Metaplane is the configuration of the air vehicle that can be classified as an aerodyne. It uses static lift mostly to enhance stability. The lifting wing is characterized by big dimensions, airship’s envelope and low wing loading that gives the vehicle STOL characteristics. The correct lightness, strength and correct aerodynamic characteristics have been obtained by multi layer envelope structure. [1][2][3][4]

An example of a metaplane is the air vehicle developed by Italian company Nimbus and displayed at the Paris Air Show at 2007.[5]



Word metaplane (what is the direct translation to English language of the italian word “metaplano") is composed from words meta greek μετά = "beyond"[6], and plane what is the part of english word "airplane" [7] The meaning could be under stand as “beyond the airplane”.[8]

Mentioned expression has been created to underline that metaplane cannot be classified as traditional airplane because it uses also the static lift generated by envelope filled with gas lighter than air and don’t have ailerons. Furthermore, respect to the known hybrid airships, metaplane is characterized by lowered weight center respect to the wing.[9]

Basic proprieties

Such configuration allows to obtain absolute stability. Additionally the lowered position of the propulsion system aligned with empennage surfaces allows to generate directly control forces and assure high maneuverability. Complementary aspect of this kind of configuration working with delta wing is that even at deep stall conditions it permits stable flight allowing high flight slope angles, extremely low velocity with landing characteristics obtainable usually only with highly sophisticated flap systems. [10]


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