Space Dock (Space: 1999)

Space Dock (Space: 1999)
Space Dock
Space Dock (aka Interplanetary Space Station, Meta Probe Launch Platform & Centauri Space Station)
First appearance "Breakaway"
Affiliation Moonbase Alpha
Launched June 19, 1982[1]
Decommissioned September 13, 1999
General characteristics
Registry Earth
Maximum speed Orbital
Fighters Mark IX Hawks
Auxiliary craft Eagle Transporters

The Space Dock was a fictional space station in the television series Space: 1999 (1975). Referred to simply as the Space Dock it is also called the Meta Probe Launch Platform in "Breakaway" and the Interplanetary Space Station in "Dragon's Domain" episodes of the series. The popular fan name for the space station, "Centuri", was coined in The Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual and was not used in the series. Although never mentioned in the series itself, it is also believed that a fleet of the Mark IX Hawk seen in the episode "War Games" is stationed on this facility.[2]

In the real world of today, there are proposed plans to build a space dock to function as a type of dry dock or spaceport "making possible the on-orbit assembly and maintenance of large space facilities, space platforms, and spacecraft."[3]


Mission profile

The Space Dock is used for launching interplanetary missions such as the Ultra Probe (1996)[4] and the Meta Probe (1999)[5], as well as providing a midway point for travellers to and from the Moon. Spacecraft refuelling and maintenance facilities were available, as were rudimentary travellers' amenities (such as lodging and dining) along with accommodations for the crew. During the Moon's breakaway on 13 September 1999, the Space Dock was destroyed by extreme gravitational stress; although the GTV News announcer reports that it, like the Moon, was hurled out of orbit.[5]


Under the guidance of the International Lunar Finance Commission, on 2 July 1981 the Space Dock was put under construction in a high lunar orbit. It was completed on 19 June 1982, giving it the opportunity to oversee construction of Earth's Space Research Centre, or Moonbase Alpha, which began in the crater Plato on 3 February 1983.[1]

Design elements

Modular in construction, it consisted of a cylindrical central core, with two sets of four "arms" of varying lengths projecting outward from the "top" and "bottom" of the core. These "arms" of the Space Dock appear to have been Saturn rockets, such as those used in early space exploration. With their standardised control systems, all World Space Commission spacecraft were able to dock at the ports at the end of each arm. In "Dragon's Domain" there was an additional Eagle Transporter landing platform but this was not present at the time of its destruction in "Breakaway". All sections of the installation had windows, and its lack of rotation seemed to indicate it was equipped with artificial gravity.


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