Mi sei venuto a cercare tu

Mi sei venuto a cercare tu
"Mi sei venuto a cercare tu"
Single by Alessandra Amoroso
from the album Senza nuvole
Released January 22, 2010
Format Digital download
Recorded 2009
Stemma Studio
Genre Pop
Length 04:05 (Album Version)
Label Sony BMG
Writer(s) Diego Calvetti and Marco Ciappelli
Producer Adriano Pennino
Alessandra Amoroso singles chronology
"Senza nuvole"
"Mi sei venuto a cercare tu"
"Arrivi tu"

"Mi sei venuto a cercare tu" is the fifth single of Alessandra Amoroso. It is the third single off her debut album of Alessandra Amoroso, Senza nuvole.


Track listing

Digital download
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Mi sei venuto a cercare tu"   Diego Calvetti e Marco Ciappelli 04:05

The song

Mi sei venuto a cercare tu is a song written by Diego Calvetti and Marco Ciappelli and produced by Adriano Pennino. It is the first single by Alessandra Amoroso which wasn't written by Federica Camba and Daniele Coro, authors of the first four singles by the singer. The song was released as the third single, and made - then - available for digital download and radio airplay on January 22, 2010, coinciding with the beginning of the Senza nuvole#Senza Nuvole Live Tour. The song, written by a new pair than the other authors of Alessandra, is a ballad characterized by a Spanish-guitar and bass in the verses, and tone rather high in the chorus. The song appears as an intense love song that allows Alessandra to fully express its voice. The song was presented for the first time, along with almost the entire album to which it belongs on 8 October 2009 at the Limelight in Milan, where Alessandra presented his live album in several movies in Italy. The song will not, however, never be performanced by the singer in television. The song was also inserted in the setlist of the Senza nuvole#Un'Estate Senza Nuvole Live Tour. The song managed to achieve a good success in the radio airplay.


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