Medicine 8

Medicine 8
Medicine 8
Origin London, England
Genres Acid House
Years active 1996–present
Labels Regal Recordings, Trashmouth Records

Medicine 8 are a British electronic music duo comprised of brothers Liam May and Luke May.



The duo began Djing and producing in the mid-nineties under a variety of aliases, releasing music under their own imprint. Luke explained how they took on the Medicine 8 name in an interview with Scruff: “We started our own label in 1996 putting out twelve inches which was when everything really started, though that wasn’t as Medicine 8. It just so happened that one of the 12”s people picked up on was Capital Rocka, for which we had just happened to use the name Medicine 8, so we stuck with it,”.[1]

They released their rock-fused electro debut album, IronStylings in 2002 on Regal Recordings to critical acclaim. The album spawned the singles Rock Music Pays Off and Capital Rocka. The latter of which had gained popularity in it's own right after they gave a dub-plate to Carl Cox who played it at the Miami Music Winter Conference.

They have been regulars in Ibiza as well as at the Miami Winter Music Conference, and have appeared at many of the major UK dance festivals such as Glastonbury Creamfields and Homelands. They also held a residency at Pacha in Argentina and featured in a number of sessions on Radio 1.[2]

As remixers, they have re-worked tracks for for Gus Gus, Kylie Minogue, OrbitalManic Street Preachers, Nirvana, Tiga, X-Press2 and and many others.

Now signed to Trashmouth Records, they began work on their second album in 2011.


Title Format Label Year
Oxegen Seeds 10-inch Single Regal Recordings 2002
Rock Music Pays Off CD,12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2002
Capital Rocka CD,12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2002
IronStylings CD, 2xLP, Album Regal Recordings 2002
Kimchi45 12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2003
DJ World Series: UK Flava House CD DJ Magazine 2003
Gimme What You've Got 12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2005
The Flea ( And Now It Sucks Me...) 12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2006
Transmission One 12-inch Single Regal Recordings 2007
This Is Electra Mite MP3 Lot 49 2008


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