South–Central Cordilleran languages

South–Central Cordilleran languages
South–Central Cordilleran
north Luzon
Linguistic classification: Austronesian
Central Cordilleran
South Cordilleran

The South–Central Cordilleran languages (alternatively Meso-Cordilleran languages) are a group of languages spoken by the Igorot and related peoples in the Philippines.


The subclassification of the languages is strongly supported (confidence 96%–100%) by a 2008 analysis of the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database[1]

  • Alta
  • Central Cordilleran
    • Isinai
    • Kalinga–Itneg
      • Itneg (a dialect cluster)
      • Kalinga (a dialect cluster)
    • Nuclear Cordilleran
  • Southern Cordilleran
    • Ilongot
    • Pangasinic
      • Pangasinan
      • Benguet: Ibaloi, Karao, Iwaak, Kallahan


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