Men in Black (franchise)

Men in Black (franchise)
Men in Black (franchise)
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Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
First appearance The Men in Black #1 (January 1991)
Created by Lowell Cunningham
In-story information
Base(s) New York
Member(s) Chief Zed
Agent J
Agent K
Frank the Pug

The Men in Black are a fictional secret organization which monitors and suppresses paranormal activity on Earth, including aliens, demons and mutants, while keeping the public ignorant of such occurrences. They were created by Lowell Cunningham, which were based on the Men in Black myths surrounding UFOs, and first appeared in The Men in Black #1 (January 1991). The most notable agents in the organization are Zed, Jay and Kay who are the main protagonists in the series. Since the release of the comic books, they have been adapted into other media including a number of critically successful films, an animated television series as well as a video game.



The original The Men in Black[1] comic books were published in 1991 and 1992. The Men in Black are a secret organization that monitors and suppresses paranormal activity on Earth (including aliens, demons and mutants), while keeping the populace ignorant of its happenings.

Film series

The series was adapted into a film in 1997, titled Men in Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K and Will Smith as Agent J with Barry Sonnenfeld as director. The film went on to become a commercial success grossing US$587 million worldwide on a $90 million budget[2] as well as a critical success with a 91% rating on aggregate reviews site Rotten Tomatoes.[3] A sequel, Men in Black II, was released in 2002 which saw both Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith reprising their roles earning $441 million worldwide,[4] less than the first and it received average reviews from critics with a score of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. [5] A third film is set to be released ten years after the second in 2012, Men in Black III, will be the first 3D film in the series and will see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reunite once again with new actors such as Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement joining the film.

Television series

An animated television series, Men in Black: The Series,[6] aired from 1997 to 2001. The show was based on the film adaptation of the series, it takes place after the events of the first film albeit with a few changes, such as Agent K not having his memory erased. The show followed Agents J, K and L on their cases following the basic plot formula was for the MIB to protect the Earth from harm, and this extended into keeping peace throughout the galaxy. The show had some discrepancies with both the films and comic series with its own additions, such as the MIB headquarters being located at what looked like a disused area under LaGuardia airport.

Video game

The 2002 game Men in Black II: Alien Escape[7] was partially based on the second film. An upcoming video game published by Activision is planned for Spring 2012, around the time when the third movie will be released.[8] The game will share themes from the film but will have its own original story.[8]


Will Smith, who played J in the films, released two rap singles based on the films: "Men in Black"[9] (from Men in Black) and "Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)"[10] (from Men in Black II).

The amusement park ride Men in Black: Alien Attack[11] at the Universal Studios Florida amusement park is based on the film Men in Black, as is the parody film Men in White[12].


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