Members of the 5th Sabor

Members of the 5th Sabor
Members of the
Croatian Parliament
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The fifth assembly of the Croatian Parliament (Croatian: Peti saziv Hrvatskog sabora) was constituted on December 22, 2003 with mandates divived to 152 representatives after the November 23, 2003 elections.


Parliamentary officials

The president of the parliament (often also called the speaker in English) was Vladimir Šeks (HDZ).

Vicepresidents of the parliament were:

The secretary was Josip Sesar.

Composition of the 5th Sabor

The following is the list parties represented in the 5th Sabor. Note that the Croatian law does not require candidates featured in party election lists to be members of the party, i.e. individuals can still run as independents on election lists submitted by political parties. Once elected, they are automatically considered members of that party's parliamentary caucus and normally vote together with the party even though they often continue to be formally independent.

Thus the table below includes data sorted by party caucuses. Apart from the three independents elected as representatives of various ethnic minorities (Jene Adam, Nikola Mak and Furio Radin), the December 2003 party figures also include seven other independents who were elected via party lists:

Party December
Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 66 63
Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) 34
Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) 10 9
Croatian People's Party (HNS) 10 11
Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) 8 5
Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) 4 4
Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU) 3 3
Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) 3 3
Party of Liberal Democrats (LIBRA) 3 0
Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) 2 3
Liberal Party (LS) 2 0
Alliance of Primorje-Gorski Kotar (PGS) 1 1
Croatian Democratic Peasant Party (HDSS) 1 0
Democratic Centre (DC) 1 1
Party of Democratic Action of Croatia (SDA) 1 1
Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) 0 3
Slavonia-Baranja Croatian Party (SBHS) 0 1
Democratic Union of Međimurje (MDS) 0 1
Independents 3
Total 152 152

MPs by party

This is a list of MPs elected to Sabor in the 2003 parliamentary election, sorted by party. Note this table is a record of the 2003 election results, it is not a record of the current status of the Sabor. The Changes table below records all changes in party affiliation.

Party Name Constituency
Croatian Democratic Union (66) Franjo Arapović District 1
Zdenka Babić-Petričević District 11 (diaspora)
Branko Bačić District 10
Stjepan Bačić District 2
Anto Bagarić District 5
Ivan Bagarić District 11 (diaspora)
Marija Bajt District 5
Luka Bebić District 10
Božo Biškupić District 1
Jure Bitunjac District 9
Florijan Boras District 11 (diaspora)
Dražen Bošnjaković District 6
Đuro Brodarac District 6
Ivica Buconjić District 4
Perica Bukić District 9
Karmela Caparin District 2
Lino Červar District 8
Petar Čobanković District 5
Krešimir Ćosić District 11 (diaspora)
Tomislav Čuljak District 5
Josip Đakić District 4
Ivan Drmić District 4
Stjepan Fiolić District 6
Branimir Glavaš District 4
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović District 7
Andrija Hebrang District 2
Gordan Jandroković District 2
Ivan Jarnjak District 3
Neven Jurica District 7
Božidar Kalmeta District 9
Ivica Klem District 5
Jadranka Kosor District 1
Vladimir Kurečić District 3
Ana Lovrin District 9
Dujomir Marasović District 10
Krunoslav Markovinović District 7
Darko Milinović District 9
Marijan Mlinarić District 3
Petar Mlinarić District 5
Željko Nenadić District 6
Živko Nenadić District 10
Branimir Pasecky District 7
Velimir Pleša District 3
Drago Prgomet District 5
Šime Prtenjača District 9
Zvonimir Puljić District 10
Niko Rebić District 9
Ivo Sanader District 10
Vladimir Šeks District 4
Petar Selem District 1
Damir Sesvečan District 2
Nevio Šetić District 8
Vladimir Šišljagić District 4
Zdravko Sočković District 5
Mato Štimac District 4
Ivana Sučec-Trakoštanec District 2
Dubravka Šuica District 10
Ivan Šuker District 6
Emil Tomljanović District 9
Jozo Topić District 9
Marko Turić District 1
Vladimir Vranković District 8
Ivan Vučić District 7
Branko Vukelić District 7
Mario Zubović District 6
Miomir Žužul District 7
Social Democratic Party (34) Zdenko Antešić District 8
Ingrid Antičević-Marinović District 9
Željka Antunović District 4
Mato Arlović District 5
Milan Bandić District 2
Ljubica Brdarić District 5
Mato Crkvenac District 7
Mirko Filipović District 1
Snježana Biga Friganović District 6
Mato Gavran District 5
Ivo Josipović District 1
Ljubo Jurčić District 6
Marin Jurjević District 10
Miroslav Korenika District 3
Josip Leko District 6
Slavko Linić District 10
Šime Lučin District 9
Jagoda Martić District 10
Neven Mimica District 10
Zvonimir Mršić District 2
Milanka Opačić District 7
Ivica Pančić District 2
Jelena Pavičić-Vukičević District 1
Biserka Perman District 8
Anton Peruško District 8
Tonino Picula District 3
Ivica Račan District 1
Vesna Škulić District 7
Gordana Sobol District 8
Nenad Stazić District 7
Davorko Vidović District 6
Antun Vujić District 1
Vice Vukov District 1
Dragica Zgrebec District 3
Croatian Peasant Party (10) Zdenka Čuhnil District 12 (minorities')
Josip Friščić District 2
Ljubica Lalić District 5
Željko Ledinski District 6
Ante Markov District 9
Božidar Pankretić District 7
Željko Pecek District 4
Luka Roić District 10
Zvonimir Sabati District 3
Zlatko Tomčić District 2
Croatian People's Party (10) Radimir Čačić District 3
Miljenko Dorić District 8
Srećko Ferenčak District 1
Dragutin Lesar District 3
Antun Kapraljević District 4
Alenka Košiša Čičin-Šain District 6
Jakša Marasović District 10
Ivica Maštruko District 9
Vesna Pusić District 1
Darko Šantić District 7
Croatian Party of Rights (8) Anto Đapić District 4
Vlado Jukić District 5
Pero Kovačević District 2
Velimir Kvesić District 6
Slaven Letica District 1
Miroslav Rožić District 7
Tonči Tadić District 9
Ruža Tomašić District 10
Istrian Democratic Assembly (4) Valter Drandić District 8
Ivan Jakovčić District 8
Damir Kajin District 8
Dorotea Pešić-Bukovac District 8
Croatian Party of Pensioners (3) Silvano Hrelja District 8
Dragutin Pukleš District 4
Josip Sudec District 3
Independent Democratic Serb Party (3) Ratko Gajica District 12 (minorities')
Milorad Pupovac District 12 (minorities')
Vojislav Stanimirović District 12 (minorities')
Party of Liberal Democrats (3) Vilim Herman District 4
Željko Pavlic District 3
Jozo Radoš District 2
Croatian Social Liberal Party (2) Đurđa Adlešič District 2
Ivan Čehok District 3
Liberal Party (2) Ivo Banac District 6
Zlatko Kramarić District 4
Alliance of Primorje-Gorski Kotar (1) Nikola Ivaniš District 8
Croatian Democratic Peasant Party (1) Ivo Lončar District 3
Democratic Centre (1) Vesna Škare-Ožbolt District 5
Party of Democratic Action of Croatia (1) Šemso Tanković District 12 (minorities')
Independents (3) Jene Adam District 12 (minorities')
Nikola Mak District 12 (minorities')
Furio Radin District 12 (minorities')


Note that a number of MPs who are high-ranking members of parties in the ruling coalition were subsequently appointed to various ministerial and governmental positions, while others continued to serve as city mayors. In such cases they are required by Croatian law to put their parliamentary mandate on hiatus for the duration of their other term of office and in the meantime their seats are then taken by a party-appointed replacement MP. Those replacements are not documented here unless they resulted in a change in party balance.

Date Constituency Gain Loss Note
17 September 2004 District 12 Independent HSS Zdenka Čuhnil (HSS), representative of the Czech and Slovak ethnic minorities, resigns from the Croatian Peasant Party, reducing them to 9 seats.
29 September 2004 District 3 Independent   Ivo Lončar, a formally independent MP who had been elected on Croatian Democratic Peasant Party (HDSS) list severs ties to HDSS and becomes fully independent, leaving the party with no representation in parliament.
9 February 2005 District 6 Independent   Ivo Banac (LS) resigns from the Liberal Party.
9 February 2005 Districts 3, 4 HNS   Jozo Radoš (LIBRA) and Vilim Herman (LIBRA) join the Croatian People's Party (HNS) following the party's merger with HNS.
9 February 2005 District 3 Independent   Željko Pavlic (LIBRA) resigns from the party following its merger into HNS.
23 February 2005 District 1 Independent HSP Slaven Letica, a formally independent MP who had been elected on Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) list severs ties to HSP and becomes fully independent, reducing them to 7 seats.
30 March 2005 District 3   Independent Željko Pavlic (Ind.) joins the non-parliamentary regionalist party Democratic Union of Međimurje (MDS) and becomes their only member of parliament.
21 April 2005 District 4 Independent HDZ Three HDZ members (Ivan Drmić, Branimir Glavaš and Vladimir Šišljagić) resign from the Croatian Democratic Union, reducing it to 63 seats.
4 November 2005 District 4   HNS Vilim Herman (HNS) joins the non-parliamentary regionalist Slavonia-Baranja Croatian Party (SBHS) and becomes their only member of parliament.
11 February 2006 District 4 HSLS   Zlatko Kramarić (LS) joins the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) during the former's merger into the latter. This increases the number of HSLS to three seats.
25 September 2006 District 4 HDSSB Independent Three independents who had earlier resigned from HDZ in April 2005 (Ivan Drmić, Branimir Glavaš and Vladimir Šišljagić) become members of the newly established Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB).
24 September 2007 Districts 7,9 Independent HSP Two HSP members (Miroslav Rožić and Tonči Tadić) resign from the Croatian Party of Rights, reducing them to 5 seats.

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