MidAmerica Industrial Park

MidAmerica Industrial Park

MidAmerica Industrial Park is Oklahoma's largest industrial park. The park is located in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma[1]. Over 70 firms are located within the industrial park including operations of seven Fortune 500 companies[2]. The park was founded in 1960 and is 9,000 acres (36 km²). [3]

Recent expansion

Urgent Care of Green Country [1] Urgent Care of Green Country (UCGC) opened their Pryor / MidAmerica clinic at MidAmerica Industrial Park on January 19, 2009. Independently owned, UCGC was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen R. Kovacs, D.O., F.A.B.H.P. and Dr. S.Addison Beeson, D.O., F.A.B.E.P. The 4,400-square-foot (410 m2) facility includes a reception area, doctor's office, eight exam / treatment rooms, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), in-house x-ray, orthopedics and lab services. The clinic will treat employees from MidAmerica industries and area businesses that require occupational health services such as: in-depth diagnostic and treatment for most occupational injuries; drug testing; employee physicals; and, sports physicals. Additionally, UCGC offers “walk-in treatment” with no appointment necessary for the general public from throughout Mayes County.

Tulsa Life Flight, [2] a helicopter ambulance service formerly based solely at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, will open a second base of operations at MidAmerica Industrial Park’s airport. Tulsa Life Flight was established in 1979. It was the thirteenth helicopter air ambulance to be established in the US and the first in Oklahoma. To date, Tulsa Life Flight has completed more than 42,200 accident free flights which is a record held only by a few programs in the world. The aircraft are owned and operated by Air Methods Corporation, the largest air ambulance corporation in the world. The firm contracts with Saint Francis Hospital to provide aircraft, pilots and mechanics.

Pryor Plant Chemical, [3] - The Pryor Daily Times

Mon Mar 23, 2009, 08:23 AM

Pryor Plant Chemical was purchased in 2001 by LSB Industries, an Oklahoma based company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The plant is scheduled to begin production in July of 2009.

Pryor Chemical will employ 100 once it’s up and running.

CEO Jack Golsen said approximately 60 employees have been hired so far to get the plant up and running. Many of the employees used to work for Wilgro before the plant shut down.

Most of the workforce at Pryor Chemical will be skilled labor, whether lab technicians, environmental specialists, safety specialists or chemists. Employees at Pryor Chemical operate highly technical equipment.

Executive Vice President David Goss said once the word spread about the plant reopening, several former employees began contacting LSB about jobs. The MidAmerica Industrial Park also steered employees who have recently lost their jobs in LSB’s direction. “Quite frankly,” said Goss. “As soon as the word went out ... we had more people calling us than we have to advertise for.”

LSB Industries went public in 1969. The company consists of two groups of businesses, air conditioning manufacturing and chemical companies. “We’re the largest homegrown manufacturer in the state,” said Golsen.

The Pryor facility will produce urea ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer, nitric acid, anhydrous ammonia and other chemical producs.

LSB plans to spend $20 million to get the Pryor plant up and running. An additional 40 employees are expected to be hired when the plant starts up in July.

Google, [4] - Anonymous Google announced late Wednesday that it is resuming work on its data center at Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor, a $600 million project that has been on hold since 2008.

The company expects the facility to be fully operational late in 2011.

Eventually, it will employ 100 people, officials said.

“We’d like to thank the people of Mayes County for their patience and we look forward to becoming an even bigger part of your community going forward,” said Paul Froutan, director of hardware operations for Google, in a news release. “We will keep you informed as we bring this data center online.”

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google started the project in 2007 but later determined it did not need the server capacity as quickly as had been thought. Some equipment was installed in an initial building, and a small number of staff members were hired to maintain the facility, which sits on 800 acres.

This type of data center also is called a “server farm” and essentially is a massive cluster of computers. Together, they help power Google’s growing array of online services, including Internet searches, e-mail and Google Maps.

“This facility will handle all of the services Google offers,” said Emily Wood, a company spokeswoman, in a telephone interview with the Tulsa World on Wednesday night. Google, she said, had “done a lot of the basics” at the Pryor site before the project was halted. “We’ll be installing additional servers now and hiring more people,” Wood said.

The data center had been highly anticipated.

The Tulsa Metro Chamber estimated in 2007 that the Google project could have an impact of $400 million during construction and an ongoing impact of $14 million annually to the entire area, with

$7.3 million of that within the Tulsa metro area. The Pryor Daily Times – October 21, 2010

Menlo’s Oklahoma move: Con-way subsidiary leases plant in Pryor Creek

By Kirby Lee Davis

Kirby Lee Davis is the Tulsa Bureau Chief for The Journal Record. Contact him at 918-295-4982

Posted: 05:36 PM Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - © Copyright

TULSA – Menlo Worldwide Logistics will set up shop in Oklahoma with a 20,000-square-foot (1,900 m2) leased plant in Pryor Creek’s Mid-America Industrial Park. Menlo is the logistics subsidiary of national freight company Con-way. Both operate from San Mateo, Calif., although Con-way’s 2010 annual report projects the parent’s executive offices will complete a consolidation into its Ann Arbor, Mich., facility by this summer. Details on Menlo’s Pryor Creek operation remain little-known. The lease was handled by Steve Shields with Solana Beach, Calif.-based Transportation Property Co. and Tom O’Brien, Matt Klimisch and David Glasgow of Tulsa’s CB Richard Ellis of Oklahoma. Shields refused to provide any information. “We don’t share that sort of stuff publicly,” he said in a brief telephone interview. Glasgow said CBRE could shed little light on the lease. “To be frank, I’m not completely looped in on everything they do,” said Glasgow. “I was involved very much on the periphery. I believe they are a third-party logistics company that moves and stores products for one of the existing Mid-America Industrial Park manufacturers.” That fit the limited Menlo knowledge of Mid-America Industrial Park Administrator Sanders Mitchell, although he noted that establishing the Pryor Creek office could allow for more business relationships among the roughly 90 organizations operating at the 9,000-acre site. Mitchell said the building Menlo leased at 7171 Highway 69 South is owned by G.A.P. Roofing of Pryor Creek. G.A.P. President Glen Passmore could not be reached for comment. Formerly occupied by FitTech, that 20,000-square-foot (1,900 m2) structure includes 1,200 square feet (110 m2) of office space and other office options, according to Loopnet. It faces U.S. Highway 69.

“That’s right there at the airport entrance,” said Mitchell. That location would place Menlo close to notoriously tight-lipped Google, which also operates a facility neighboring the Mid-America airport. “There’s people there now,” Mitchell said of the Menlo building. “Already there’s about six to eight cars. They may be in operation now or they may be fixing things up.” At Dec. 31, Menlo operated 90 warehouses across North America – 63 leased directly and 27 leased or owned by Menlo clients, according to Con-Way’s 2010 annual report. The Pryor Creek location apparently represents their first facility in Oklahoma. Con-way Director of Communications Gary Frantz knew of no other Menlo operations here, although he was attempting to verify that at press time. Con-way operates service centers in Oklahoma City and Sapulpa. Officials there knew of no Menlo facilities in the Sooner State. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce had no information on Menlo. Con-way returned to profitability in 2010 with a $3.98 million net income, reversing the $110.9 million annual loss of 2009. It charted $4.9 billion annual revenue last year, just below its $5 billion high in 2008 and far above its $4.2 billion marks of 2009. Menlo’s revenue rose 11 percent in 2010, nearly countering an 11.9-percent drop in 2009. In its 2010 annual report, Con-way pinned its Logistics revenue gains on increases from both carrier-management and warehouse-management services. Net revenue rose 9.9 percent to $571.59 million last year.

Cherokee Nation Industries telecom division moving to Pryor

By D. Ray Tuttle

The Journal Record

Posted: 05:03 PM Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - © Copyright

TAHLEQUAH – Cherokee Nation Industries’ telecommunications division is moving to Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor, said David Stewart, CEO of Cherokee Nation Businesses. The Tahlequah-based CNI Telecommunications is the only division moving to the new building, Stewart said. The division distributes AT&T equipment and parts to AT&T satellite offices. The division is moving from a 25,000-square-foot (2,300 m2) facility. “We have outgrown our Tahlequah facility,” Stewart said. “We have limited facilities in the 14 counties (of the Cherokee Nation) that can accommodate our growth. Mid-America in Pryor had the infrastructure in place.” CNI signed a lease-purchase agreement for a 143,000-square-foot (13,300 m2) building on Friday. “We searched for a building that would suit us and it’s very difficult to find a distribution type of building,” he said. “We have some minor modifications to make to the building and it will be about 60 days before the physical move. It’s going to be a great move for us as it gives us a lot of capability.” Stewart expects CNI’s telecom division to grow in Pryor as the new facility will add machining of aerospace parts, metal and electronic assembly, he said. “There is a huge market for expanding into other areas of assembly,” Stewart said. “It is part of the diversification and expansion at a time when the economy is stagnant. More companies are seeking a one-stop shop, where they can order and ship equipment.” There are 28 telecom employees today, up five employees from the same time a year ago. The number of jobs is expected to triple over the next three to four years at the facility, which will include light manufacturing as well as distribution. Some employees will remain in Tahlequah and will be reassigned, Stewart said. CNI, which has offices in Stilwell, Tahlequah, Kellyville and Tulsa, had combined revenues of $113.2 million last fiscal year.

Move for RSU Pryor campus plotted

By Kirby Lee Davis

Kirby Lee Davis is the Tulsa Bureau Chief for The Journal Record. Contact him at 918-295-4982

Posted: 04:29 PM Thursday, March 3, 2011 - © Copyright

TULSA – MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor Creek plans to build a new home for Rogers State University’s Pryor campus. That will give the industrial park a four-year university degree option to go along with its two existing branch campuses, one operated by Northeast Technology Centers, the other by the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. “Our new partnership between MidAmerica and RSU is innovative and unique in Oklahoma and the nation,” MidAmerica administrator Sanders Mitchell said in a press release. “The presence of a university campus on the grounds of the park will enable us to retain existing employers and recruit more high-tech firms to the region.” The 9,000-acre business park will provide 74 acres for the RSU campus. After spring planning sessions between RSU leaders and the MidAmerica board, Mitchell said the industrial park would hire an architect and contractor with hopes of breaking ground this fall. Brent Ortolani, RSU spokesman, said this should allow the university to relocate its Pryor campus to MidAmerica by fall 2012 or spring 2013. The current Pryor campus occupies about 15,000 square feet (1,400 m2) on 6.3 acres at 421 S. Elliott. Ortolani expects it to grow under this move, although nothing has been finalized. “There are a lot of unanswered questions right now,” he said in a telephone interview Thursday. “I think initially we’re looking at one building that would serve both our existing academic functions and expand that to offer all the programs that would be appropriate to the employers out there. In other words, some sort of conference-type center.” The Claremore-based university would likely expand its business and nursing programs under this project, Ortolani said. “It allows us to become a partner in helping to grow the economy in that area and to better service not only the residents of Pryor, but helping to bring in more employers and provide them more educational services,” he said. MidAmerica will place the new campus just west of its administrative offices on Highway 69A. “This partnership fits perfectly into the university’s mission to provide a more highly educated work force, enhance the economic development of the region and increase the quality of life for the residents of Mayes County and all of northeast Oklahoma,” said RSU President Larry Rice. Approved earlier this week by the MidAmerica Board of Trustees, the partnership must also win approval from the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents, RSU’s governing board. It will consider this on March 23. “Most of us understand that educational attainment and economic well-being are closely intertwined,” Rice said. “The partnership between MidAmerica and RSU directly addresses educational and economic opportunities for Oklahomans. It’s all about developing a better educated populace, increasing the number of available jobs and enhancing the quality of life for all of us.”

Class 10 Comes To MidAmerica – Class 10, fabricator of fin tubes for heater exchangers, is purchasing the former Commercial Fabricator facility. Joe Sawyer, plant manager of the former Escoa facility in the MidAmerica Industrial Park, is a principal in Class 10. Class 10 will be relocating from a smaller facility in Inola, OK. April 25, 2011

Preferred Waste Solutions Opens A Facility In MidAmerica - Preferred Waste Solutions, a recycler of post consumer plastics has leased a 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) facility in MidAmerica. The company has indicated that they will be employing between 15 and 25 people. April 25, 2011

The MidAmerica Industrial park is also home to a branch of OSU Institute of Technology, which has some of the classes that OSU Institute of Technology provides. The MidAmerica Industrial Park Airport is also located in the park.

MidAmerica publishes a quarterly newsletter called MidPoint to share "news, views and other information" about the park and the industries that we serve.

A complimentary subscription is available to individuals who are involved in site selection decision making for their respective companies. [5]

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