Mennonites in Bolivia

Mennonites in Bolivia
Mennonites in Bolivia
Total population
28,567 (1995)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Santa Cruz
The Bible
Plautdietsch, English, Spanish

As of 2010, there are close to 60,000 conservative Russian Mennonites living in Bolivia. In addition to this there are a number of native Bolivians who have converted to Mennonitism. Mennonites living in Bolivia are among the most traditional and conservative amongst all the Russian Mennonites in South America.


Major colonies

There were a total of 25 Mennonite colonies in Bolivia with a total population of 28,567 (as of 1995). The most populous ones were Riva Palacios (5,488), Swift Current (2,602), Nueva Esperanza (2,455), Valle Esperanza (2,214) and Santa Rita (1,748).[2]

The total population was estimated at 60,000 by Lisa Wiltse in 2010.[3]

The number of colonies in 2011 is 57.

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