Mexel Industries S.A. is a medium-sized company based in Verberie (Oise), France. Founded in 1990 in order to develop solutions to treating the water used for cooling in industrial processes, the company is known for its patented biodegradable organic emulsions, environmentally safe, that act at the interfaces level, between the molecules.

Mexel industries S.A. was awarded the Picardie DRIRE 2005 trophy for sustainable development. Mexel®432, cited by the IPPC (European Union) as one of the “Best Available Technology to Industrial Cooling”, in accordance with European regulations is registered by the US EPA, the APVMA (Australia) and the OSPAR (Oslo-Paris Convention, Denmark).


Biofilm removal system

Industrial processes experience problems with fouling from a variety of biological and chemical sources that significantly increase their operating and maintenance costs and decrease their efficiency.

- Mexel® 432 is injected in micro dose (+ / -5 ppm) for a 30 minute duration once per day. It migrates to the surface and deposits a molecular film (10-8mm). - The mixture of aliphatic amine surfactants is a micro and macro anti-fouling material that acts as a corrosion inhibitor and scale dispersant as well as having activity against freshwater and saltwater mussels and barnacles. It absorbs to exposed surfaces and forms a protective anti-fouling biofilm on internal components when present is circulating water. Once the material is absorbed to a surface, biofouling organisms cannot form an attachment and it remains in place until it degrades, and this minimizes its presence in outfall. By removing the biofilm from system surfaces, Mexel® 432 is effective in inhibiting toxic algae (Neglaria fowleri) blooms and growth of bacteria colonies by species including SRB, TRB and legionella. Mexel 432 is not sufficiently toxic to kill these organisms in the water column, but it retards population growth by eliminating their habitat. The emulsion is non-oxidant and tensioactive.


Mexel® 432 offers a solution for the protection of open and semi open cooling circuits, such as:
- Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro Power Plants
- Ships, Industrial Plants (steel& paper, Oil & Gas, refineries, offshore rigs, LPG units)
- Irrigation, Water Networks, Sewage Plants
- Desalination Plants
- Fire fighting systems using fresh or salt water

The Mexel process is today installed in a large number of power stations worldwide.

Characteristics of Mexel® 432

- No impact on the environment
- Not toxic to Mammals
- Over two year shelf life
- Biodegradable
- Non oxidant
- Non dispersant
- Anti fouling
- Anti scaling

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