List of The Apprentice candidates (UK) series seven

List of The Apprentice candidates (UK) series seven

The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. The programme began in 2005 and is currently on series seven.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by series; individual candidate information is accessed by clicking on their name below.

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Series One[1][2]

Lindsay Bogaard • Timothy Campbell • Raj Dhonota • Rachel Groves •
Saira Khan • Ben Leary • Adele Lock • James Max •
Adenike Ogundoyin • Matthew Palmer • Miranda Rose •
Sebastian Schrimpff • Miriam Staley • Paul Torrisi

Series Two[3][4]

Syed Ahmed • Nargis Ara • Ruth Badger • Karen Bremner •
Jo Cameron • Michelle Dewberry • Ansell Henry • Samuel Judah •
Tuan Le • Sharon McAllister • Mani Sandher •
Ben Stanberry • Alexa Tilley • Paul Tulip

Series Three[5][6]

Simon Ambrose • Ghazal Asif • Tre Azam • Gerri Blackwood •
Paul Callaghan • Ifti Chaudhri • Kristina Grimes • Katie Hopkins •
Adam Hosker • Andy Jackson • Jadine Johnson • Sophie Kain •
Lohit Kalburgi • Rory Laing • Naomi Lay • Natalie Wood

Series Four[7][8]

Raef Bjayou • Jenny Celerier • Nicholas de Lacy-Brown • Sara Dhada •
Lucinda Ledgerwood • Jennifer Maguire • Lee McQueen • Lindi Mngaza •
Kevin Shaw • Simon Smith • Michael Sophocles • Helene Speight •
Ian Stringer • Shazia Wahab • Alex Wotherspoon • Claire Young

Series Five[9]

Rocky Andrews • Debra Barr • Noorul Choudhury • Ben Clarke •
Kimberly Davis • Howard Ebison • Adam Freeman • Paula Jones •
Mona Lewis • James McQuillan • Majid Nagra • Anita Shah •
Yasmina Siadatan • Philip Taylor • Lorraine Tighe • Kate Walsh

Series Six[10]

Raleigh Addington • Stuart Baggs • Chris Bates • Melissa Cohen •
Stella English • Alex Epstein • Christopher Farrell • Dan Harris •
Jamie Lester • Elizabeth Locke • Laura Moore • Joanna Riley •
Sandeesh Samrao • Joy Stefanicki • Paloma Vivanco

Series Seven[11]

Edna Agbarha • Zoe Beresford • Alex Britez Cabral • Vincent Disneur •
Leon Doyle • Jim Eastwood • Melody Hossaini • Edward Hunter •
Felicity Jackson • Susan Ma • Helen Louise Milligan • Tom Pellereau •
Ellie Reed • Natasha Scribbins • Glenn Ward • Gavin Winstanley


Where a date of birth is not provided, the age given is as of the time the relevant series aired.

Edna Agbarha

Edna Agbarha, 36, was a London-based business psychologist prior to filming. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of East London, a master's degree in occupational psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London, and an MBA qualification from Imperial College Business School.[12][13] During the process, Edna lead her team to a win in Week 2, but was fired in Week 6 after enjoying 5 successive wins. She later expressed regret about her approach in the boardroom, saying she should have highlighted to Lord Sugar her professional experience rather than her academic qualifications.

Zoe Beresford

Zoe Beresford has a masters degree in manufacturing, engineering and management from the University of Nottingham,[14] where she was awarded a Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Technology Prize for the School of Engineering's highest dissertation mark. She is 26, lives in Arclid, Cheshire and worked as a Project Manager for a drinks manufacturer until January 2011, when she was appointed territory manager for an outdoor/snow footwear retail company.[14][15] She suffered two bouts of cancer, aged 15 and 18.[16] She was fired in week 9 of the series.

Alex Britez Cabral

28 year old Alex is Manager of an Estate Agency. Alex was fired on the second episode of the show after large criticism that he was a follower and lacked leadership potential.

Vincent Disneur

Vincent Disneur stepped up to lead the team in the fifth week of the process and was subsequently fired alongside Ellie Reed in a double firing. While on The Apprentice, Vincent had never been on a winning team.

Leon Doyle

Leon is a 26 year old University of Huddersfield graduate who lives in Leeds and founded the business 'The Master Menu'. He was fired on 22 June (week 8), during a task concerning taking British products into the French Market. He was accused of not contributing enough to the task and using the language barrier as an excuse.[17]

Jim Eastwood

Melody Hossaini

Born to be a multi-award winning global businesswoman. Melody Hossaini has reached over a 100 young people. The 26 year old Iranian from the Midlands is the founder & creator of Global Youth Business Consultancy Business and has worked with 12 Nobel Peace Prize Winners (Desmond Tutu, Al Gore, Shirin Ebadi etc) winning the‘Woman of the Figure’ award in the process. Beginning to work in the Youth Sector at age 13 whilst not being able to speak English, to now being Founder & Director of InspirEngage International. Melody graduated from Oxford Brookes and speaks five languages including English.

Edward Hunter

Edward is a 25 year old accountant who was trained by one of the United Kingdom's leading accountancy firms. He was the first candidate to be fired in the seventh series of The Apprentice by Lord Sugar. [18]

Felicity Jackson

Felicity attended St Albans High School for Girls, and then attended The Court Theatre Training Company. Felicity has set up both Casting Days Ltd, and Surviving Actors Ltd - both aimed at actors, and offers different services to help within their career. Felicity was fired in the fourth episode of the show. She now works as an experience manager at Terrapinn Ltd. Both her companies are still running by other staff members. Felicity is in a long term relation with boyfriend James Smith.

Susan Ma

Susan is a 21 year old Managing Director of Tropic Skin Care Ltd.[19] She graduated in 2010 from University College London with a 2:1 in Philosophy and Economics. Susan led her team to victory in week 3 and 8 as Project Manager and broke an Apprentice record in week 8. She has been described by Nick Hewer as "a little force to be reckoned with"... In the final of Series 7, she, along with fellow contestants Helen Milligan and Jim Eastwood, was fired as inventor Tom Pellereau went on to win the series.[citation needed] In You're Hired!, Lord Sugar said that he had always wished to be associated with skin care business, and that with Tom's nail filer on board, he would keep in touch with Susan to assemble a team.

Helen Milligan

Following a degree from De Montfort University in Law (2:1), Helen worked as a Business Development Support Manager at BB’s Coffee and Muffins. Most recently she has acted as an executive assistant to the CEO following a spell as a regional manager for Gregg’s in the Midlands.[20] Helen holds the record for the highest number of successive Apprentice wins - Helen was on the winning team for the first nine tasks before losing in Week 10. Previously, the record was held by James Max, who won six consecutive tasks in Series 1. She also holds the record for the best performance in the series (10-1 win/lose ratio) and holds the joint record for success a project manager 3-0, with series five winner Yasmina Siadatan. She was the Runner-Up. She has now been promoted by Greggs to Head Of Retail in the South East.

Tom Pellereau

Tom was educated at Twyford School, a co-educational independent school in the village of Twyford in Hampshire, before moving to St Edward's School, Oxford aged 13. He achieved a 1st class degree as well as a masters in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation from the University of Bath. His ambition has always been to be an inventor and this is reflected by his continued approach to product development. Some of his inventions to date have included: the Stylfile (a curved nail file), an Ethical Goods brand that connects brands with relevant charities, Mode Diagnostics (bowel cancer screening tool), Babisil (first collapsible silicon baby bottle) and the Amadeus acoustic screen for musicians. Tom is the winner of The Apprentice from series seven.[20] Tom is also dyslexic.

Ellie Reed

Born in Bradford, Yorks, Ellie is the co-founder and managing director of Shipley-based recruitment firm A&E Construction.[21] She graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 1999 with a degree in psychology.[22] She is a keen golfer and is a dog-owner. Ellie was fired on the fifth episode of the show, in a double-firing with Vincent. A survivor of cervical cancer, Ellie campaigns for women to undergo regular smear tests[23] and has established her own consultancy firm to encourage young people into business careers.[24]

Natasha Scribbins

Natasha Scribbins, from Taunton, Somerset, is a manager at construction and property recruitment firm KOBALLT.[25] She graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in hospitality management.[25] She was fired in week 11 of the series, and later agreed with Lord Sugar that she "had run out of gas".[25]

Glenn Ward

Senior Design Engineer Glenn, from Hertfordshire, is a keen amateur footballer who cites Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as his inspiration. He was fired in Week 7, when his 'Hip Replacement' magazine met with heavy criticism.

Gavin Winstanley

Gavin was fired on the third episode of the show. He originates from Liverpool, and runs his own opticians.


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