Member states of the Union of South American Nations

Member states of the Union of South American Nations

There are currently 12 member states of the Union of South American Nations.

Of these, four belong to the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), and four to Mercosur.


UNASUL member states

Flag Country Capital Area
Population Density
Currency GDP per cap.
Gini HDI Official languages
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina

República Argentina
Buenos Aires &100000000027804030000002,780,403 &1000000004048200000000040,482,000 &1000000000000001449000014.49/km² Argentine peso &1000000000001503000000015,030[2] &1000000000000004879999948.8[3] &100000000000000007970000.797[4] Spanish
Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia

Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia
Bulivya Mamallaqta
Wuliwya Suyu
La Paz
&100000000010985810000001,098,581 &100000000091191520000009,119,152 &100000000000000089000008.9/km² Bolivian boliviano &100000000000045750000004,575[2] &1000000000000005720000057.2[3] &100000000000000006630000.663[4] Spanish
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil

República Federativa do Brasil
Brasília &100000000085148770000008,514,877 &10000000196342592000000196,342,592 &1000000000000002200000022/km² Brazilian real &1000000000001106500000011,065[2] &1000000000000005500000055.0[3] &100000000000000007180000.718[4] Portuguese
Flag of Chile.svg Chile

República de Chile
Santiago &10000000000756950000000756,950 &1000000001676347000000016,763,470 &1000000000000002200000022/km² Chilean peso &1000000000001493900000014,939[2] &1000000000000005200000052.0[3] &100000000000000008050000.805[4] Spanish
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia

República de Colombia
Bogotá &100000000011417480000001,141,748 &1000000004476063000000044,760,630 &1000000000000004000000040/km² Colombian peso &100000000000090910000009,091[2] &1000000000000005850000058.5[3] &100000000000000007100000.710[4] Spanish
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador

República del Ecuador
Quito &10000000000256370000000256,370 &1000000001392200000000013,922,000 &1000000000000005379999953.8/km² Ecuadorian centavo
United States dollar
&100000000000080210000008,021[2] &1000000000000005439999954.4[3] &100000000000000007200000.720[4] Spanish
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana

Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Georgetown &10000000000214999000000214,999 &10000000000858863000000858,863 &100000000000000035019993.502/km² Guyanese dollar &100000000000070040000007,004[2] &1000000000000004320000043.2[3] &100000000000000006330000.633[4] English
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay

República del Paraguay
Tetã Paraguái
Asunción &10000000000406752000000406,752 &100000000061580000000006,158,000 &1000000000000001559999915.6/km² Paraguayan guaraní &100000000000047100000004,710[2] &1000000000000005320000053.2[3] &100000000000000006650000.665[4] Spanish
Flag of Peru.svg Peru

República del Perú
Lima &100000000012852200000001,285,220 &1000000002918090000000029,180,900 &1000000000000002300000023/km² Peruvian nuevo sol &100000000000091070000009,107[2] &1000000000000005050000050.5[3] &100000000000000007250000.725[4] Spanish
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname

Republiek Suriname
Paramaribo &10000000000163821000000163,821 &10000000000470784000000470,784 &100000000000000028999992.9/km² Surinamese dollar &100000000000089470000008,947[2] &1000000000000004150000041.5[3] &100000000000000006800000.680[4] Dutch
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay

República Oriental del Uruguay
Montevideo &10000000000176215000000176,215 &100000000034777790000003,477,779 &1000000000000001980000019.8/km² Uruguayan peso &1000000000001396100000013,961[2] &1000000000000004710000047.1[3] &100000000000000007830000.783[4] Spanish
Flag of Venezuela (state).svg Venezuela

República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Caracas &10000000000916445000000916,445 &1000000002819982200000028,199,822 &1000000000000003019999930.2/km² Venezuelan bolívar &1000000000001172600000011,726[2] &1000000000000004950000049.5[3] &100000000000000007350000.735[4] Spanish

Non-member states

observer states

Flag Country Capital Area
Population Density
Currency GDP per cap.
Gini HDI Official languages
Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico

Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Mexico City &100000000019725500000001,972,550 &10000000112322757000000112,322,757 &1000000000000005700000057/km² Mexican peso &1000000000001415100000014,151[2] &1000000000000005160000051.6[3] &100000000000000007700000.770[4] Spanish (de facto)
Flag of Panama.svg Panama

República de Panamá
Panama City &1000000000007551700000075,517 &100000000034058130000003,405,813 &1000000000000004450000044.5/km² Panamanian balboa
United States dollar
&1000000000001224200000012,242[2] &1000000000000005489999954.9[3] &100000000000000007680000.768[4] Spanish


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