Fon (title)

Fon (title)

A fon is a chieftain or king of a region of Cameroon, especially among the Tikar and Bamiléké peoples of the Bamenda grassfields (the Northwest and West provinces). Though once independent rulers, most fons were brought under the German rule or military subjugation during the colonial period. Following the defeat of the Germans in World War I, the fons came under British or French rule, depending on whether their territory fell into British Cameroon or French Cameroon. Since Cameroon's independence in 1961, the fons are under the jurisdiction of the Government of Cameroon. However, they maintain semi-autonomous union councils and jurisdiction over their hereditary land.

Some of the historically significant Fons of the Northwest are:

  • Fon of Bangwa
  • Fon of Bum
  • Fon of Bali-Gham
  • Fon of Bali-Gashu
  • Fon of Bali-Gansin
  • Fon of Anong-Timah Bamtie

List of incumbents

This table provides a list of current fons in Cameroon.

Index Fondom Incumbent Tenure
1 The Fon of Akum
2 The Fon of Ambo H.R.H. Fon Tegum A. M 4 The Fon of Anong H.R.H. Fon Timah Moses Awenjang II
5 The Fon of Ashong H.R.H. Fon C.M. Mbafor III.
6 The Fon of Awing
7 The Fon of Baba II
8 The Fon of Babanki
9 The Fon of Bamum
10 The Fon of Bacham
11 The Fon of Bali-Nyonga H.R.H. Fon Doh Gahyonga
12 The Fon of Bali-Kumbat H.R.H. Fon Doh Gahnyami III Since 2006
13 The Fon of Batibo H.R.H. Fon Tebo II R.A.M. Since 2006
14 The Fon of Bafanji
15 The Fon of Bafut H.R.H. Fon Abumbi II Since 1968
16 The Fon of Bambalang. H.R.H. Fon Fosi Yakum Ntaw
17 The Fon Babungo H.R.H. Fon Ndofoa Zofoa III since 1999
18 The Fon of Bamesing
19 The Fon of Bangolan H.R.H. Fon Chafah XI
20 The Fon of Bawock H.R.H.Nana Wanda III
21 The Fon of Bessi H.R.H. Fon Forkum Richardson
22 The Fon of Bessom
23 The Fon of Befang
24 The Fon of Chomba H.R.H. Fon Forbuzie II Martin Asanji Tenure: since 1963
25 The Fon of Efah
26 The Fon of Eewen
27 The Fon of Enyoh
28 The Fon of Ewai
29 The Fon of Guzang H.R.H. Fon Mbah Nyamsih II
20 The Fon of Kedjom Keku H.R.H. Fon Vubansi
31 The Fon of Kom H.R.H. Fon Vincent Yuh II
32 The Fon of Kugwe
33 The Fon of Kulabei
34 The Fon of Kuruku
35 The Fon of Mankon H.R.H. Fon SAN Angwafor III
36 The Fon of Mbe
37 The Fon of Mbengkok
38 The Fon of Mbengwi
39 The Fon of Menka H.R.H. Fon Moses Tadoh Azah
40 The Fon of Mbengwi H.R.H. Fon Thaddeus Njokum
41 The Fon of Esu H.R.H. Fon Kum-a-Chuo II Albert Chi Kawzuh since 2007
42 The Fon of Nkambe
43 The Fon of Nkar
44 The Fon of Ngyen muwah H.R.H. Fon teche Nje II
45 The Fon of Nkwen. H.R.H. Fon Ngufor III
46 The Fon of Nso H.R.H. Fon Sehm Mbinglo I
47 The Fon of Pinyin
48 The Fon of Oku H.R.H. Fon Setieh II
49 The Fon of Teze-Ngie H.R.H. Fon Ateughap Justin IV
50 The Fon of Mbiame


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