Member states of the African Union

Member states of the African Union

There are currently 54 member states of the African Union.

A member state is any one of the 54 sovereign nation states that have acceded to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) since it was established on 25 May 1963, and South Sudan. From an original membership of thirty-six states, there have been eighteen successive enlargements, the largest occurring on 18 July 1975, when four states joined since went it first started. The AU is currently composed of fifty two republics, and two kingdoms.

South Sudan is the most recent Member State, joining on 2011 July 27. Currently one member states had been suspended by a coup d'état or political struggles. The only African state which could join (or more precisely re-activate its membership) is Morocco that is an African Nation other than dependencies that are consider within the African Continent.

The total population of the AU is 895,800,000.


Political system

The AU is currently composed of fifty two republics, and two kingdoms. In its history more monarchies existed but they were abolished.



      Membership suspended       Membership withdrawn

Area (km²)
Algeria Algeria 1963-05-25 &1000000003376966900000033,769,669 &100000000023817410000002,381,741 Algiers Arabic
Angola Angola 1979-02-11 &1000000001694100000000016,941,000 &100000000012467000000001,246,700 Luanda Portuguese
Benin Benin 1963-05-25 &100000000067699140000006,769,914 &10000000000112622000000112,622 Porto-Novo French
Botswana Botswana 1966-10-31 &100000000016398330000001,639,833 &10000000000600370000000600,370 Gaborone English
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 1963-05-25 &1000000001322800000000013,228,000 &10000000000274000000000274,000 Ouagadougou French
Burundi Burundi 1963-05-25 &100000000035894340000003,589,434 &1000000000002783000000027,830 Bujumbura French
Cameroon Cameroon 1963-05-25 &1000000001779500000000017,795,000 &10000000000475442000000475,442 Yaoundé English
Cape Verde Cape Verde 1975-07-18 &10000000000503000000000503,000 &100000000000040330000004,033 Praia Portuguese
Central African Republic Central African Republic 1963-05-25 &100000000042166660000004,216,666 &10000000000622984000000622,984 Bangui French
Chad Chad 1963-05-25 &1000000001078060000000010,780,600 &100000000012840000000001,284,000 N'Djamena Arabic
Comoros Comoros 1975-07-18 &10000000000798000000000798,000 &100000000000022350000002,235 Moroni Arabic
Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire 1963-05-25 &1000000001837306000000018,373,060 &10000000000322460000000322,460 Yamoussoukro French
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo-Kinshasa 1963-05-25 &1000000006260000000000062,600,000 &100000000023448580000002,344,858 Kinshasa French
Republic of the Congo Congo-Brazzaville 1963-05-25 &100000000039990000000003,999,000 &10000000000342000000000342,000 Brazzaville French
Djibouti Djibouti 1977-06-27 &10000000000496374000000496,374 &1000000000002320000000023,200 Djibouti Arabic
Egypt Egypt 1963-05-25 &1000000007550066200000075,500,662 &100000000010024500000001,002,450 Cairo Arabic
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 1968-10-12 &10000000000504000000000504,000 &1000000000002805100000028,051 Malabo French
Eritrea Eritrea 1993-05-24 &100000000044010090000004,401,009 &10000000000117600000000117,600 Asmara Arabic
Ethiopia Ethiopia 1963-05-25 &1000000008525409000000085,254,090 &100000000011043000000001,104,300 Addis Ababa Amharic
Gabon Gabon 1963-05-25 &100000000014548670000001,454,867 &10000000000267745000000267,745 Libreville French
The Gambia Gambia 1965-10 &100000000017000000000001,700,000 &1000000000001038000000010,380 Banjul English
Ghana Ghana 1963-05-25 &1000000002300000000000023,000,000 &10000000000238535000000238,535 Accra English
Guinea Guinea 1963-05-25 &1000000001021143700000010,211,437 &10000000000245857000000245,857 Conakry French
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau 1973-11-19 &100000000015860000000001,586,000 &1000000000003654400000036,544 Bissau Portuguese
Kenya Kenya 1963-12-13 &1000000003795384000000037,953,840 &10000000000580367000000580,367 Nairobi English
Lesotho Lesotho 1966-10-31 &100000000017950000000001,795,000 &1000000000003035500000030,355 Maseru English
Liberia Liberia 1963-05-25 &100000000034890720000003,489,072 &10000000000111369000000111,369 Monrovia English
Libya Tripoli 1963-05-25 &100000000061735790000006,173,579 &100000000017595410000001,759,541 Sirte Arabic
Madagascar Madagascar 1963-05-25 &1000000002004255100000020,042,551 &10000000000587041000000587,041 Antananarivo French
Malawi Malawi 1964-07-13 &1000000001393183100000013,931,831 &10000000000118484000000118,484 Lilongwe English
Mali Mali 1963-05-25 &1000000001199540200000011,995,402 &100000000012401920000001,240,192 Bamako French
Mauritania Mauritania 1963-05-25 &100000000030690000000003,069,000 &100000000010307000000001,030,700 Nouakchott Arabic
Mauritius Mauritius 1968-08 &100000000012648660000001,264,866 &100000000000020400000002,040 Port Louis English
Mozambique Mozambique 1975-07-18 &1000000002139700000000021,397,000 &10000000000801590000000801,590 Maputo Portuguese
Namibia Namibia 1990-06 &100000000020886690000002,088,669 &10000000000825418000000825,418 Windhoek English
Niger Niger 1963-05-25 &1000000001327267900000013,272,679 &100000000012670000000001,267,000 Niamey French
Nigeria Nigeria 1963-05-25 &10000000154729000000000154,729,000 &10000000000923768000000923,768 Abuja English
Rwanda Rwanda 1963-05-25 &1000000001018606300000010,186,063 &1000000000002679800000026,798 Kigali English
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic SADR (Western Sahara) 1982-02-22 &10000000000267405000000267,405 &10000000000266000000000266,000 Bir Lehlou (temporary)
Tindouf Camps (de facto)
Tifariti (proposed new provisionall)
São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe 1975-07-18 &10000000000157000000000157,000 &10000000000000964000000964 São Tomé Portuguese
Senegal Senegal 1963-05-25 &1000000001165800000000011,658,000 &10000000000196723000000196,723 Dakar French
Seychelles Seychelles 1976-06-29 &1000000000008224700000082,247 &10000000000000451000000451 Victoria English
Seychellois Creole
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 1963-05-25 &100000000062947740000006,294,774 &1000000000007174000000071,740 Freetown English
Somalia Somalia 1963-05-25 &100000000095586660000009,558,666 &10000000000637661000000637,661 Mogadishu Arabic
South Africa South Africa 1994-06-06 &1000000004790000000000047,900,000 &100000000012210370000001,221,037 Pretoria (executive)
Bloemfontein (judicial)
Cape Town (legislative)
Southern Ndebele
Northern Sotho
Southern Sotho
South Sudan South Sudan 2011-07-27 &100000000082604900000008,260,490 &10000000000619745000000619,745 Juba English
Sudan Sudan 1963-05-25 TBD &100000000018860680000001,886,068 Khartoum Arabic
Swaziland Swaziland 1968-09-24 &100000000011410000000001,141,000 &1000000000001736400000017,364 Lobamba (royal and legislative)
Mbabane (administrative)
Tanzania Tanzania 1964-01-16 &1000000004000000000000040,000,000 &10000000000945203000000945,203 Dodoma English
Togo Togo 1963-05-25 &100000000065850000000006,585,000 &1000000000005678500000056,785 Lomé French
Tunisia Tunisia 1963-05-25 &1000000001032780000000010,327,800 &10000000000163610000000163,610 Tunis Arabic
Uganda Uganda 1963-05-25 &1000000003090000000000030,900,000 &10000000000241038000000241,038 Kampala English
Zambia Zambia 1964-12-16 &1000000001166800000000011,668,000 &10000000000752618000000752,618 Lusaka English
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 1980-06 &1000000001334900000000013,349,000 &10000000000390757000000390,757 Harare English
Morocco Morocco 1963-05-25 &1000000003135200000000031,352,000 &10000000000446550000000446,550 Rabat Arabic


South Africa joined on 6 June 1994 after the end of the apartheid and the April 1994 general election.

South Sudan, which seceded from Sudan on 9 July 2011, joined the AU on 27 July 2011[1]. Following the announcement of the results of the South Sudanese independence referendum, an official AU statement noted "the AU will be keen, at the end of the interim period, on 9 July 2011, to welcome into its ranks the 54th member state of the Union".[2] It's the AU's most recent member state. Morocco is the only other African Nation (other than dependencies that are considered within the African Continent) that could join (or, more precisely, re-activate its membership).


Currently onehree member states (Madagascar) had been suspended by a coup d'état or political struggles.

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