his mask and ran toward Mikan and hugged her to comfort her. After that he returned the mask to Kusami and left.


He is the nearly bald kid that hangs around with Natsume. He has the Telekinesis Alice. At the beginning of the anime, he used his Alice on Mikan while Koko was reading her mind. He hates Mikan at first, but he later becomes friends with her. (Even to a comedic point, as seen in chapter 89)

He is in the Latent Ability Class. He's a Double Star student.

Students of High School Division

Akira Tonouchi

Tonouchi Akira (殿内 明良?)

He is the representative of the Special Ability type. He is a playboy and likes girls a lot. He particularly likes touching and flirting with Mikan, which often makes Natsume jealous. In the manga, when Akira is first introduced, he puts Mikan on his lap, but Tsubasa tells her to get away from him saying, "Leave that fellow now Mikan.". When Mikan eats an aging candy that turns her into a 15 year old in chapter 34, Tono orders her to sleep with him, much to Tsubasa's disgust. Tono is Tsubasa's senior and he seems to be pretty close with him. He is a popular and good-looking young man with long black hair.

Mikan likes him very much and gets along with him well. Natsume, like Tsubasa, doesn't get along with him. He has grown attached to Mikan as well. He is concerned for her welfare in the academy and protects her whenever he can. When Mikan goes to retrieve the antidote that would help Hotaru when she is poisoned, he gives her an alice stone.

In the manga, he helps Mikan and the others in the Z arc. He is one of the people who taught Class 2B about making Alice stones. He seemed to gain the attention of the girls in the class because of his looks.

He only appears in the manga. He has the Amplification Alice and is currently a three star.

Because of his amplification powers he is sometimes sent out on missions with others.


Hayami is the head of the High School News Department. Since he has excellent eyesight and hearing, he is able to get news and rumors very fast, just by listening carefully. He sits in the News Department Club activity room all day, and is described by Tono as a 'news freak'.

'Haya', the beginning of his name, means 'fast', so according to Tono, it's very easy to remember.

He sometimes wears glasses, to enhance his already excellent eyesight.

Shūichi Sakurano

Sakurano Shūichi (櫻野 秀一?) Voiced by: Atsushi Kisaichi

Sakurano is student council president and is the main representative for the school . In the manga, he is best friends with Subaru Imai. Furthermore, when they are in the High School division, he and Subaru posed as ghosts looking for a victim. It is revealed in the manga that he has three Alices, teleportation, intuition, and wish/prayer(telepathy).

Sakurano knew Subaru since elementary school, so they are very close. It is revealed that he knew Mikan's parents when he was young. Because of this, he and Subaru care for Mikan very much and will protect her no matter what happens. He has once made an Alice Stone for Mikan, and had it follow her wherever she goes. His Alice Stone was the one who helped Mikan get to Natsume during the Alice Stone game. He is rather fond of Mikan.

He helps Mikan in a lot of situation. In a special chapter about Subaru and himself, it was shown that they used to call each other names and were caught by Jinno for detention. When he was young, he is shown to be very arrogant only to Subaru while he pretended to be nice to others.

He is currently a special star and appears in both the anime and manga.

Subaru Imai

Imai Subaru (今井 昴?) Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima

Subaru is first seen in the Alice Festival Ceremony. He is Hotaru's older brother, thus his looks and attitude is very similar to Hotaru's. Even though he acts cool in front of Hotaru, he truly cares for her. He is normally cold and he doesn't hesitate to throw insults at Hotaru, though he has a soft spot for Mikan. He is second in command to Sakurano and is the second representative of the school. He came to the Alice Academy when he was 5 years old.

When he was younger and was in the elementary school division, he went to a festival called Hana (lit. ‘‘Flower’’) Princess, where he had a terrible experience. A rumor has said that he had met an evil ghost from a legend, which actually turns out to be Persona. He was one of the only people to survive Persona's Mark of Death. His Alice can heal wounds and can memorize the pain and transfer it to another person or animal.

It was shown in volume 12 of the manga that Subaru and Shūichi knew Mikan's father and mother, Yuka Azumi, when they were young. The two of them seem to care very much for Mikan, and protects her from those who are after her. In a special chapter about Shūichi and himself, he disliked Shūichi for saying hurtful things and thought that he is arrogant because he has 3 Alices. It also shows that he really likes Yuka.

Before Hotaru time traveled he told her that he never once forgot about his family, and is shown that he always wrote to them, but was never allowed to send the letters.

In the most recent chapters (133 or so), they showed that he was marked by Koizumi; however, it is unknown for how long this has been, and to what extent he is under her control. He is later returned to normal because Horatu, who has the stealing alice inserted in her by Mikan, removed Luna's alice from his body

He is currently a Special Star and appears in both the anime and manga.

His name "Subaru" means 'Pleiades'.

Shizune Yamanouchi

Yamanouchi Shizune (山之内 静音?)

Shizuka is a third year student in the High School Division. She is quite the schemer. She is the representative for the Technical Class and Hotaru Imai's senior. Her Alice is sound-using, which makes her able to control creatures (including plants) by her voice.

She was actually the one who hooked up Hotaru with her camera and got her into the blackmailing business. She is also part of the Hana Princess and is called Kakitsubata (iris flower). She serves Hī.

She is a Special Star Student and appears in the manga and anime.

Hijiri Goshima

Goshima Hijiri (五島 聖?)

He became the new head of the Student Council. He was instructed by the High School Principal to assist Mikan and the others in the escape from the disciplinary group of the academy. He is the representative of the Somatic types. He always has on a smile and helped Mikan discover her Stealing Alice.

His Alice allows him to change appearances.

He only appears in the manga. In the recent chapters (chapter 134) it is revealed that Goshima was the one who betrayed Mikan and the others, while they were escaping the Elementary School Principal. It is uncertain as to why he is actually working with the Elementary Principle. He used his alice to transform into Nodacchi and nearly got him framed because Tono believed it was Nodacchi until the near end. He was ordered by the ESP to kill Yuka so that Mikan cannot escape. Goshima does this by planting a bomb that explodes and kills Yuka almost instantly. In the final arc, he disguises himself as the ESP and gets his throat cut by Narumi's poisonous claws.

Rui Amane

Amane Rui (周 瑠衣?)

Rui is a Dangerous Ability type. He is fond of guys that are younger than he is. Rui is the person who gave Tsubasa the star on his cheek called the "Mark of Obedience", but when he was young, Rui gave him 3 stars on his cheek. Rui also has a huge crush on Tsubasa, so Tsubasa tries to avoid him as much as possible. He seems to show care and concern for Nobara.

In the Hana Hime arc he is seen with two other Dangerous Type students to deliver Natsume's "punishment." In the current arc he used his Curse Alice on Narumi-sensei but was stopped by Jinno-sensei's lightning Alice.

He also has feminine features.

He only appears in the manga.

Hajime Yakumo

Yakumo Hajime (八雲 一?)

He is a Dangerous Ability type and is usually a calm and composed person. He has a bandage over his face. In the manga, he helps Persona in the Hana Princess arc. His Alice is insect-control.

He only appears in the manga.

Faculty members

Narumi L. Anju

Narumi・Eru・Anju (鳴海・L・杏樹?) Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Narumi is the homeroom teacher of Mikan's class and introduced Mikan to Alice Academy. He teaches Japanese and often deals with Natsume when he gets in trouble or tries to break out. He has the human inclination pheromone Alice, which suits his feminine but friendly personality. He is also the moderating teacher of the Somatic types. Narumi gave Mikan a star when Sumire became good friends with her and because of her bravery during being trapped in a warehouse (with Sumire and Natsume).

Even though he is a bit negligent as a teacher he loves his students and wants to protect them. In both the manga and anime Narumi allows Mikan to call him "Dad" which is ironic because Mikan is the daughter of his unrequited love Yuka Azumi. In fact, it is revealed that his reasoning for staying at the school to protect the students was his last encounter as a student with Yuka. He is shown to have a special favoring towards Mikan. When he is poisoned by Persona (by the will of the Elementary School Principal), he tries to hide the black marks for a long time so that Mikan's Stealing Alice would not be discovered. In the end, he collapsed in front of Mikan and she drew it out of him by her own will. Though, he tried to stop her; he couldn't, as Jinno-sensei knocked him out. It is shown later that Narumi wants to leave the academy with Mikan and her mother, Yuka. When he was young and a student, Narumi was very disobedient and did undercover work for the academy. After Yuka's death, he becomes a spy for the academy to learn information about Z and the ESP. It is soon revealed that Narumi's reason for doing this is not only to protect Mikan but to kill the ESP himself to exact his revenge on the ESP for arranging Yuka's death.

Narumi's full name of Narumi L. Anju is revealed during Noda-sensei's time trip to the past when Narumi was an elementary student at the academy. Some site have erroneously translated it as Anjo L. Narumi.


Misaki (?) Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

Misaki is a teacher of at the academy. Seems to be stoic in his expressions, yet cares for the students. During his first meeting with Mikan, he helped her and introduced her to the Academy. He has the Alice to grow plants which mutate and come to life, and is often annoyed by Narumi, who steals his 'bean whips'.

He is appealing to the girls of the Technical class, especially to Anna and Nonoko, who invited him to go with them in the last dance but he rejected them.

In Chapter 39, Misaki invites Narumi for a few drink, which was an excuse to look out for him and prevent Narumi from doing anything stupid. But Narumi manages to escape by using his pheromone Alice, without his restraining earing, while kissing Misaki on the lips and caused Misaki to pass out even though he took an anti-pheromone pill.

Serina Yamada

Yamada Serina (山田 瀬里奈?) Voiced by: Miho Yamada

Serina is a mysterious English teacher at the school. She is almost always seen with her crystal ball, especially since her Alice is of 'sight', which enables her to see things happening anywhere at present time. She is seen often with Narumi, but in the series, she rarely leaves the faculty room. She is the Latent Ability Class teacher.


Jinno (神野?) Voiced by: Dai Matsumoto

Jinno (sometimes called Jin-Jin) is the head teacher of the Elementary Division and teaches math. (A frog on his shoulder punctuates every statement he makes with a croak.) His Alice is lightning, which is inherited from his family. He is a cold-hearted man who does not hesitate to use his Alice to punish his students. He is least trustful of Mikan. He is the reason for Mikan's 'no star' rating in the beginning. He softened up at the end of the anime series, he adapted to Mr. Narumi's style of teaching. (Ex. When Ruka goes on a rampage trying to save Natsume, Sumire comes for Mikan during the middle of her make-up exam. Jinno tells Mikan that she should've "gone to the bathroom before the exam started" and that he would only give her "an hour" to use it.)

During the Sport and Culture Festival, Jinno has to go through the cosplay door. He comes out in the costume of a "hard-gay", which makes a big laugh to the audiences, and makes him extremely angry.

Later, in the series, it's revealed that Jinno works for the High School Principal.

He may look tough, but he easily gets scared by ghosts or haunted houses and releases a large amount of electricity in the process.


Noda (野田?) Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

Nodacchi appears later in the series. He has the Alice of time-traveling. He seems to like appearing out of nowhere, but in fact, it's because he often cannot control when he is going to disappear(to strange time dimensions) or appear (back in school) - caused by faults in his ability. He is an easygoing and carefree teacher; that is why the Special Ability type students like him so much.

It has been hinted that he also knew Mikan's mother and father very well.

He is the moderator of the Special Ability Class. His ability control device is a bangle he wears on his wrist, which was put on him by the Elementary School Principal the day Mikan's father was killed so that he couldn't go back to save him. Tono also suspects him of being a traitor in their group when Mikan and Yuka are trying to escape the school, but it turns out that "Nodacchi" was actually Goshima in disguise.


Fukutan (副担?) Voiced by: Hirofumi Nojima

Note: Fukutan literally means substitute teacher.

Fukutan is Elementary Class B's substitute teacher because of the frequent absence of Narumi. He is a teacher of the Somatic types and he also teaches Home Economics. The students, except for Mikan, and Yū, do not respect him and usually torment him, leaving him to run out of the room in fright and tears.

He desperately wants Narumi to stay and teach his students instead of him. His Alice is the ability to grow his hair to extreme lengths and control it (that's why he always ties his hair as the ribbon controls his powers).


Makihara (槙原?)

Makihara is the Social Studies teacher and also is the moderator of the Latent Ability Class. In the anime, he appeared with several other teachers while Mikan and Sumire ran out of the Academy as they were trying to save Natsume. He is mentioned briefly by Persona (disguised as Serio) in the Social Studies exam. In the manga,[13] he accompanies Narumi in one of the trips made to persuade Ruka and Natsume to enter Gakuen Alice.

Izumi Yukihira

Yukihira Izumi (行平 泉水?)

Izumi is Mikan's father and the former moderating teacher of Special Ability Class. His ability was discovered only when he was already an adult. He entered the Academy as a teacher when he was 22, nineteen years prior to the year the main story is taking place in. His cause of death is not known (it was said to be suicide, but the truth was found out in Chapter 116; where he was accidentally killed by Persona under the influence of the Elementary School Principal), but Yuka believed that he was murdered by someone working in the Academy. The High School Principal is in fact Izumi's older brother and also the one who accidentally discovered Izumi's Alice by seeing a photo of him in one of their letter correspondences using his own ability to detect other people's Alice by seeing them in person or in photographs.

In contrast to his older brother's more serious character, Izumi has a very cheerful and outgoing personality, which was inherited by Mikan, and was often he was scolded by Jinno-sensei(and getting hit, too). It is revealed that he was a bad student and not very bright much like Mikan. He was very popular with the students. However, when provoked, he can be very intimidating. He was the former leader of a motorcycle gang back in his hometown.

Two years after his arrival, Izumi is informed by Jinno that he is going to be put in charge of the new Special Ability Class, as well as the new 'special' students within the class. Later on, he was summoned by the Elementary School Principal. The principal informed him that the new 'special' students he is receiving have dangerous abilities. Izumi never thought he would be asked to supervise and severely punish the special students. Being the teacher with the Nullification Alice, it was a job specifically for him. Izumi was not happy at all by this and opposed to it greatly.

He is also a pervert at times. For example he wondered if he would be teaching high school girls, and also proclaimed to Yuka "that he could see her panties clearly" when they first met and Yuka was trying to escape out of the Academy. Despite their 12 year age difference and their frequent arguments, Izumi and Yuka fell in love and went on to have a relationship, resulting in Yuka becoming pregnant with Mikan, who was born after his death.

In chapter 115 Izumi comes into contact with Mikan, who was trying to protect him from dying, and he seems to remember her name when she calls him daddy. He was on his way to see the Elementary School Principal, because he heard that Rei (Persona) was out. When he got there, Rei is there as well. The Elementary School Principal then proceeds to trick Rei by saying it was all Yukihira's fault that he was locked down in his cell. That 'didn't sensei have the Nullification Alice?'(asked by Rei) and is holding him back. Yukihira takes Rei's wrist to try to drag him out of there but Rei pulls back because he kept asking if it was true or not. Yukihira told him it was to protect Rei against his own alice, but Rei wasn't listening and his alice starts to get out of control. In Chapter 116, it is shown that Rei's alice was so powerful that Yukihira couldn't nullify it and caused his unintentional death. Before he dies he tells Rei that 'it's alright and that it's not his(Rei's) fault'. He tells him to practice his alice. Yukihira keeps thinking about Yuka just before he loses consciousness, dies and tells her that he's sorry in his mind, because before he left to see the Elementary School Principal, he had told her he would come right back. If he were still alive, he would have a severe father-daughter complex with Mikan: noted when he ( in a photo) yelled at Shiki to stop Mikan and Natsume from kissing.

Persona / Rei Serio

Persona (ペルソナ?)/Serio Rei (芹尾零?) Voiced by: Miki Shinichiro

Persona is a mysterious teacher who wears a mask at all times. He is the moderator for the Dangerous Ability Class and works as a liaison between the Academy and the Japanese government. His Alice is not revealed until the Hanahime-den arc of the manga (though in Chapter 27, he uses it to kill a plant, what it actually does is not explained until later chapters) and is the Mark of Death. It allows him to kill anything which he comes in contact with. His Alice first effects the 'victim' by creating dark patches on the skin/area of contact; these dark patches begin to spread throughout the organism and cause a painful and hot sensation. The Alice then begins to decay the body from the inside and eventually causes death. He can also use his Alice to create a cloud of black smoke which, though it does not kill, causes a severe pain to whomever it touches. Persona is not able to control his Alice himself and thus has many Control Devices - the most notable of which is his white mask. The mask makes it possible for him to touch living organisms without harming them. He also wears a dangling earring on his left ear which keeps his Alice from rotting his own body. This was later destroyed by Mikan and allowed his body to begin decaying again.

In the beginning of the series Persona is seen to be a very cold and cruel character and is the cause of much of Natsume's grief. It is his duty to assign tasks, or 'missions', to various students - and especially to Natsume - which are often very dangerous. Persona also collects students for the Academy in special cases; for example he, Makihara and Narumi were assigned to collect Natsume as seen in Luca's flashback in Chapter 65.

It is also revealed that after acquiring Natsume, Persona took his younger sister, Aoi, and held her 'hostage' in the dungeons beneath the Hanahime-den. His motive behind this is obscure though it is speculated that he took her in order to gain leverage over Natsume. However, Persona became very close to Aoi who later said to Mikan (in the Hanahime-den arc) that Persona was very kind and gentle to her and that he was a very sad and lonely person who had spent his childhood in the very dungeon in which he kept Aoi. In addition to developing a bond with Aoi, he has a strong attachment to Nobara, who knows of Persona's sadness and pain. Nobara was the first person, after Izumi, to accept him and treat him with kindness. However, he gets very angry when he believed Aoi and Nobara "betrayed" him and threatened to infect them (and succeed with Nobara in the Time Travel arc).

As the manga progresses, it is explained that he was 'too dangerous' to be placed with the other students, and so he was kept in the Hanahime-den. Due to this, he accumulated a great amount of resent and hatred for most other people (the students often referred to him as a monster). During his stay in the dungeon, he was very close to Izumi because he seemed to be the only person who was unafraid of him, and because of his nullification Alice, he was able to touch Persona without being harmed.

In Chapter 114 his real name is revealed to be Rei, it is a name which Izumi gave to him as when he was first born, his Alice had decayed his body so badly that his parents abandoned him completely. In Chapter 116 it is shown that Rei accidentally killed Izumi after being manipulated by the Elementary School Principal's words. He regrets what he had done, but is so brainwashed by the ESP that he doesn't understand the harm he inflicts on others. He learns of his mistakes when Nobara willingly gets infected as she begs him to change. Persona' is the Latin word for 'Actor's Mask'.

Principal Kuonji (Elementary School Principal - ESP)

Kuonji, also referred to as the ESP, is the head of the Elementary Division. He was first seen during the opening ceremony of the Alice Festival. Since he appears to be a handsome young child, and Mikan was shocked to find out that he is actually a principal. He first interacted with Mikan during the Christmas Party when he asked her to be his dance partner. He had always wanted to meet Mikan. "You're Sakura Mikan of Class B, right? I know you since you're famous as Hyuuga Natsume's partner. I never knew his partner is cute." He talked to her in a formal and elegant way, and even compliments her, and Mikan, who wasn't aware of his identity, found it easy to treat him as someone her age. He then knocked her mask off on purpose and told her to be careful not to lose something important, and left Mikan to ponder about his words.[14]

In the manga, it was revealed that Yuka Azumi had placed Izumi Yukihira's Nullification and Rei Serio's Mark of Death alice stones inside ESP's body, so he's stuck looking like a child. He is in charge of the Dangerous Ability Class and is usually the cause of trouble in the academy. He is the one who ordered Luna to keep an eye on Mikan. He sent out Luna in order to lure Yuka back into the academy. But Yuka isn't necessary for him anymore after he discovers Mikan's Steal-Alice. He planed on using Mikan, so he transfered her from the Special Ability Class to the Dangerous Ability Class. As Mikan is presented to him, he welcomes her to the class and calls her his 'precious favorite', but then Natsume came to rescue.

When Mikan and the others journeyed to the past, it is revealed that he used the then middle school Yuka as a pawn to gather Alice Stones for him. He emotionally abused her, made intimate advances towards her, and kept her in a dark room until she agreed to do as he said. He even proposed marriage to Yuka and said she will never be free from him. Shortly after, Izumi finally returned Yuka's affections. In retaliation, the ESP then released Rei (Persona) from the Middle School Dungeon and used him to kill Izumi. After Izumi's death, Yuka went to try to find the ESP to see if the rumors were true about his death. It was then that she tried to steal the principal's alice but found out that he had protected himself against her alice. However, Yuka managed to insert two alices into the ESP's body, one being Rei's alice stone and the other being Izumi's alice stone, stopping his time and causing the ESP to remain in a child-like form forever.

It was later discovered that Principal Kuonji's alice is Clone Alice. He made numerous clones and spread to some areas to control businesses and organizations to fulfill his will. Knowing this, Yuka is determined to steal each and every alice of the principal's clones, so that he can't use his alice anymore. Kaoru and Shiki found a shocking discovery that the "Z"'s boss is actually one of Kuonji's clones. However, it was told that Z's boss is actually a human born from one of Kuonji's clones, in other words, he's a "miscalculated" clone. At first, Yuka refused to join Z, but learning that she has no other choice, she accepted. The Z's boss considered them as allies and managed to back them up. Even though his intentions are not clearly stated, he considers the ESP as an enemy. One of the possible reasons is because the bond between the original person and the human-born clone has lessened, yet perhaps because they both have such ambitions they have come to hate each other. When he realizes that Mikan has the Stealing Alice, he says that Yuka is useless, and to prevent her from taking Mikan away, has her killed. He then has Mikan imprisoned so that he can convince her to remove the stones in him, which she refuses, and he tells her that until she agrees with him, he will never release her.

In the manga, he has been seen when he was older. This was when Mikan, Hotaru, Ruka, Natsume and Nodacchi-sensei went back in time.


She is the Middle School Division Principal. She is seen briefly in the anime, but she appears more in the manga. Hī is the founder and the one in charge of the Hana Princess. She's the owner of the strongest Barrier Alice, so she is referred to as the academy's protecting goddess.

She hates Persona, and in fact dislikes men in general. Men are usually not allowed to set foot near her. She has some sort of a barrier Alice that bars people within the barrier's vicinity to use their Alice. She is described as an oddball because of her extreme interest in girls.

She invited both Mikan and Hotaru to join the Hana Princess Festival. She thought of Mikan as an interesting girl, which is why she wanted to meet her.

While Mikan and the others were trying to rescue Aoi, Hī was supposed to have the barrier up, however she purposely loosened it around Mikan. She was seen laughing when Mikan caused Persona's Alice to start eating away at his own body.

In the manga, when Mikan and company went back in time, it was reveled that Hī actually knew Mikan's mother, Yuka. Because of her "Steal Alice" and "Insertion Alice" Yuka was able to maintain Hī's age. After this, she had complete trust in Yuka.

It is also stated that she is a blood relative of Shiki Masachika.

Her house also became the refuge of Mikan and Natsume when they were being chased by the Elementary School Principal.

Kazumi Yukihira

Nothing much is known about the High School Principal, but he is one of the people who opposes the Elementary Division Principal. He hates and opposes the Elementary Principal because he has also hated being used by the academy as he has had no outside contact and has lived in the academy since he was young. In addition to the fact he supports Mikan and Yuka, he is willing to stop the Elementary Principal and his plans. He protects Mikan secretly. Once Mikan got caught by the academy, he instructed Goshima to save Mikan. In chapter 99, Mikan, Natsume, Hotaru, Ruka and Narumi are being chased by the elementary school principal, but the High School Principal helps them. He is actually Mikan's uncle and the older brother of her father. He revealed the history of her father and Yuka Azumi to Mikan, further shocking Mikan. He actually feels guilty for the death of his younger brother because he was the one who had introduced Izumi to the academy which brought his death. Kazu cherished his younger brother the most because he never met the rest of his family or had any contact to the outside world since he was a child. Despite their 18 year age gap, Kazu doted on Izumi and treated him as his child than a brother.

He has two Alices; one of them is the power to detect other people's Alice upon sight, either in person or via photographs, the other, "longevity", grants him a long life and the ability to not appear to have grown old. Because of his Alice, he is regarded as a "god" in the academy. In recent chapters Mikan revealed that once a week he and Shiki would visit her in the Labyrinth Mansion. He also helps Mikan with her studies. Due to him making Izumi act formal with him before his death, he asks Mikan to call him "Uncle" and dotes on her, as she reminds him of his late brother.


Yuka Azumi/ Yuka Yukihira

Azumi Yuka (安積 柚香?)

Yuka is a member of the Anti-Alice organization called Zero. Later, she is revealed as Mikan’s mother, who was referred to as 'That Person' early on in the manga. Narumi was one of her closest friends during her time in the academy. She was also the ex- best friend of Luna Koizumi. Yuka was sold to the academy by her parents because they needed money, and has two younger siblings. She first met Izumi Yukihira at age 10, when she was trying to escape out of the academy. She is Narumi's senior and does not return his feelings for her. She was best friends with Kaoru. It is also said in one of the later chapters that even though Yuka looked smart, she was on the lower side of the intelligence line. when she met Izumi, they did not get along but after he comforts her about her not seeing or hearing from her family, they become friends, but still fought. Even at 10 years old, she began falling in love with him, despite the 12 year age difference between them. She confessed to him when she was around 16. He rejected her at first but later returned her feelings and they began a relationship, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with Mikan. She was devastated when Izumi died and planted several Alice stones in the ESP after he admitted to killing Izumi. She then escaped with the help of the HSP and other teachers. She first went to her parents' house but left when they notified the academy and wandered alone until she went to Kaoru's house and gave birth to Mikan. They lived with Kaoru and her husband for several months until Yuka decided to leave and was forced to give Mikan up to an elderly man when Mikan fell ill and the academy was close to capturing them. Although she knew she did what was best for her child, she was saddened about separating herself from her child and not having the happy family she wanted with Izumi.

She has three alices. The first is "teleportation". For most of her time at school, everyone thought this was her only alice. It was later discovered that she also had the "stealing" alice and the "insertion" alice, which allowed her to take other people's alices in the form of an alice stone and insert alice stones into other people, which would give them the alice.

In the Z arc, when she met Mikan for the first time in 10 years, Mikan shouted at Yuka that she hated her for stealing linchou's Alice and for causing Hotaru's injury. In response, Yuka kicked her in the stomach but was saddened and remembered Mikan as a baby and Izumi, showing that she still loves her daughter. when she learns that the Elementary Principle plans to use Mikan, Yuka returns to the academy to retrieve Mikan so that she won't follow the same path as Yuka had. In the High School Arc, Yuka and Mikan reunite. They embrace and tell each other that they love each other. As they tried to escape, Yuka died as she tried to protect Narumi when a bomb was planted by Hijiri Goshima (disguised as Tsubasa) and exploded. She is later shown in the chapter, with Izumi getting ready to get married in spirit. Yuka was buried with Izumi and her last name is changed to Yukihira.

Masachika Shiki

{{nihongo||志貴 Yuka has placed several different Alices inside his body because of her Alice ability,[15] which is why he has more than the known limit of Alices to use. He is the first one in which she implanted alice stones. His original Alice was the Barrier Alice, and he is said to have a constitution that is compatible with all Alices. He is also a blood relative of the Middle School Principal, Hii. Later on, the Middle School Principal has fallen ill and her barrier casted protecting the school was loosened."Z" then invaded the school and Shiki contracted with the Elementary School Principal.In exchange of Shiki fixing the barrier and becoming the next Middle School Principal, he made the Elementary School Principal promise to follow four terms. He becomes the new MSP and often visits Mikan after the ESP imprisons her. Shiki is very kind to Mikan and always says encouraging words to her.

He only appears in the manga. He is also hinted to be very selfish yet is a very kind person. It is also hinted he is rather stupid but he has many benefits.

Reo Mouri

Mōri Reo (毛利 玲生?) Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

Reo is a graduate from the Academy, who turned into an international celebrity. He is first seen in Episode 13. He came to Alice Academy to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Alice Festival. During the performance, he faked an injury and took the chance to kidnap Natsume in the hospital. He even tries to steal Mikan after discovering that she is Yuka's daughter.

After he failed to kidnap Natsume the first time, he manipulates Ruka (episode 23) to do his bidding. His ability control device is the earing he has in his left ear. Narumi was Reo's senpai when they were in the Academy, and out of both of them, Reo thought that Narumi would be the one that would retaliate against the Academy, but now he believes that Narumi had betrayed him. He and Narumi liked Mikan's mother. In the anime, Narumi slaps some sense in him during an attack on the academy and reconcile. In the manga, he is more determined to destroy the academy and kill the ESP, even willing to put the children's lives at risk if it means to fulfill his goals.

Mihara Kanbu

Having appeared only once, he is a member of "Z" organization, and has the Alice that turns people to stone. This is why he is sometimes called 'Medusa' by other members of "Z", and is a 'sadist' that enjoyed harming Mikan and her friends.


He is Reo Mouri's agent. He has the barrier Alice, which renders other Alices useless when caught inside the barrier. He also used to go to the Academy.


Mr. Bear

Bear-san (Mr.ベア?)

A mute teddy bear with a freedom-loving soul, commonly referred to as "Bear". Despite its cute appearance, it is short-tempered and frequently lashes to any stranger that approaches him. It seems to enjoy beating up Mikan.

He only listens to Kaname, his creator, and Kaname's best friend, Tsubasa. However, even though neither Kaname nor Tsubasa were near him, he appeared to be listening to Mikan's instructions and playing with her when he joined her dodgeball team. He first appeared in episode 3 when Mikan went into the Northern Woods which was dared by Natsume who wanted to find out her Alice. Later, Mr. Bear became friends with Mikan and saves her several times. He later befriends Youichi and saves him when Youichi was cornered by the Fuukitai. Bear is also Mikan's current companion inside the Labyrinth Mansion.


The gigantic mutated chick under the care of the Middle school Class B students. It first appeared in episode 4 after Mikan was beaten up by Mr. Bear. It cries when it's hungry and won't stop until it is fed.It is also attached to Ruka-pyon,[1]

Aoi Hyuuga

Hyuuga Aoi (日向 葵?)

Aoi is Natsume's younger sister. Unlike Natsume, Aoi is a humorous, cheerful girl and a constant victim of Natsume's fists. Ever since Natsume entered the Academy, she has been held captive by Persona as a way to make Natsume behave. She, however, doesn't know how cruel Persona is and thinks of him as a kind person. She is discovered by Mikan in the Hanahime den's basement in volume 12, chapter 66. It is revealed that Aoi and Mikan are very similar. Ruka previously revealed that it was she who had started the fire that destroyed her home. It was all a plot of Persona's to ensure Natsume's attendance to the school. She took an alice stone that would make her power over fire go crazy. The stone was originally meant for Natsume, but Aoi found it on the windowsill. During her encounter with Mikan it is revealed that she is now blind and has no memories from that event; however, she does regain her memories and sight later in the manga. Aoi has lost her Alice, which was Intermittent, the third form of Alice ability, and she is the only Non-Alice person in the Academy. She appears in the anime once in a flashback calling out to Natsume for help.

Kaoru Igarashi (Hyuuga)

Igarashi Kaoru (五十嵐 馨?)

Natsume and Aoi's mother. Luna knew the history of Kaoru, which she hinted when she slapped Natsume across his face and said his red eyes were "evil like his dead mother". She worked as a spy for the High School Principal and served under the Middle School Principal. She was also shown to be a member of the 'Hana Hime'.

She is shown in chapter 107, seducing one of the male students younger than she was (later revealed to be Natsume and Aoi's father, as well as her future husband) when she is found by Yuka and Izumi. She later becomes Yuka's best friend and helps her with the Stealing Alice and makes it possible to insert Alices into people. Kaoru also takes in Yuka when she runs away from the academy and helps raise Mikan until Yuka decides to leave and not cause any more burden to Kaoru, who by then was pregnant with Natsume and frequently ill.

In chapter 122, it is revealed that she died from a car accident, but Natsume and his father and sister believe that someone planned to kill her because of her criticism towards the academy.

Her Alice was the Memory Processing Alice, which let her see memories of any living being. She used her Alice to work undercover at the Academy, and gathered information about the Elementary School Principal. It is later discovered that her Alice Type is the fourth shape, which is limitless but shortens the users life every time it is used. This was subsequently passed onto her son, Natsume, which is what she feared most when he was born.

Mr. Hyuuga

Mr. Hyuuga is Natsume and Aoi's father. He is a painter and there are quite a number of artworks in his house. He attended the Academy, and has the fire alice that his children inherited from him. He is seen to be very cheerful when he was still a student at the academy. During the timetrip to the past, he is shown helping Yuka with Mikan's birth.

Mr. Hyuuga's first name has never been revealed in the anime or manga. The first name of "Ioran" was actually an error from a fan made translation of chapter 107. The error occurs when Izumi and Yuka walk in on Kaoru and Mr. Hyuuga in a compromising position in the Special Ability Class room. Izumi calls out Igarashi (Kaoru's last name), however it was incorrectly translated as Ioran causing some fans of the series to believe it was Mr. Hyuuga's first name.

Ruka's mother

Ruka's mother is French. When Ruka was still young, she desperately tried to protect Ruka from being taken away by the people from the Academy and even threatened them with a knife saying she would kill or be killed to stop them from taking Ruka. Eventually, she realizes that she was stopping Ruka from being happy and lets him go with Natsume to Alice Academy. She only appears in the manga.


Pengī (ペンギー?)

A robotic penguin built by Hotaru in the manga for a client. The client returned it when it began crying from being separated from Hotaru. It has a pouch from which odd tools are sometimes pulled out. It figured prominently in the Z arc when it stowed away in Mikan's backpack and eventually ends up saving the day and sadly vanishes into the depths of a hole in the ground not to be seen again. It only appears in the manga. TokyoPop has officially named him "Pengy." Penguin saved Mikan at the end but will likely not return as said in the profile.


Voiced by: Sakiko Uran

She is the robotic rector of the dormitory of Alice Academy. Takahashi can be really strict at times when she has to follow orders. She is introduced by linchō to Mikan when she arrived in the Academy.


Amanatsu (甘夏?) Voiced by: Kana Ueda

A robot that looks exactly like Mikan, which Hotaru first invented when she came to the Academy. She only exists in the anime. According to Amanatsu, she was made to look like Mikan so that she can make people's heart warm with her smile, just like what Mikan did to Hotaru. Amanatsu literally means orange.


Buta (ブタ?)

Buta appears in the manga and is actually the author herself, Tachibana Higuchi. She occasionally appears in the anime dressed as a student sitting in the 3rd row, same as Hotaru, on the right side of the room.

In volume 12 of the manga, she was given a 'Hana Hime' (lit. Flower Princess) name, which is "Tachibana no kimi".


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