Mentiras el musical

Mentiras el musical

Mentiras, el musical, is a 2009 Mexican Jukebox musical based on popular songs from the 1980s written and directed by Jose Manuel Lopez Velarde. It is produced by OCESA, with Federico Gonzalez Compean and Morris Gilbert as Executive Producers. The Musical celebrated 600 shows in November 2010,[1] and a soundtrack has been released in CD and iTunes. Later it was produced the karaoke CD of the shown. It is currently playing in "Teatro Mexico" in Mexico City an in a national tour through Mexico.



The plot revolves around a funeral in which four women discover they all were romantically involved with the deceased Emmanuel. The funeral is hosted by Emmanuel's sister Manuela, whose face is never revealed as she is hiding under a black cloak. It is stated in Emmanuel's will that one of the women in the funeral was the responsible for his murder, and they should all try to figure it out so the guilty one can be sent to prison and the other ones may receive Emmanuel's Inheritance. The four women start retelling their stories and realize they all had reasons to kill him, but in the end no one was able to do it. They figure out that the will states that anyone in the room might be the murderer and decide to blame Manuela. As Manuela tries to escape, she is captured by the other women and it is revealed she is really Emmanuel in disguise. Emmanuel was getting too anxious trying to hide his relationship with all of them and so decided to fake his own death. The women decide they don't love him any more and leave him all alone.

Pop culture references

The musical has many references to 1980s pop culture in Mexico, the names of the four protagonists are names of famous singers from the decade, television shows and soap operas from the decade are mentioned as well as popular places. The songs used in the musical are from popular Mexican singers in the 1980s like Yuri, Daniela Romo and Lupita D'Alessio

Original Cast

  • Daniela: Natalia Sosa
  • Dulce: Mónica Huarte
  • Lupita: Mariana Treviño
  • Yuri: Pía Aun
  • Emmanuel: Andrés Zuno
  • Manuela: Crisanta Gómez

Replacement Cast

  • Daniela: Crisanta Gómez, Marta Fernanda, Georgina Levín, Ana Cecilia Anzaldúa, Paola Gómez, Hiromi, Majo Pérez.
  • Dulce: Marta Fernanda, Leticia López, Paola Gómez, Georgina Levin, Hiromi.
  • Lupita: Marta Fernanda, Leticia López, Paola Gómez, María Filippini, Lolita Cortés as a guest actress.
  • Yuri: Crisanta Gómez, Marta Fernanda, Leticia López, Jimena Parés, Ana Cecilia Anzaldúa, Majo Pérez, Paloma Cordero.
  • Emmanuel: Patricio Borghetti, Mauricio Martínez, Mauricio Salas, Rykardo Hernández, Mariano Palacios.
  • Manuela: Sandra Lan, Lorena Barquet, Jimena Parés.

National Tour

In May 2010, it was confirmed that Mentiras will go on a National Tour, while still playing in Mexico City.

On May 26, 2010, it was confirmed that Ricardo Hernández and Mariano Palacios will be playing the role of Emmanuel in Mexico City since Patricio Borghetti will be in the National Tour.

Th show started its national tour with three performances in "Teatro Banamex" in Santa Fe May 14 through 16, and has been touring the country ever since.

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