Meebo and Zuky

Meebo and Zuky
Beano strip
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Meebo and Zuky
Current/last artist Laura Howell
First appearance Issue 35XX
Last appearance Ongoing
Regular characters Meebo, Zuky

Meebo and Zuky is a comic strip in the British children's comic The Beano. It was first featured as one of three strips in the Beano's Comic Idol competition which involves a number of comic strips and the one with the most votes gets put into the Beano. Meebo and Zuky faced competition from two other comic strips Uh Oh Si Co and Home Invasion. Meebo and Zuky won the competition and afterwards regularly appeared in the Beano. The strip is the third original Beano story drawn by Laura Howell (the comic's first female cartoonist), after Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green and Beano Manga.

The strip involves Meebo (a cat[1]) and Zuky (a dog[2]) who fight like cat and dog.[3] The strip shares many characteristics with a number of older DC Thomson comic strips such as Kat and Kanary, from the Beano, and Puss 'n' Boots, from the Sparky. The strips often involve Meebo and Zuky being cruel to one other, usually for no reason or revenge. The strips make use of cartoon violence with cartoon decapitations and dismemberments being common making this strip probably the most violent one that has ever been in The Beano. The strip also occasionally parodies film genres [4] and one strip featured Barack Obama.[5]


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