Kepulauan Meranti Regency

Kepulauan Meranti Regency
Meranti Islands Regency
—  Regency  —

Country Indonesia
Province Riau
Capital Selat Panjang
 – Regent Drs. Irwan Nasir, M.Si.
 – Total 3,707.84 km2 (1,431.6 sq mi)
 – Total 216,329
 – Density 58.3/km2 (151.1/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Kepulauan Meranti is a regency (kabupaten) of Riau, Indonesia. The principal town is Selat Panjang.


Expansion History

Meranti district formation is the division of Bengkalis district was formed on December 19, 2008, Basic law is the establishment of district Meranti Islands Act No. 12 of 2009, dated January 16, 2009.

Demands of the district division Islands Meranti been championed by the Meranti community since 1957. The appeal division again exhaled by people in the 1970s and 1990s until 2008, which is the only kawedanan in Riau that has not bloomed at the time, with a persistent struggle Meranti the number of community leaders on July 25, 2005 were formed struggle Meranti Regency Agency Formation(BP2KM) as Meranti container aspirations to split away from the Bengkalis Regency. With the aspirations of the then Chairman of the Board stated in Decision of Representatives District No. Bengkalis 05/KPTS/P/DPRD/1999/2000 June 17, 1999 on Approval Of Redistricting Bengkalis Regency, Bengkalis Regent Letter Number 135/TP/876 date June 17, 1999, Concerning support for the establishment of Meranti Islands Regency, Decision of the Regional People's Representative Council of the Province of Riau No. 16/KPTS/DPRD/2008 dated July 11, 2008, Letter No. 100/PH/21.16.a Governor of Riau Province on June 9, 2008 Subject Support to the formation of Meranti Islands Regency, Riau Province Governor Letter No. 100/PH/58.24 September 8, 2008, concerning establishment of Islands District Recommendation Meranti, Riau Governor Decree No. 1396/IX/2008 September 19, 2008 concerning the Agreement on the Establishment of the Provincial Government of Riau Meranti Islands Regency , and the Decision of the Governor of Riau Province 100/PH/58.32 No. 18 December 2008 concerning the Agreement on the Establishment of the Government of the Province of Riau Meranti Archipelago Regency . Based on that the Government has conducted in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of the establishment of regional and concluded it on December 19, 2008 the Government decided to form and establish Meranti Islands Regency in Riau Province.


Drs H. Syamsuar, M.Sc., is the Implementation Task (Plt) Islands Meranti Regent post-expansion which was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, by the Minister of Home Affairs Mardiyanto in Jakarta. Furthermore, based on the results of the elections held on June 3, 2010 was chosen pairs Drs. Irwan Nasir, M.Sc., and Drs. Masrul Kasmy, M.Sc., as regent and deputy regent once elected Regent and Vice Regent of the First District Meranti who later inaugurated on Friday, July 30, 2010 by Governor of Riau, H. Rusli Zainal on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi SH.MM in Selatpanjang . As the new leader of the Meranti Islands Regency 2010-2015 period to reach 28,086 votes or 32.96 percent of valid votes in the elections that followed Meranti Islands Regency 5 candidates Regent / Vice Regent.

Administrative divisions

No. sub-district city of subdistrict Area Population (2007)
1 Tebing Tinggi Selat Panjang 849,50 km² 76,763 people
2 Tebing Tinggi Barat Alai 586,83 km² 15,126 people
3 Rangsang Tanjung Samak 681,00 km² 28,106 people
4 Rangsang Barat Banto 241,60 km² 29,770 people
5 Merbau Teluk belitung 1.348,91 km² 47,370 people

History of the City Selatpanjang

The city is the county seat Selatpanjang Meranti Islands , used to be one of the city(Bandar) are the most busy and popular trade in the Sultanate of Siak. since the first Bandar has formed a heterogeneous society, especially the Malays and Chinese, because they are the role of inter- formed closely in harmony cultural activities and trade. All this is inseparable tolerance inter-fraternity. It is this factor which then fosters trade and traffic as well as human goods from China to the archipelago and vice versa.

Selatpanjang and the surrounding area was formerly a territory of the Sultanate of Siak Sri Indrapura which is one of the largest empire in Riau during the reign of Sultan Siak VII of Sultan Sharif Ali Abdul Jalil Assyaidis Syaifuddin Baalawi (who reigned in 1784-1810), usually called Sultan Sharif Ali, gave command to the Commander of Tengku Muda Good Saiyid Thoha to establish the State or the dealer at the High Cliff Island. In addition to interest on the island as well as the Sultan Sharif Ali Abdul Jalil Assyaidis Syaifuddin Baalawi himself had to stop in the area, the main purpose of Sultan Sharif Ali wanted to gather forces against the kingdom of Sambas (West Kalimantan), which indicated allied with the Dutch, who had betrayed the agreement faithfully and steal the crown Siak kingdom. Country or Bandar as it will spearhead the third defense after the Bukit Batu and Merbauto confront the invaders and pirates.

Then move the fleet under the Command of Commander in Chief Tengku Muda Saiyid Thoha at the beginning of Muharram in 1805 AD Kingdom of Siak accompanied by some authorities, hundreds of soldiers and Balang upstream toward the island of High Cliff. They arrived at the cliff Forest Alai (now the Capital District of West Tebingtinggi). Commander immediately stabbing keris greets Alai.Ground Alai Land did not answer, he scooped up a handful of land, was hot. He took it off, "According to all the knowledge den, the soil is not good Alai made a country because of land Forest land Alai is a male, could develop into a new country in a period of time," said the commander in front of a magnifying Siak and his men.

Commander of the departed along the coast of this island. Then, it looks a high cliff. "This is the hell is meant by the father of Sultan Sharif Ali," he thought. Fleet docked to Cliff High Land coincide date April 7, 1805 AD. At age was 25 years, with say bismillah Commander soared into the high ground while greeting. "Alha-mdulillah high ground is answering greetings den," he said. Land on take it, feels cool and comfortable. He plugs in dagger on the ground (roughly its current location near the office complex Selatpanjang Customs). As I said, "Hear ye the land by the Forest High Cliff is a very well established a country. This country will develop safe and prosperous when leaders and citizens fairly and work hard and obey the laws of God. "

Commander was standing in front of all the royal princes, soldiers, upstream Balang, and inner-inner around the island. "Den Bagus Saiyid Thoha named Tengku Panglima Besar Muda Siak Sri Indrapura. Kris den is named Lightning Open Sunscreen Natural State. That this figure den den Affairs Makmur Kencana Bandar called the High Cliff. "Origin of the town's name Selatpanjang.

After the cutting of forests, open areas of power, stood the palace of the great commander. In 1810 AD Sultan Sharif Ali Muda Tengku Panglima Besar Saiyid Thoha as ruler of the island. At that time, east of the country bordering the River Suir and the west is bordered by the River Perumbi, as the development time is increasingly crowded airports and grow as a commercial port in the empire siak.

Bustling trade interaction of coastal areas of Riau's the reason for the Dutch East Indies government participated in the determination of the name of this country. History was recorded during the 11th Sultan of Siak Sultan Hashim Abdul Jalil Assayaidis Syarief Syaifuddin. In 1880, the government in the High Cliff State Makmur Kencana dominated by JM Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi who holds a Master Tomonggong Marhum Tail (Head of State who is responsible to the Sultan of Siak). During his reign at this airport there was a polemic with the Dutch Colonial Government is Konteliur Van Huis about changing the name of this country, in the Dutch colonial government unilaterally changed the area into Selatpanjang, but not approved by JM Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi as local stakeholders. Finally, based on mutual agreement on September 4, 1899, High Cliff State Kencana Makmur Airport turns into State Tebingtinggi Selatpanjang.JM Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi died in 1908. Over time the beginning of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, selatpanjang city and surrounding area is under Bengkalis Regency Kewedanan which then changed status to Tebingtinggi.Pada District dated December 19, 2008, selatpanjang and surrounding area was turned into Meranti Islands Regency split away from the Bengkalis Regency with capital Selatpanjang


Geographically the district is at coordinates Meranti Islands between about 0 ° 42 '30 "- 1 ° 28' 0" North Latitude and 102 ° 12 '0 "- 103 ° 10' 0" BT, and is located on the east coast of the island of Sumatra, with a coastline bordering the neighboring countries and entered in the Triangle area of Economic Growth (Growth Triagle) Indonesia - Malaysia - Singapore (IMS-GT) and indirectly have become the Hinterland area Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Batam - Tj. Balai Karimun. In order to take advantage of opportunities and advantages of geographical position and encourage economic growth area of ​​the border with neighboring Malaysia and Singapore, the district Islands Meranti potentially serve as a Cross Border Gate / Gate International dial-in to the Riau mainland and neighboring countries by sea, this is to complement the town of Dumai the first set and serves as the city's Strategic Activity Center is the State that serves as the front porch country, international gateways, commercial and industrial. Meranti district wide Islands: 3707.84 km ², while the size of the city Selatpanjang is 849.50 km ².

Potential Natural Resources

Meranti Islands Regency has the potential of natural resources, both oil and gas sector and Non Oil and Gas, Oil and Gas sector in the form of petroleum and natural gas, contained in the area of ​​the island of Padang. In this area, has operated PT Kondur Petroleum SA in the area of ​​the Kurau Lukit village(Merbau District), capable of production of 8500 barrels / day. Natural gas also exist at 12 MMSCFD (million cubic feet per day) are planned usage began 2011 -2020. In the non-oil sector Meranti Islands Regency has some potential plantation species such as sago (Metroxylon sp) with production of 440,309 tons(2006), coconut: 50594.4 tons / year, of rubber: 17,470 tons / year, nut: 1720.4 tons / year, coffee: 1685.25 tons / year. Until now the potential of plantations only traded in the form of raw material out of the region of Riau, and have not maximized the downstream industry, so do not bring added value to a broad bump for the welfare of local communities. While in marine and fisheries sector with a catch: 2206.8 tons / year. In addition there is the potential for forestry, industry, tourism, mining and energy potential.

Economic potential

Economic Growth

Regency Meranti economic growth in 2009 is equal to 6.59 percent, compared with 2008 range from 7.34 percent. GDP per capita and regional income per capita in 2009 has increased. On the basis of current prices, GDP per capita in 2008 amounted to Rp 20.67 million to Rp 24.43 million in 2009. On the basis of constant 2000 prices, GDP per capita in 2009 increased from Rp 6.13 million in 2008 to Rp 6.46 million in 2009. Export value in the Meranti Islands Regency to December 2009 reached U.S. $ 10,759,426. The value of these exports from the Port Selatpanjang only. The value of imports in the Meranti Islands Regency during 2009 reached U.S. $ 155,313 through the port Selatpanjang.

Sago Plantation and Industry

Meranti is one of the Area Development for National Food Security in Indonesia's biggest producer of sago. In addition there is coconut, rubber, coffee, areca nut and fisheries. The area of ​​sago palms in the Islands Meranti (44.657 Ha / 2006) which is 2.98% of the sago plant sago nasional.Plantation in Meranti has become a major source of income for almost 20% of the community Meranti.Sago Plant or sago palm, including the type of plants that produce tropical Palmae starch (starch) in the stem (steam). Plant a ready harvest sago can produce 180-400 kg of dry corn starch. Sago plants mature or ripe harvest (harvest ready) aged 8 to 12 years or as high as 3-5 meters. (Jong Foh Soon, Ph.D., PT National Timber Forest product) Production of sago (sago flour) Islands Meranti reach 440,339 tons per year (in 2006). Productivity of cropland per year sago (eksisiting conditions) to produce sago flour Islands Meranti reached 9.89 tons / ha.

In 2006 the Meranti Islands 440,000 tons more corn starch produced from sago processing factories (refineries sago). No exact data available about the number of refineries and refinery processing capacity, but it is estimated there are 50 refineries sago using the semi-mechanical technology and still take advantage of sunlight for drying (drying). There are two refineries have been operating sago and sago processing in a modern way with a design capacity of 6,000 and 10,000 tons of dry sago flour per year.

Besides the waste from processing of sago ritual form of sago bark, bio-energy can be developed so as a substitute for kerosene or made pellets as a fuel ingredient mixed coal for export to Europe that began ogled Finland investors.

Industry Mangrove Charcoal

Based on data from the Industry and Trade, the number of locations and production capacity of mangrove charcoal industry companies are:

  • 22 companies are located in the District Tebing Tinggi with a production capacity of the High Cliff 2.710/ton
  • 14 companies are located in the District Rangsang of stimuli with production capacity 1.540/ton
  • 11 companies are located in the District Merbau with a production capacity of 1.300/ton

Continued depletion of mangrove areas became a serious concern because while the government is related to the livelihoods of local communities to be utilized as an industrial coke plant on the other hand also involves damage to the mangrove ecosystem itself if it continues to be exploited, this is due to rampant illegal management of mangrove forests, causing mangrove forest area continues to narrow each year.

Mangrove forests damage provide a buffer area of ​​the coast causing abrasion occurs in the region Meranti Islands Regency during the year, especially in the western and northern coast of the island of stimuli, meadow, and merbau and the coastal town of Selatpanjang. abrasion that comes down from the destruction of mangrove forests in coastal areas not only damage the texture of the beach. On the other hand, the destruction of mangrove forests, also have a bad impact on eskosistem coastal waters. Biota-shore biota that were once commonly found and used as a source of livelihood of coastal communities, gradually go extinct. The destruction caused disconnection eksositem food chain biota beach which then led to the demise of a number of coastal biota, such as shrimp and fish


Survey of potential industrial and trade in small micro industry sector last done in the district, which has four big islands namely Padang island, Merbau island, Rangsang island, and Tebing Tinggi Island home industry said there were nearly evenly distributed in each district.

Most of the domestic industry was contained in District Tebing Tinggi by the number of 234 units, followed West Rangsang District 114 units, 109 units Rangsang District, Merbau District 38 business units and the District of West Tebing Tinggi 37 business units

Effort that was involved, among others, woven pandanus mats, thatched roofs, the manufacture of tempeh, snacks, charcoal, furniture, bricks, concrete blocks, boat / canoe, copra, corn starch, sago noodles, rendang sago, and coffee.

Some products of domestic industry were also marketed to other regions, such as Batam city, Cirebon city even to the neighboring of Malaysia and Singapore in the form of the upstream industry.


Meranti Society, particularly the coastal areas of the Rangsang island has a high dependence terharap fishery products as it's locally traded products as a source of revenue income for the community, there are 47 species of fish have been known as the fish catch .Known society is also a fish consumption is widely known and traded in large restaurants in both Riau and Riau Outside, among others Baung, Patin, slice the fish and the potential Toman.Ikan cultivated as an alternative to the livelihoods of island communities in particular Meranti.

Swallow Bird Nest Farming

Since the beginning of its existence bird nest cultivation to be excellent for Regency Meranti Community, especially the Selatpanjang City area .Now has been mushrooming of hundreds of breeding birds such walet,because bird's nest demand for commodities is very high.Place bird's nest is exported to Singapore and Hong Kong (China). In this place the price of bird's nest for the best quality could reach 20 million Rupiah / kg, although allegedly trading patterns through the usual intermediaries Black Market.Merchant or go directly to the location of nest sites and manufacturers appreciated only 9-12 million Rupiah per/kg, it is far different value when the bird's nest itself managed and sold directly to trade center in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Places or homes in the area of ​​breeding swiftlet Selatpanjang area of ​​the city, generally owned by people who have the financial ability of an established, because to build a normal house (wood) need to raise about 100 million Rupiah to the size of 5x10x12 m.Cost for components: Wages wholesale workforce of about 25 million Rupiah, 17 million Rupiah of wood raw material, and the remainder for the cultivate.Maintenances wiftlet house is not too difficult except at the beginning to set traps and make the artificial sound sources from pineapple that swallow food started to rot.

Tourism Potential

Celebration of Chinese New Year in Selatpanjang

Lunar is a spectacular promotional event leading cultural tourism in Meranti Islands Regency, as it happens in Bagansiapiapi - Rokan Hilir Regency, which has a Fuel Barge ceremonies that can bring local and international tourists as a promotional event to introduce area, much effort products, arts and culture, miscellaneous diet, as well as entertainment multi ethnic Indonesia.

Lunar new year is like BC or Hijri new year for Muslims. Chinese Lunar New Year is in general, a lot of celebrating Chinese New Year is the Chinese citizens. But for the other wing the same people can also celebrate Chinese New Year.

This activity is also expected to further promote the public will love the plurality of art and cultural treasures that exist in society. In the area where the uniqueness of Chinese New Year celebration event, where various ethnicities and religions can mingle, so the religious harmony in Meranti, especially in the City Selatpanjang, .Celebration of Chinese New Year in Selatpanjang usually celebrated in January or February.

Rangsang Island Coastal Marine Tourism

Island shore coastal marine tourism becomes an alternative excitatory Regency Meranti ecotourism, rural villages of this area there is fishing, aquaculture and coastal stretch of mixed mud and sand, the coast along the north coast of stimuli directly adjacent to the Strait Malaka.Broad this beach because of changing tide affected receding sea.

Tasik Nambus / Nambus Lake

Located in the village of Tanjung, Tebing Tinggi island, approximately 30 minutes by road from the port of Selatpanjang. Tasik Nambus surrounded by protected forest, the local community during the month syafar (muslims) do the bathing in this lake.

Tasik White Water / White Water Lake

The only tasik Meranti Islands widest in the district is 800 meters which is located on the Rangsang Island,South of the City Selatpanjang. Tasik this can be achieved through the Bay Village and Village Tanjung Samak, who is the district capital of Rangsang district. Along the edge of tasik overgrown by the red palm tree makes a unique phenomenon not found in other tasik. In addition, there is also the island in the middle tasik that makes value-added.

Princess Pepuyu Lake

Located Village Tanjung Padang / Merbau Island District, a protected forest area in the middle that has not been touched by humans, so there has been no damage and changes. Tasik Putri Pepuyu premises famous legend about the love of King and Princess Pepuyu Terubuk that does not happen. Tasik Putri Pepuyu have the potential of tourism such as camping, boating and other

Dedap lawless Legend Island

Legend dedap lawless island, located in Bengkalis Strait, Merbau District, the island that have the same legend as the legend of Malin Kundang in Padang / West Sumatra, the Malay story of a boy who had migrated wealthy named dedap who rebel against his mother and cursed. In this island there is a mango tree (mango) which fruit topped sweet and sour taste and the bottom there is a pair of monkeys as the guardian of this island.


As a region which lies on the outermost part of Riau Province, the area is an inter-provincial cross paths even between countries (Singapore and Malaysia), because the location of the region with one another close together. More marine transportation in the region to take an important role in this because it is especially in the archipelago region. Selatpanjang City have Port Ferry is the Port of Tanjung Harapan serving Domestic and International access points, such as access from Pekanbaru to Batam Island / headland nut or Tanjung Balai Karimun and conversely, addition since 2007 has opened a special line of Selatpanjang straight Batupahat, Malaysia. Compared to the distance between Selatpanjang to Pekanbaru and Batam Island, the distance between Selatpanjang with Batupahat closer, it takes only taken about 1.5 - 2 hours.Region is also a transit lane every related areas such as Bengkalis, Dumai, Siak Sriindrapura, Duri.

Besides access to sea transportation has also built the access road construction and land development on the pier-rool rool off (Roro) which connects the island of Sumatra Island and Tebing Tinggi Island, namely linking the village of Barak, Desa Tanjung Peranap West District Tebing Tinggi,mengkapan village, region Buton, Siak Regency. Especially for air lines Islands District Meranti still do not have.

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